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Technology Technology Technology Oh My Amazing Technology

Updated on November 25, 2012

Monarchs of Technology

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Technology? Why on earth did technology ever come into existance? I remember growing up in school walking with my book bag (well today backpacks) having my school books in my bag. I clung to the idea of textbooks, or any type of book being able to feel the pages, and turn the pages. I did not want technology to replace the love I have for reading a book or my bible the old fashion way. Heck, I still do all my writing long hand with paper and pen. Now, now I love my computer and technology, but I did not want to lose a piece of my childhood being replaced with these reading devices such as the kindle among many others.

Technology has its roots in a variety of places, but I can not talk about the latest technology without giving some history on a few companies who are the monarchs of technology.

The Icon of Technology

It would be remiss not to give creditable, and honorable mention to Steve Jobs for his many historical technological innovations. Steve Jobs wore many hats as it relates to technology to name a few:

  • CEO of Apple
  • Paramount in bringing Apple back from backruptcy in 1999
  • Chief Executive of Pixar animation studios
  • Creator of Apple Lisa - Mouse driven graphic interface program
  • Member Board of Directors/Walt Disney Company 2006
  • Know for assisting in commercializing the Laser Writer
  • Creator of the MacIntosh

Interesting Facts - Steve Jobs

  • Adopted by Paul Reinhold Jobs and Clara Jobs
  • Traveled to India in 1974 (stayed for 7 months)
  • Worked as a technician at Atari, Inc.
  • Experimented with LSD
  • Practiced Zen Buddism
  • Received funding from semi-retired individual to launch Apple Computer

Hometown of Steve Jobs

A markersan francisco, ca -
San Francisco, CA, USA
get directions

Steve Jobs Hometown

Do You ThingLink?

In the world of technology, one of the latest technology fines I have come across is an interactive image tool called ThingLink, an artist could use to promote their music is ThinkLink. I recently discovered ThinkLink when Joy Collins tweeted a link using this niffy new innovation. The site allows users to create interactive images with music, video, and or other embedded links. It allows you to add annotation bubbles to your images that can give others information about your music, or your business. I think ThingLink is a great tool, which can be used to educate students in a fun, and interactive way. Those who are educators should bring interactive tools of technology into the classroom to engage learners.

A user can embed sound, video, and/or music into their image when an individual clicks on the bubble the information pops up while you are looking at the image. Users can integrate links from Youtube, Soundcloud, Ebay, Best Buy, Amazon, Fanbridge, Wiki, Yelp, and many more tags which can be used to make your image come alive. I think it is an awesome tool to build your business in a warm, friendly way that can easily engage your prospective customer.

For example, say you want to host an event, and you need to give a list of people directions to your event. A fun and creative way to tweet the directions to your list of guests is to place a tag in the image of the place where you are hosting the event with directions from google maps. Yep, you can use google maps with ThingLink. How cool is that? You can tweet the directions to your event in a fun and interactive way.

How About The Tango? Another nice technology find

Are you familiar with Tango? No, no not the dance...(LOL). The application you can download on your smartphone which allows you to make video calls to your family, friends, or even hold a meeting with a client. Tango can be used for so many wonderful things. For business purposes it can really help to increase your presence in meeting in different states, whereas before perhaps you would not have been able to attend. Yes of course there is Skype. However, did I mention is 100% free to make video calls on your smartphones to other uses who have the app downloaded on their phone. Video calling really has the ability to give you the feeling of being in two places at the same time. You can be at home taking care of a little one, and still attend a meeting by using Tango.


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  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

    And theres me thinking Tangos a drink! lol! there are so many new sites, names, games etc out there I can't keep up with it. But I do agree with you, I love my books, and nothing would replace them. Kindle? maybe, but not for real reading! lol!