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Happy 5th Anniversary Youtube - Part II

Updated on May 9, 2011

We Forgot Someone

On our first round I did a montage of Youtube videos on kids, and I'm afraid I dropped the ball - really bad! You see, I forgot one of the most famous Youtube kids of all time, and I really and beside myself that I could let that happen. And so, I will correct that mistake here ... right now ... at the beginning of my second video montage.

And who is this child I forgot to mention? Well, some say he is the poster child for ADHD, the King of Hyperactivity, and the child we all might be tempted to leave home alone ... very often. And who, you may ask, is this sugar-hyped menace? Why, he's no other than Fred:

The Wild Kingdom

Okay, with Fred's insanity aside, we can take a serious stride through the wild side of life, where animals roam in search of ... the sanity Fred has lost. And now we bring to you, INSANE PETS!

Our first runner up is a cat who seems a bit off today. It seems like he wants to share stories of Vietnam with another four legged friend, but the stories are being well received. Perhaps, if we roll the video clip you might understand:

Now THAT was a rousing story. I was especially interested in how he and his friends ran through the rice paddies together to evade their captors. However, knowing Vietnam was about forty years ago and cats don't live that long ... I'm a bit suspicious of this tale (or did I mean 'tail').

No matter, as our next video superstar is here to serve us a public announcement. Listen carefully, as it's something we all need to know:

"What's he saying?" you ask. Why, isn't it obvious? He's saying, "I'd like some more catnip, please! The buzz is fading!"

And why should we listen to our feline addict? Well, ignoring such a request could lead to a horrible period of detox, as being experienced by this not-so-fine young fellow:

Yep, not a pretty site. However, this next set of videos might perk you up a bit.

Losing Our Religion

Some say that we as a species are losing our religion. I tend to disagree. It just so happens that we aren't taking it as seriously as we used to. Perhaps it's a good thing - perhaps it's not. However, it's human nature to laugh at that which makes us uncomfortable, so laughing at religion seems to say 'We acknowledge it's existence'.

So, what does five years of Youtube have to offer up on religion? PLENTY! But remember, we are here for the gems. And to start us off, we will ask ourselves ... Do cats pray? Well yes, they do, and it sounds a little something like this:

Now, before the hate mail pops in, I need to let people know that the man they are about to watch is a real pastor, and the sounds you are about to hear him make ARE NOT his own.

It's sad I have to water down great humor, but we have so many people out there who have lost their funny bone, so I feel the need to be a bit cautious. However, for those of us who still understand the need to laugh, I offer up the minister of comedy ... Pastor Gas:

The Aliens Among Us

Having just handed out two of the most hysterical (and controversial) gas videos on Youtube, you may ask, "Does he have one more?"

Of course I have one more! I intended all along to make this a hat trick, but I needed this one to introduce my next sequence of videos, pertaining to 'aliens gone bad'.

But first ... We will start with something that's 'alien' to us - T-rex:

You want more Star Wars? What! Well, I can't interrupt this montage just because you want some more Star Wars!

Wait a minute? There are aliens in Star Wars ... so maybe I can! Granted, many of the characters in Star Wars are actually humans. But if we include just one alien ... and perhaps allow him to meet a horrible fate ... Perhaps we can make something good of this after all!

You want more Star Wars? Well, here it is:

Um, oops! That wasn't the right one. Now, where did I put that? Ah yes! I found it! It's right here:

I Saved The Best For Last

Well ... maybe. You see, we all have such different tastes, which made it very difficult to judge which video should be saved for last. As such, I went with artistic merit on this one. I wanted a video that would wow the masses, and so, I rang through the archives until I found the first video on Youtube that made me say OMFG that was awesome!

With any luck, you will have the same response.

Here it is ... the final video(s) of my montage:

Supposedly, a sequel is in the works, though so much time has passed by that I begin to wonder. However, they did produce a trailer for it and here it is:

So Many Videos, So Little Time

There were many more gems I could have added, but I already realize this is a project of 'my' likes, and they might not necessarily match yours. No need to fret though, as I am willing to put up a third, fourth, and perhaps fifth set for Youtube's fifth anniversary, but I want the other choices to come from you ... the viewers.

And so, I am asking for you to share your favorite Youtube video links with us, and if I like them, I'll place them in the next Youtube anniversary montage. And if you are the first one to suggest a video, I'll be sure to insert the credit to you for your suggestion.

So, do you think I missed a few gems? Then by all means ... Share them with me so I can share them with everyone else.

And with that, I will close the second edition of Youtube anniversary videos, and I do sincerely hope you enjoyed many or all of them. It was a lot of work selecting these videos and performing writeups that introduced them, without getting into the way of the videos that would follow.

Oh ... I almost forget!

You might want to drop in and visit me at where I write about a lot of interesting scientific topics, and I use a lot of fascinating Youtube videos to illustrate them.

It's not a request, but an offering, from someone who enjoys entertaining an audience. I thank you for dropping in and I hope to see you more often. Take care! :)

Did You Miss Part 1

If you did, it's available here: Happy Fifth Anniversary Youtube - Part I


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    • yoshi97 profile image

      yoshi97 7 years ago from a land called 'what if?'

      Thanks! It was a lot of work, and I Was surprised when I found myself with enough material for two hubs - that alone told me I spent too much time on Youtube. :)

    • MotherHubber profile image

      MotherHubber 7 years ago from Southern California

      I love YouTube. Other than Facebook, it is my favorite online time-killer. :) I loved the videos you posted here! Funny stuff, and a lot of work went into this. Thanks for the laughs!

    • Dobson profile image

      Dobson 7 years ago from Virginia

      Funny! funny! Funny! Wish i could spend time looking for every funny video!