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The Apple Mac Mini Review

Updated on December 7, 2008

Review of a revolutionary piece of engineering


The famous saying "Good things come in small packages" proves true when referring to the Mac mini desktop computer produced by Apple Inc. With it's measurements being 6.5 inches wide, by 2 inches high and totally weighing only 2.9 pounds don't be fooled by its cuteness and petite size as this exceptional piece of engineering houses some of the most powerful amenities it can offer. Just name 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 80 GB hard drive and 1 GB RAM and most people will run to look at this small piece of work.

For the skeptical, let's go directly to the facts and take a look at what the Mini Mac has to offer:

-The mini Mac is provided with a combo DVD-RAM/CD-RW drive that allows to watch DVD movies and burn your own CD's

-The ultimate Apple iLife '08 software is pre-installed in the Mini Mac offering an exciting combo of digital media applications that allows you to organize your pictures, transfer videos from your camera or camcorder, create songs, create websites and much more.

-It's small size on its own is a pure gift to those trying to save some desk top space. It's square shape with rounded angles makes it appealing to the eye and almost cute.

-If you are concerned about technical issues arising feel safe as Apple offers 1 year limited warranty, 90 days of free phone support and the option to extend the warranty up to 3 years if you purchase the Apple Care Protection Plan.

-Price. The Mac Mini come at the affordable price of about $599.00. This makes a great gift for college students traveling between campuses or the overwhelmed office person that has run out of space.

And now to what the Mac Mini doesn't have or lacks:

-The Mac Mini does not come with a mouse, keyboard and display. This drawback simply means you will have to purchase these items on your own.

-The Mac Mini cannot really compete over more sophisticated desktop computers available today, so it may lack some ultimate amenities, however, if you are looking into doing just basic tasks without too many expectations and saving some space in your office then the Mac Mini will be a great solution for you.

The saying "Good things comes in small packages" may prove true for those without excessive expectations, however if you are looking into something particularly more sophisticated keep in mind the saying:" You get what you paid for".


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    • profile image

      derekcaulfield 9 years ago

      I was never sure on this mac for some reason, don't know why.