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The Birth of the Teleprompter and Mobile Satellite Dish

Updated on April 26, 2011

Two of Hubert Schlafly inventions are used everyday in the telecommunications world. In fact, without him and his inventions, it would be a different world-maybe.

Used by most actors, presidents and other public speakers is the Teleprompter, a device that helps speakers read their lines by displaying them at a reading speed on a screen that is out of sight. Hubert created the first one in 1950. It was first used on the TV show, "The First Hundred Years". Politicians quickly wanted them instead of memorizing a speech, they could simply read it. One of the first politicians to use the new device was Herbert Hoover in 1952, and things were going swell until he got distracted during the speech but the device continued to roll on. President Eisenhower in the mid-50's used two of them to give speeches. From then on, the teleprompter was used widely in the political and entertainment fields.

Hubert's other invention was the mobile 26-ft diameter satellite dish mounted on a large truck bed. To prove that such a device was worth it, it was used on the first ever satellite broadcast from Manila, Philippines. A world boxing match between Joe Frazier and Mohammed Ali in 1975. It may have been the first satellite broadcast from a mobile dish, but it was The Beatles in 1967 that first made a worldwide broadcast when their song, "All You Need Is Love" came out.


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