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The Best Camera for a Newbie Photographer

Updated on March 17, 2012
Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera is a good choice for beginning photographers
Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera is a good choice for beginning photographers | Source

For a newbie photographer, choosing the right camera to get started is the first step of taking quality photographs. There are several good options available for an entry level photographer who is serious about quality. The Nikon D3100 offers one of the best choices in affordable digital SLR cameras. The D3100 camera is a fully automatic DSLR which also offers manual photography modes. For a newbie photographer, this is the best set-up. At first, the D3100 is used as a point and shoot automatic camera, just like any consumer-level camera. In this mode the Nikon D3100 takes very good photos under most conditions. This camera even offers a live-view LCD for people who are transitioning from taking photos on a smartphone or non-SLR camera. The viewfinder, of course, offers better framing of photographs and faster reaction time of the camera. So as users evolve to taking better photos with the DSLR camera, these additional features become necessary, yet easier to use.

Nikon designed the D3100 specifically for users who want to migrate from a non-DSLR camera, but want much higher quality and more control of the photos. The auto-focus and white balance features of the camera, yield amazing photos in most light conditions. The new CMOS image sensor, provides better focus in a shorter amount of time, than most professional photographers could perform. Image focus is easily set up on specific object, or over the entire viewing area.

The D3100 camera includes the Nkikor 3X 18 mm- 55 mm VR Image Stabillization Lens. This is a nice starter lens for any newbie photographer. The Vibration Reduction VR is no gimmick. Shots come out clear, even during movement of the camera during exposure.

One of the best features of the Nikon D3100 is the continuous shooting time. With a rate of 3 photos per second, the continuous shooting mode is great for taking photos where shots cannot be missed. In order to shoot photos this quickly, a high speed SDHC memory card is needed. A Class 10 card with 30 MB/s transfer speed handles the high rate of data from the camera during continuous shooting photography.


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    • Allen Douglas profile image

      Allen Douglas 6 years ago from Midwest USA

      You are welcome! I have had my D3100 for 18 months and it is going strong. It has taken at least 20,000 shots so far including over 2000 on a vacation over one week last Fall. I mostly use the stock lens that comes with the kit and do not change lenses often. I wonder if the issue is more frequent for users who change their lens.

    • Gemini Fox profile image

      Gemini Fox 6 years ago

      Allen: thank you for answering my question - with a whole hub! Although I don't understand all the technical terms, it gives me a place to start. The hardest part as a newbie is understanding exactly what you want and need in a camera.

      I have heard though, that the "servo" engine/mechanism (although I just read on Wikipedia that in Nikons it's the "continuous focus" mechanism) breaks really easily in the new cameras today . . . true?