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The Internet Yesterday or Today - From A to Z - Subject to Change

Updated on March 6, 2016

Three Five Two Oh One Six

Time passes. It seems like only a few hours ago that I took it upon myself to type all of the search terms being typed into Google.

I'm sure if I looked now, the search terms will have changed. Some words may remain the same, but there may be new ones. I remember, at least fifteen years ago, when there was a program that would show you the live changes. It updated every fifteen seconds and it showed you what people were typing in. Meta Spy, I seem to recall it was called. I don't even know if you can still access this program or not.

I used to use Alexa to see where webpages were linking back and forth to. That was interesting, since if you clicked on one, the links would change since you were linked to someone else. I find that stuff to be kind of cool. Almost hacker-ish.

As a Newbie on the Net

As a new person on the net, sometimes one has trouble deciding what they should write about. Well. If you have the time, or inclination to go to Google and painstakingly type in 26 letters, you will have fodder for your thoughts.

Now, mind you, this information is fleeting. That one person may be typing random things into a search engine. God forbid that you should be googling what I type into Google. You will get 'no where' listening to what I type in.

[this is where we laugh together]

Google A

Amazon, Amazon Prime, American Eagle, American Airlines, Adele, AT &T, American Express, Autozone and Apple.

Yes. These are the things that the world is typing into Google when they search. These are the keywords that people are searching for, today.

Google B

Under B, we find Best Buy, Bankroll Fresh, Barnes and Nobles, Bernie Sanders, Bed Bath and Beyond, Bing, Babies R Us, Buzz Feed and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Google C

Under C, we find the following: Craigslist Mn, Craigslist, calculator, cnn, Costco, cabellas, Comcast, capital one, chipotle and Conor Mcgregor.

Google D

Under D, we have: delta, dominoes, Donald Trump, dictionary, deadpool, dsw, drive, discount tire, dropbox and direct tv.

Google E

Under E, we have: ebay, espn, expedia, etsy, easybib, express, eddie bauer, enterprise, Edmodo and email.

Google F

Under F, we have: facebook, fleet farm, fox news, fuller house, forever 21. fandango, fitbit, fallout 4, fedex and fidelity.

Google G

Under G, we have: google, gmail, google maps, google translate, google docs, google drive, google classroom, gamestop, groupon and google earth.

Google H

Under H, we have: home depot, Hotmail, herbergers, house of cards, hulu, hoverboard, hello, hobby lobby, h & m, and hobby lobby.

Google I

Under I, we have: Instagram, ikea, imdb, indeed, iPhone 7, iTunes, ixi, icloud, images and isis.

Google J

Under J, we have: Joey Feek, Jimmy Johns, Justin Bieber, joann fabrics, jc penney, Jessica jones, Jennifer Lawrence, Jodie sweetin, jerry hall and joey and rory.

Google K

Under K, we find: Kohls, Kare 11, kahoot, kayak, kmart, kstp, Kendrick lamar, khan academy, krampus and kizi.

Google L

Under L, we have: London has Fallen, linked in, Lowes, lululemon, lands end, lifetime fitness, love your melon, la fitness, lego and league of legends.

Google M

Under M, we find: menards, maps, mapquest, msn, macys, michaels, mall of America, movies, minecraft and making a murderer

Google N

Under N, we find: Netflix, nfl, news, nike, Nordstrom, nate diaz, nfl standings, nba, northern tool and nfl playoffs.

Google O

Under O, we find: OJ Simpson, old navy, orbitz, office max, overstock, outlook, olive garden, office 365, one direction and one punch man.

Google P

Under P, we find: pinterest, Pandora, pizza hut, paypal, packers, powerball, papa johns, pottery barn, priceline and periodic table.

Google Q

Under Q, we find: quizlet, qvc, quotes, q, quantico, quantico - America television series, quantico - town in Virginia, qdoba, Quentin Tarantino, quadratic formula.

Google S

Under S, we find: Star Tribune, shutterfly, sears, star wars, schoology, Spotify, super Saturday, sam's club, scheels, steven avery.

Google R

Under R, we find: Redbox, rei, roblox, reddit, rotten tomatoes, robin gunningham, room, restaurants, real madrid and revenant.

Google T

Under T, we find: target, translate, toys r us, twitter, thesaurus, trump, tcf bank, ticketmaster, Travelocity, target hours.

Google U

Under U, we have: ufc 196, us bank, usps tracking, ups tracking, ufc, usps, university of Minnesota, ups, united airlines, ufc 196 time.

Google V

Under V, we find: Vikings, Vikings - Minnesota Vikings American Football team, Vikings - Canadian-Irish drama series, Verizon, Victoria's secret, vrbo, vistaprint, vanguard, vera Bradley and vans.

Google W

Under W, we have: weather, Walmart, wells fargo, walgreens, white pages, wcco, Wikipedia, wayfair, worldstarhiphop, walgreens photo.

Google X

Under X, we have: xfinity, excel energy, xbox one, xbox live, xbox live status, xtramath, x, xbox, xbox 360, Xanax.

Google Y

Under Y, we have: youtube, yahoo, yahoo mail, youtube to mp3, yelp, yahoo finance, yahoo news, y8, young living, ymca.

Google Z

Under Z, we find: zootopia, Zillow, zappos, zulily, zoe saldana, Zach parise, zika virus, zales, zara and zodiac signs.


These are the topics that interest the world today. But, the world is fickle and tomorrow, they will all be searching for 26 plus new topics. Unfortunately, I will not be looking at all the different letters again.

But, wasn't it food for thought. If you ever wondered what people were interested in, here it all is, in a nutshell. One page. All somewhat organized. Instead of having to go from page to page to page to page [times 26]

Just one page. Just for fun. Just for curiosities sake.

There You Have It

Twenty six letters worth of words found at a certain time, on a certain date. If you type in the letters now, you may not get the same results. It is a learning experience. It is something new to learn.

The internet is not 'set in stone.' It is fluid. It is flowing. It is ever changing. One needs to bend with the wind, go with the flow.

The challenge is to be a rock in the stream, a loose leaf tumbling on the ground, a piece of hail, You know. Something that causes the flow to change and go around you. A gate, perhaps. Shall we view pop ups as vision floaters on our retina?

[this is where we laugh together]


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