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Top 10 Best Free iPhone Apps

Updated on November 12, 2012

Best Free iPhone Apps

With the iPhone and the iPod Touch quickly becoming a must-have gadget for basically everyone worldwide, applications for both gadgets are quickly springing up on the internet and on iTunes. Ranging from useful to plain annoying, iPhone apps constantly revolutionize the use of both these gadgets. Here are ten of the best iPhone applications available for download at absolutely no price, proving you that free stuff can indeed be great:


Stanza is the best application for book lovers worldwide. Amazon may have released Kindle, an electronic book reader of sorts but Stanza on the iPhone is proving to be more than a worthy competitor. Stanza allows users of the app to download free titles from the public domain so this means works of literary greats such as Shakespeare and Dickens can be downloaded and read free, within minutes.

Free iPhone Apps

Free iPhone Apps
Free iPhone Apps


Honestly, can you name anyone who is not part of this social networking website Facebook by now? Downloading the free Facebook application on the iPhone will allow users to chat, upload photos and check your friend’s statuses in the comfort of your iPhone. Imagine going to a concert, taking pictures of it on your iPhone and immediately uploading the pictures on the Facebook application. You will be the envy of all your friends.


Surely you’ve had the situation where you try to use the dim light on your mobile phone to look up something or find something in the dark. Light is a simple yet genius free application that turns your iPhone into a flashlight. Emitting a bright white light, you will never lose anything in the dark again!


PhoneSaber is a free application that may be absolutely useless and offers zero practicality, but doesn’t everyone want to be a Jedi? With PhoneSaber, you can go crazy swinging your iPhone around your head and watching the lightsaber on your phone go swinging along with you. It also makes lightsaber sound effects when you swing your PhoneSaber around. Crazy fun!


Yes, Shazam sounds like a term magician use and it really is magical. Ever listened to a song on the radio and wondering the title or the artist of the song? The lack of information can drive anyone crazy. This is where Shazam comes in! Shazam allows you to view the artist and song information of the track that is playing anywhere and allows you to save and tag the information to your own soundtrack or your friends. Brilliant!


Let’s face it, everyone and their mothers are on Twitter now. The free application Twitterific makes it easy for you to track your followers’ update and keep in touch with your family and friends on Twitter. Easy-to-use, sleek and visually appealing, now you won’t be able to stop Twittering even when you are on the move!

Google Earth

To put it simply, now you can have the whole world in your pocket, literally. Google Earth is a free and very powerful application allows you to view utter mindblowing satellite imagery at the palm of your hand. Useful for the geography or satellite enthusiasts who wants to show off the newest map imagery to your friends and family.

Tap Tap Revenge

Guitar Hero and Rock Band fans who own iPhone can now completely rejoice! This free application -Tap Tap Revenge - by Tapulous is insanely addictive and will get you tapping your fingers away on your iPhone while you are on a train or bus to somewhere. Just pay enough attention to your surroundings so you won’t miss your stop, or get your friend to tell you when it’s time to leave. Or not, since Tap Tap Revenge also comes with a two player option!

eBay Mobile

Electronic auctioneers can now leave their homes in peace. Track your eBay auctions, sales and activity all on your iPhone with the eBay Mobile free application. You can even place your bid using your iPhone! Just do not go cursing aloud when you find out you just lost your bid at the very last second.


PandoraFree personalized radio. Just the sound of that sounds absolutely amazing. Now you can listen to your favorite internet radio stations or pick out the stations through their genres and listen to them while you are on the move. Log in to Pandora and beautiful music will be streamed to your iPhone. Awesome!

With tons of applications available for iPhone and iPod Touch users, owners of these gadgets will be spoiled for choice on the applications they can download. Before you go about paying hard earned money for your applications, look around a little bit harder on the internet, chances are, there will be a similar application available for you for absolutely free! Have fun downloading!

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  • profile image

    joe 8 years ago

    yeah vizey you can. As long as you have enough memory you can put all you want to on your iphone.

  • Vizey profile image

    Vizey 8 years ago

    I don't have any iphone but planning to buy it very soon. I use twitter, facebook, pandora, google earth. Can I download all in one iphone?

  • profile image

    Taichichuan 8 years ago