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Apple Ipad 2

Updated on April 1, 2011

After the success of Ipad the second generation of Apple’s iPad is launched on 11th march 2011 in the United States and it is scheduled to be launched on the 25th of March this year in 25 other countries including Australia, UK, France, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, Germany, and Italy. Due to Earthquake and tsunami the release date in Japan has been postponed. The delay is due to the NAND flash storage chip used in ipad is created by Toshiba which has been temporarily closed by the earthquake and tsunami.

IPad 2 is the tablet computer primarily designed and developed for playing audio visual media including movies, books, music, games and web. It runs on a lithium polymer battery which gives up to 10 hours of backup. It has a dual core apple a5 processor and 720p camera in addition to a VGA camera at the front.

More that 14.8 million units of ipad have been sold until now and analysts claims that in 2011 Apple would sell 35 million ipad 2s.


Apple Inc.
Release Date
March 11th, 2011 in USA
March 25th, 2011 in Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland and UK
Operating System
iOS 4.3
25 Wh non removable lithium polymer battery(upto 10hours)
900 MHz dual core Apple A5
Flash Memory- 16 GB, 32 GB and 64GB
512 MB DDR2
9.7 inches 4:3 aspect ratio
Back-0.7 MP,5x digital zoom
600-610g or 1.33lb-1.35lb

Applications on iPAd2

It has several applications like Safari, Youtube, iTunes, App Store, iBooks, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Photo Booth, Spotlight Search and Camera. iPad can sync with iTunes on a Mac or Windows PC.

IPad can also be used to make and receive phone calls via a wired handset or the built-in Microphone and Speaker using Wi-Fi or 3G using a VoIP application.


How is Apple Ipad2 different from previous Ipad

Ipad2 is faster and thinner than the previous ipad and it is ligher in weight than the previous ipad. Ipad2 comes with a front and rear camera which was not present in the previous version of the ipad. The display of both ipad 1 and ipad 2 is same but ipad 2 has a brighter display. Ipad2 is 33% thinner and 15% lighter than the original ipad.

Operating system in both ipads is same but the ipad uses Apple A4 processor whereas the ipad 2 uses new Apple A5 processor.

The back camera in the ipad2 is 720p HD still camera with 5x digital zoom while the front camera is VGA quality camera that can be used for video calling.


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    • mohitmitm profile image

      mohitmitm 6 years ago

      yes indeed..ipad 2 sales are great..

    • bestreviews profile image

      bestreviews 6 years ago from Sunny Greece

      Nice review of the Ipad 2, the ipad 2 sales are really booming and it seems like apple is on to another winner despite the fact that it is launched such a short while after the original iPad