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The Best Kartell Louis Ghost Chair

Updated on March 30, 2011

Classic Louis Ghost Chair

Louis Ghost Chair

The Louis Ghost Chair has become a must have item and  is a modern cult classic.It is now the world's best selling seat, and the Louis Ghost Chair is the object of desire for many people to have in their homes.

Easily recognisable, the transparent chair looks really fragile, but actually is a really sturdy durable and practical piece of furniture.

Kartell and Starck

The Louis Ghost chair first went on sale in 2002, and it was all down to the combined efforts of the brilliant French designer Philippe Starck and the Italian company Kartell.Starck brought together the style of Louis XV  with a modern twist of polycarbonate and injection moulding, The result a stylish modern chair that is virtually indestructible, scratchproof and weather resistant.As well as having a flamboyant design they are very comfortable and are also stackable.

Coloured Designs

The bold and innovative look took the design world by storm, and soon the futuristic range began to grow.

There is now a full array of transparent colours and these allow light to pass through them, which is a great advantage for small rooms. The variety of colours range from crystal clear, smokey grey, crystal green, sunset orange, yellow, ice blue and the sought after glossy black.

the latest design is The Lou Lou is a miniature version of the Louis Ghost Chair that has been designed especially for children, preparing the future generations to be hooked on the next Kartell iconic must haves.

colourful designs
colourful designs


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