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Happy 5th Anniversary Youtube - Part I

Updated on May 22, 2010

Like many of you out there, I've been entertained by Youtube for the past 5 years. And yet, given how many videos have come and went, there are still new ones coming out that pop up out of the woodwork and surprise us.

As your guide, I'll present to you what I believe to be some of Youtube's finest moments, while adding some commentary of my own. Given the vast amount of videos uploaded during that time (2 billion, is the estimate given) some could find the means to forgive me if I don't mention your favorites. However, I think these will become a part of your list - I know they're definitely a big part of mine.

So, without further adieu, I present to you, Yoshi's favorite Youtube videos! Happy 5th birthday Youtube!

Let's Dance!

Let's start the party of with some music, but not just any music. This first video is a disturbed remix of an actual commercial made for a business in Montgomery, Alabama. And while the original video was entertaining enough, someone took it to the next level (as often happens on Youtube) and remixed it to something eerie and unforgettable:

What's that you say? You're looking for something a bit more mainstream? Well, I can't say I blame ya, and I have just the fix. This next fine young gentleman sings a song with a very strong message. And while it's a bit repetitive in nature, it does manage to stick into the nooks and crannies of your brain. Come to think of it, perhaps its the repetition that gets it stuck there to begin with. You be the judge:

Of course, these people are doing more singing than dancing. What we really need is an expert on dance, and we so happen to know of two. First, we have the man who brought us the evolution of dancing, and when you see him perform you will know he has worked hard studying (and performing) all of the dances of modern times:

But make no mistake ... Judson is a mere practitioner when compared to the next young man we have waiting on deck. For you see, Judson chose to dance to songs that were already popular in their time, but our next contestant actually took an unknown song (a somewhat annoying one at that) and made it famous.

Now, I'm here to tell you ... only a person who really knows how to dance can sell a song no one would normally be interested in. Right? So, without further ado, we bring you Youtube's greatest dancer:

Those Crazy Kids

Any parent will tel you that raising kids can be a very frustrating process. However, there are those moments when kids are kids, and they do things that really amuse us - and so we upload them onto Youtube.

Now, I don't know if it's possible for these kids to sue their elders when they grow up, but child number two in our montage just might have a case! However, we will start with the innocence of childhood, where a little boy learns an important lesson. And that lesson is? While it's considered rude to stick your fingers in your mouth, sticking them into other people's mouth could prove to be a real hazard! Roll the video clip:

Our next child star has a bit of an issue. It seems he is a hero, needed somewhere in the online realm to save a princess and he can't seem to remember the incantation that will get him there.

For those who are familiar with Unreal Tournament,it's an online game where you, as an online soldier, must kill all of your opponents to be crowned the champion, and the child in our next video so happens to be the Master of Disaster.

Codenamed 'Captain Rage', this boy has designed a firm routine for psyching himself out in preparation of the game. Make no mistake ... all of that anger you see is this young lad defocusing all of his emotion to become a lean, mean online killing machine.

Though we can all relish in his ability to violently purge his emotions (Klingons all over would rejoice), we are a bit concerned over his ability to control his tantrums. And here we have, the angry German kid:

And is there a translation to all of that? Perhaps ... But if we provided it here we might have our article pulled from the internet. However, there is a video on Youtube that has the translation, which we are more than willing to show you. Just don't watch it if you are under 16, have an aversion to swearing, or you really don't want to see this nutter go off the deep end again. Remember, we warned you:

If this child isn't currently receiving therapy, then perhaps he should be. At the least, I would recommend some serious anger management training.

And that brings us to our next entry, where we have a child who isn't as angry as the last, though he should be.For you see, he is about to learn a life lesson on trust. And that lesson is ... when one stands at the brink of a chasm, he can only trust in himself. Watch the video and you'll know what I mean:

This all brings us to out last child, who looks almost old enough to be an adult. Innocently enough, he was just playing around with a long stick, never realizing this innocent behavior was being recorder for posterity:

Being as cruel as his friends were, they zipped this video up on Youtube, for all to watch and laugh. However, they never realized how this action would backfire, creating one of the greatest Youtube heros of all time.

For you see, one only needs a bit of video editing skills and a lot of time, to transform the mundane into the incredible. And while many plied their hands at it, I felt only two of them were truly worthy of this Youtube anniversary montage. So, first we will start with the Drunken Jedi clip:

Now THAT is a hero in the making! Of course, few knew that he had a clone ... at least until this video emerged:

Though I don't know who the Star Wars kid was, he was a hero for me. In fact, I remember when they put up a petition on the internet for him to star in an upcoming Star Wars sequel, and I eagerly added my name to that petition.

How misfortunate for us all that they already had Jar Jar and were unwilling to give the Star Wars kid a chance. It was a grave injustice, and many of us will never forgive George Lucas for this one. Never ignore your fans, George, never ignore your fans!

Loading Up For Round Two

That's right! We are loading up for another round of crazy videos in our anniversary tribute to Youtube. And if you thought this round was crazy, you better have your funny bone protected for the next.

Coming up, we have farting preachers, animals gone mad, and aliens taking over. Make sure you don't miss it, because it's coming real soon. In fact, it's already here: Happy 5th Anniversary Youtube - Part II


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