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The Best External Battery Portable Power Banks For Mobile Devices

Updated on April 12, 2016

Never Have a Dead Cell Phone Battery Again

It happens to all of us when using your cell phone or tablet on a busy day, your battery gets drained from constant use and after some time your cell phone battery is drained and dead. Luckily, these days there is technology that allows you to carry a small external USB battery pack that can charge your cell phone or tablet to help you get through the day while you're on the go. Amazingly enough, there are small USB battery power packs that can easily fit in your pocket and charge your cell phone battery to 100% at least a couple of times. In fact, some of the best high performance USB portable battery chargers can charge your cell phone several times before you need to charge the small power bank again. Many of us live very busy and active lifestyles where we are not always next to an electrical outlet, but with a portable cell phone battery charger you can always have the ability to charge your cell phone on the go. Here is a list of the best portable USB power banks on the market in 2015.

Anker Astro 3E and Anker Astro E4

If your looking for the best external battery pack for charging mobile devices and even the ability to power small laptops you will find that the Anker Astro Series External USB Power Bank is among the elite of portable battery chargers. The Anker Astro 3E battery pack holds a ton of juice with an output of 10,000 mAh and the Anker Astro E4 can carry even more of a charge as its output runs at 13,000 mAh. When you compare this dual external USB battery power pack with the competition, you will find that Anker puts out well over 3 times the amount of energy that most battery power banks do. It has the ability to charge 2 mobile devices at once, the 2 charging ports are 1A and 2.1A. Anker does a great job of providing a top-notch product for a very reasonable price, you would think that the price for such a powerful battery would cost over $100 but Anker has priced the Astro 3E at a very reasonable price, you can find it on Amazon for around $60.

Bestek Multi-Function Jumpstarter

The Bestek Multi-Function Jumpstarter is more than just a portable power bank that charges your cell phone or mobile device. This portable external battery has 4 outlets for power output, it has the ability to charge laptops with a 3.5A port, it can also charge mobile devices and laptops through its other to ports (rated at 2A and 1A), and lastly it also comes with a 12V power port and jumper cables for your car. That's right, this portable battery pack has it all - you can even jumpstart your car when your car battery is dead when you use this small external battery. There are 3 L.E.D. indicators that let you know how much power is left on the battery.

In addition to all of these features the Bestek Multi-Function Jumpstarter external battery power bank comes with a zipper case that includes a car charger, power adapter, a full set of laptop adapters, a USB cable for charging cell phones and mobile devices and even jumper cables that connect the external battery to your car battery if your car battery ever needs charged or jumpstarted. This makes the Bestek charger the most versatile battery charger on the market, whether you need to charge a mobile device with a USB cable or a 12 volt outlet, this battery pack has it all. Reviews stated that the Bestek External battery charger works fine when jumpstarting cars and the flashlight that is equipped on the battery also received a lot of praise. The unit weighs in at an amazing 350 grams, and puts out 10,000 mAh of power. The Bestek Multi-Function Jumpstarted will fully charge any mobile device in about 3 hours. Lastly, the Bestek external battery power bank is considered one of the best all-in-one external battery sources because it's more than just a mobile device charger, it could be a lifesaver if your ever stranded with a car battery that is dead. Now you would think that this charging device would be fairly expensive but amazingly enough it retails at only $82, and you can find it cheaper than that if you buy it on Amazon. I believe the price on Amazon was around $69.

UNU Ultrapak Tour

This is one of the best portable power packs that you can buy in my opinion because it charges phones and other mobile devices up to 8 times faster than other external portable USB power banks. It can give a cell phone or tablet a full charge in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, which is almost just as fast as plugging your phone into an electrical outlet. It's battery puts out 10,000 mAh and the UNU Ultrapak Tour also comes with two USB outlets so you can charge more than one device at once. The design is very sleek and there is an L.E.D. screen that tells you how much charge is left in the battery in the form of a percentage. Very stylish and the L.E.D. screen makes this portable battery power bank look very technologically advanced. The major advantages of using the UNU Ultrapak Tour is that you can charge your mobile device super fast and you have 2 USB charging ports instead of just one. The UNU Ultrapak Tour is modestly priced at $100 which makes this a very functional and affordable portable charging device.

Comparing The Best Mobile Device Power Banks

Anker Astro 3E
10,000 mAh Dual USB Charging port
Bestek Portable Power Bank
10,000 mAh, Ability to Jumpstart a car, 4 Charging Ports (12V power port, 2 USB Ports, 1 3.5A port, flashlight, L.E.D charge indicator, car charger, jumper cables, power adapter, full set of laptop adapters
$70 on Amazon
UNU Ultrapack Tour
10,000 mAh USB, Charge up to 2 devices, flashlight, Extra Fast Charging Technology, Digital Power Display, 1A and 2.1A Power Output


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