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The Best Filofax for Men and Women

Updated on September 20, 2011
Return of the Filofax
Return of the Filofax

The BestFilofax

Is the Filofax making a comeback?Or maybe the Filofax never went away. With the upsurge of electronic organisers and now the iphone,it seemed the Filofax had fell out of favour.But,hey the good old stationery is back on the wanted list.You can be sure your Filofax never runs out of battery and will never lose it's signal.

The Filofax is a ring-binder in a wallet that contains everything from address book, diary, notebooks and much more.

In 1930 a London based company registered the brand, it's name an abbreviation of "file of facts".Unfortunately the company's offices were bombed during the Blitz, and supplier details were lost. Amazingly Grace Scurr, a hard working secretary had kept all the details in her own Filofax,  and the business was successfully rebuilt.

Filofax's popularity grew and took off in the eighties as a must have Item for Yuppies.

Best Men's Filofax

So what would be the best for men?If your Filofax is bigger and fatter than an ordinary Filofax,does this mean you are busier more important and more organized. The colour of course would be crucial ,a dark colour , probably black , and definitely a leather binder to give the feel of luxury and impressive style.

Filofax for Women

Research is now showing us that women are now buying more personal organisers, and mostly at the higher end of the market and it is the luxurious designs that they are finding attractive.

The latest Deco design has a glossy calf leather binder,polished diamond-cut clasp, and a pigskin suede interior which matches the top quality stationery.An elegant organiser that shows us glamour and style are not forgotten.


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