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The Best iPad Apps For Productivity and Fun

Updated on October 21, 2011

Best Free iPad apps

Awesome Apps For iPad

The iPad has proven to be a very capable device when it comes to connecting with others, saving information, getting news updates, and even playing games on an iPad. While some people may just use their ipad for internet use and editing documents, there are tons of other iPad features and iPad apps that can bring you hours and hours of enjoyment. In this article you will find some of my favorite apps for the iPad and you will also learn about some of the best iPad apps that you can download for free.

  • Huffington Post App - The huffington post app is free and I like it a lot because it can push notifications to you about news going on around the world and around the country. You can also tweet news updates very easily by using the tweet feature within the app. This app is a must for anyone that gets news updates from their iPad.
  • Reuters News Pro - Another free app that I use for news, lots of good updates on recent news and breaking news, and there are also plenty of pictures that you can see that help to explain news events.
  • New York Times iPad app - This is another free app that I use for news. In my opinion, the new york times is one of the best resources for news and in depth reporting and analysis. I really like using this app because it saves you money in a way that you don't have to buy a newspaper to get your news.
  • The Weather Channel - I use this free app for push notifications for weather alerts, its a great way to check the weather without watching the news, and its very easy to use.
  • Vevo HD - I like this app because it allows you to watch music videos on your ipad in HD, and the quality of the music that you get from the app is great.
  • Twitter App - There are lots of twitter apps out there like TweetDeck etc, but I just use the regular twitter app because it helps me stay in touch with people on twitter and it makes it very easy for anyone to tweet consistently throughout the day. It also helps me to get more followers on twitter by staying more connected with my twitter followers. I also use Tweet Adder to get more followers on twitter, and that certainly is a great tool to use to increase twitter followers.
  • Epicurious - This app is a lot of fun and its basically a cookbook on your iPad, this free app allows you to type in a food or ingredient and it will give you a list of recipes that include that ingredient. Its a great app to use when your brainstorming for breakfast ideas, smoothie ideas, or ideas for dinner. Definitely one of the top iPad apps.
  • Associated Press iPad app - Like the other news reporting apps, this app is packed with breaking news and news updates. It also has lots of pictures that you can look at along with the report or article.
  • Virtuoso - This free app is a piano app that allows you to play piano on your iPad, hook your ipad up to some speakers and you'll see how fun this app really can be. Its a great way to have fun, kill time and work on your piano coordination.
  • Dragon Dictation - I really find this app very useful because it allows you to talk into the microphone on the ipad and it will type out the words for you while your talking. Its a great time saver, its accurate and it is among the top apps that I recommend for iPad productivity apps. Probably one of the best ipad apps for business.
  • FreeSaurus - A free thesaurus app for the iPad that you can use to learn new words and look up the meaning of words.
  • Nature Wallpapers - This app is very relaxing and it is packed with some of the best scenic photos of nature that you can find. Sometimes I just scroll through the nature pictures to see if there is a picture that I want to use as wallpaper for my ipad background.
  • Flixster - This free app will help you find movie times and theaters that are near you, very convenient and very easy to use.
  • 10 pin lite HD - A fun game to play that involves bowling with the iPad, my dad really likes to play this game on the iPad when we are killing time and sitting around.
  • Facebook App - This app is free of course, and is great for staying in touch with your facebook friends. It lets you know when you get new friend requests as well as messages that are sent to you through facebook.
  • DrinksFree - This app has thousands of drink recipes for those nights when you feel like making a creative cocktail. It can pretty much tell you how to make any type of cocktail or drink that you can think of.
  • BlackJack HD - If you play cards, there are tons of apps for the iPad for poker, blackjack and other card games like solitaire, most of the basic versions are free. Lots of fun.
  • Alarm Clock - If you thought the iPad was just for getting on the internet and playing games, think again. This app allows you to use your iPad as an alarm clock.
  • Watch Movies on Your iPad - You can also watch movies on you iPad and download movies on your iPad by going to the site Download Ipad Movies. I really like this software because it allows you to play movies on your ipad without needing to pay everytime you download a movie. It literally allows you to download an unlimited amount of movies for the sake of watching them on your iPad. Definitely worth while, you can read more about the software in this article about Downloading unlimited iPad movies.

You can also consider Jailbreaking your iPad, its a great way to allow yourself to download new programs and software that you wouldn't be able to find in the apple store. It also gives you more capabilities when it comes to functionality of the iPad. When you jailbreak your iPad, you will also be able to download apps from other markets as well.


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    • profile image

      Samia 5 years ago


      Thanks for this selectionn of productivity apps. I like testing business apps for my work.

      For the iPad,I'd like to recommend as professional note taking/ToDo/Project management application "Beesy". A month ago, i discovered this app and now I often use it for my meetings.

      With Beesy , you can find many features to accomodate tasks, generate automatically a ToDo list from your notes, make monitoring and send easily minutes by email. This app is great; you save a lot of time at work, and you start appreciating meeting again.

      If you are interested in Beesy you can google it or go the application's website for detailed information

      Kind regards,