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The Blogging Strategist's Paradoxical Dilemma

Updated on March 11, 2021
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Writer, blogger, greenskeeper, musician, golfer, history buff, truth seeker and lover, Christian married man from Oregon.


Blogging Success Guaranteed!

The Internet is full of advice on how to make money blogging. Although I would like to make money from my two blogs, I couldn't imagine going to some seminar for a weekend trying to find out how. Maybe I'm just not motivated enough, but I think it's because I don't want to get caught up in this generic advice that is meant to create some template for success for everyone who pays the money to find out the "secret."

Of course, they all say that for each person the results will be different and that we all need to embrace our unique attributes in order to succeed. Yet, they have you chasing after this conformed money-making strategy that really dampens the whole creative rawness of it all if you asked me.

Thoreau is a good read for the non-conformist.

Blogger's Humanity

Don't get me wrong, I have learned some things that have been helpful from these types of dry strategists. Even so, I can never bring myself to get excited about the system they are offering me to get traffic and make money through my blogs. I mean does it all have to be so hard? Don't we simply need to know the basics and then start writing and learn as we go? Eventually, I even figured out what a widget was and how to place them on my blogs!

Anyway, it gets a little overwhelming when I'm reading some blog that has thousands of views per day and makes some ridiculous amount of money. I just can't relate to these people, and the way they talk makes it seem like they have always been different than my type.

I have honestly learned more from writers who are simple, honest, and humble. Especially if they are not willing to sell-out their integrity for some template fame and mythical monetary wealth. The type of writers who can speak with humor of their failures and struggles to find their way, whether they have been able to quit their day job or not.


The Paradoxical Dilemma

The Internet is a vast wonderland full of scams, hucksters, fraudsters, and get rich quick masterminds. I'd rather stay away from the whole scene and simply keep chopping away at the tree of success in a way that keeps my integrity intact. I want to remain a human being who can relate to the struggles and failures of other fellow human beings. In other words, I'm trying to make money in a way that doesn't interfere with meaning and value. Does this make sense at all?

Let me put it this way, how many people are making money by teaching others how to make money? Or, let me say it like this, how many people are making money by telling people how to become successful?

Their whole strategy is a paradox. Get it? I mean they are only successful because they are telling people how to be successful and people are listening and buying in on the book or whatever. Yet, the strategy they are selling, for instance, "How To Become a Professional Blogger" is simply a bunch of generic steps they espouse which sound good. Really what they mean is: make money by telling people how to make money with ideas that don't really work, unless they are also telling people how to make money! It's a vicious circle and where is the meaning of it all?

The type of people I'm talking about have long stopped reading this hub (if they started), so I'm sure I'm not offending anyone too much. They have gone back to their 10 step strategy book which they believe will make them $100,000 a year. Still, when they think of the basis of their blog's meaning apart from making money, they blank out and stare strangely at you.

Are You Involved In The Paradox?

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Solid Approach, Organic Success

Give me meaning, give me humanity, even if you aren't a very good writer. Maybe this means I will learn the hard way, maybe this means I will miss the boat and not get in on the big bucks. O'well, I still have lawns to mow, and old ladies that depend on me. And for some of them, I'm the only one around to remind them how much God loves them.

I do have grand ideas and hopes for my blogs and I'm learning helpful things on the way. So far, they are improving and I'm very happy with how they are developing. Although I have only earned a total of $4 from both of them in two months, that to me is a great start. I really do believe unique content from a blogger who cares and has something meaningful to say outweighs any SEO strategy. Grabbing the attention and hearts of a few people who become dedicated supporters of your mission means success beyond a bunch of clicking flybys.

Let's have a solid approach and goals dear writers and work to achieve these. And let's also put our humanity and soul into these pieces we sacrifice time to write in this crazy fallen world. Eventually, we will break through to new heights, God willing, and then we can say we thoroughly enjoyed the journey and appreciate the view.

© 2014 Robbie Newport


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