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The Best Free Blackberry Applications You Must Have

Updated on April 29, 2012

Hi there! I myself bought a BlackBerry few months back and I was really having a hard time to decide which app is better. I am going to start with free apps as my first mobile hub. This is through my experience and hope this will give you some sort of information.

Where To Find Free Apps?

Finding free apps for BlackBerry can be easy. Finding a good and free BlackBerry app in the net is the hardest part. Normally, free apps come with a price. They can either be low in quality, or just it is not good enough. I myself is very choosy. I will use the app for 24 hours before I decide if that is really good for me.

One of the places you can find quality and certified (a.k.a. safe) apps is BlackBerry Apps World. If you login to BlackBerry Apps World, you will be able to see tons of applications ready for download. The big question mark is, which is the best and most worth it application you must get? Since most BlackBerry come with limited space, every bit of free space will effect the speed of the phone.

Without much hesitations, drum roll please...!!!

Here Goes From Number 10!

10. Navita Translator

At the number 10 spot, it will be Navita Translator. I find this app when I first use BlackBerry and it really works well. I am not very good in Chinese but when I am trying to 'show off' to my friends, this app works what it is suppose to do. It is very user-friendly and I believe you will get a hang of it within moments of using it.

9. Weather Bug

I love to have my BlackBerry being synchronized with the current weather update. Even though I live in Malaysia which has either rain or shine, it is always good to have an application that can tell you precisely (or near to that) on the weather coming your way in an hour time.

8. Dictionary and Thesaurus

This is another free app that you must not miss! With this application, the world is virtually in your hands. Finding meanings of a word is never easier with this app. Certainly, a must for all users without a doubt.

7. AP Mobile World Edition

For me, what else is better than having a news application on your phone. Associated Press has one of the best news and it is constantly updated. I love to read news and this is in fact one of the greatest past time especially when you are waiting for a transit or in a long queue. Simply marvelous in anywhere and anytime.

Do's and Don't's

  • Avoid Jared Company applications. They are said to have Trojan in some way that could send out spam emails to your contacts.
  • Some 'free apps' are not really free apps. They are free for a limited time only. This is something you must be really careful when reading the descriptions.
  • Beware when you noticed the application asking for permission to access certain parts of your phone data. They could do more harm instead of good.

Don't Forget These!

6. ZonaSnap

Okay, this is something I found recently as a free app. Trust me, this app really rocks! What is this? It works as an instant application to save a screenshot. Well, it sounds normal right? Think again! This application is actually linked to PhotoBucket, Every time you save a screen shot, you have the option to either send it directly to PhotoBucket and keep it on your album. Tell me all about saving time and killing two birds with one stone using this application.

5. UberTwitter

To all the Twitter fans out there, this is an application you must truly have. Nearly everyone I know have this app when it comes to UberTwitter. What is so great about this app? For me, I just love the layout. Nothing else is better if to compare to UberTwitter.

4. IM+ Lite

Okay this is something everyone should get without a doubt. Of course, IM+ liteis a free version so there are some disadvantages such as there are ads and even limited time of Skype usage. However, on the other side, you get all-in-one messenger! You can login with ICQ, Facebook chat, Twitter, SKype, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AIM and many more with just a few click. The best part, you can login all at the same place and same time without much hassle. Definitely must have for all BlackBerry instant messenger craze fans out there!

3. Mobihand Superstore

Okay, this is another MUST HAVE for all. Mobihand serves as a very trusted site for all BlackBerry users in terms of buying and trying apps. It is just like BlackBerry Apps World but with a twist. Every day, there will be promotions going on. You never know when you can grab a good deal out of the blue. Did I even mention that there are discounts going on until like 80% discounts?

The Top Two 'Best of The Best Free' Apps

Here is the final of the two absolutely must have for all BlackBerry users. Hold your breath and here we go!

2. BlackBerry Messenger

When I first get my BlackBerry, I thought this was useless and how many friends I have using BlackBerry. I posted in some social sites asking my friends if they have BlackBerry phones and within a day, my list grow like...huge! You are able to instant message anyone having a BlackBerry around the whole without charge. Time to consider this app if you are looking to save more money!

1. Facebook

You guessed it! Yes, Facebook is the number one app you must definitely have! The Facebook app for BlackBerry is really something special I would say. This is definitely something you must have if you are a human! Being able to connect to your friends and family using Facebook anytime is indeed one of the best reasons to have this app installed.

Now you have the best information on the free apps, I guess you will be heading straight for the apps world now (or maybe you already had). Anyway, hope you enjoy this hub guys!


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    Ingenira 6 years ago

    Wow, those are awesome applications to have !

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    Reginald Chan 6 years ago from Malaysia

    Hey Juana!

    Thanks for the comment :)

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    Juana Ortiz 6 years ago

    Great hub!

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    Reginald Chan 6 years ago from Malaysia

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    wwkeen 6 years ago from Malaysia

    nice apps there