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Meaning of BlackBerry PIN

Updated on March 5, 2014

BlackBerry PIN: Meaning and Uses

Perhaps you hear users of BlackBerry talking about BlackBerry PIN and you wonder what it is all about.The Meaning of BlackBerry PIN is very simple. It is one of the peculiarities of the BlackBerry Smartphone. It is eight hexadecimal numbers with which a blackberry user is identified. In other words it means personal identification number(PIN).

The BlackBerry PIN is peculiar to each BlackBerry Phone and compatible device. When a number is hexadecimal it means it is a mixture of numbers and alphabet.Once assigned it cannot be modified.

BlackBerry( former RIM) announced in September, 2012 that the BlackBerry PIN will be replaced with the BlackBerry user ID in 2013 with the launch of BlackBerry10 platform.However, this will not change the essence of the PIN.

By implication the BlackBerry messenger will go universal in terms of the recent move of BlackBerry to make the Application cross-platform(multi-platform) on devices that have Android and iOS operating systems. This was announced in the BlackBerry Live conference on the 14th May,2013 which is already executed.

Functions of the BlackBerry PIN

1. For storage of Contacts: Apart from using the email of a fellow BlackBerry Smartphone user and compatible devices, the PIN is primary for the storage of contacts especially for instant messaging.

2. Use for BlackBerry Messenger: The BlackBerry Messenger is a platform on all compatible devices or the BlackBerry Smartphone used for instant messaging. The BlackBerry PIN is required in order to Ping an individual user or group in case of conference messaging. This is also called PIN to PIN messaging.

This is different from the conventional email messaging as this is routed through the BlackBerry global infrastructure, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server( BES). BES can only identify the BlackBerry PIN or the BlackBerry ID as recently called.

3. For security purposes: BlackBerry Smartphone is the most secured and encrypted medium of communication. The BlackBerry PIN plays a vital role in terms of BlackBerry Enterprise server synchronization (BES) and BlackBerry internet Service (BIS).

4. For tracking purposes: The BlackBerry PIN can be used to track stolen BlackBerry Smartphone and compatible devices.. It can also be used to track the where about of it user in consonance with GPS technology. This is why most security agents use the BlackBerry Smartphone and for those who are security conscious.

The BlackBerry Smartphone brought about most of the peculiarities we see today in the Smartphone market. The Push email, internet services, instant messaging etc. This gave BlackBerry dominance in the Smartphone industry for nearly a decade.

As the saying goes, “variety is the spice of life”, BlackBerry has to come up with unparalleled innovations and be brought back again on the front line. The BlackBerry 10 has remain a focus in this regard with the latest changes it came with.

Despite the apparent challenges of the firm, the impact it has made remain indelible and this is the reason it remain the sore choice of some BlackBerry loyalists. Security is paramount to many and they prefer the BlackBerry way. Therefore the BlackBerry PIN will remain a focus especially with the recent multi-platform move.

Hope you found the answer to the Meaning of BlackBerry PIN useful.Feel free to ask your questions and make useful comment.


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      3 years ago

      WOW what a sweet act! he he he he! I love she. Such a beautiful Acrobat! She looks a like a ttaenled and beautiful person I know who shall remain nameless. Let's just say she created this fabulous illustration is all! he he he he he!!! Great work Diane. V

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      3 years ago

      Heeheh! I think you are the Queen of Cupcakes! This is soooo cute! I read your post about Cole's first day of school. That is one hdnmsoae boy you have and so cute. Hug and kiss him a lot. They grow up so fast and become teenagers - ugh! Diana, you are the most prolific artist and blogger. You are Numero Uno! Have a wonderful weekend.


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