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The Internet's Top 10 Free cures for boredem

Updated on August 15, 2012

The Internet is an incredible source of entertainment. Here we have the Top 10 best and most enjoyable podcasts, webshows and YouTube channels for men and women, young and old that you can easily access as long as you have iTunes and Internet access. So lets get the ball rolling.
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1) Jeremy Jahns - Lightheard YouTube Film Reviewer

Sharp and funny film reviews, released every few days. Aimed at a vaguely geeky crowd aka those who like video games but are not the stereotypical "nerd" person. Very entertaining. Everyone loves films so hearing an opinion on them told by an enthusiastic "presenter", with a chance of finding some new films to watch, is a nice way to spend a few minutes every few days. There is a huge selection of reviews dating back to 2009 so if like me, you did that you can't get enough, you can be entertained for hours. He also has less regular clips on movie news, game reviews and funny stories. Easily my favourite YouTube persona at the moment. If he came to England, I'd travel to meet him, even if it took a few hours. My signature sign off in Hubs was based on JJs. Check him out, now.

I've been a subscriber for : 6 months

2) The Now Show/News Quiz - Satirical comedy show

Hilarious weekly satirical comedy show about stories in the news. Scenario's play out. Impersonations are made. Famous comedians do a bit in it and there are Running jokes for regular listeners. It has also a radio show on Radio 4 for ...........years. Aimed at those who enjoy the news and comedy. A future classic was a sketch explaining the Euro Crisis through the example of a group of friends going for a meal....of an explanation of the financial crisis using Homer, Winnie the Pooh and Bob the Builder.

I've been a subscriber for : 3 years

3) Danisnotonfire - Comedy for the YouTube generation

A friend recommended this to me and it was a fantastic gift. This YouTube celebrity is a fairly typical British teenager who has been making funny YouTube videos for the last few years. Whether it be videos of embarrassing stories named "Reasons why Dan is a Fail", or outlandish sketches, Dan is always entertaining. This is one for an audience who know what the words "lol" mean. If you ate uncertain about whether this has any quality, a video camera company paid for him to fly to the Caribbean to play with their products!

I've been a subscriber for : 3 months

4) Kermode & Mayo's Film Review - Home of the world famous, life saving, Kermodian rant

If Jermey Jahns is snooze time at kindergarten, this podcast and radio show is a highschool film class, with Mark Kermode (also known as the "Good Doctor") as the popular and well loved teacher, who like all god teachers, is passionate about their topic, but is not afraid to have a laugh and go off topic. This is the BBC's most downloaded podcast and the radioshow has run for over 10 years! So it must be good. For those who are interested in film, this is perfect for you. It is certainly aimed at a more intellectual student or adult crowd, but is accessible to anyone interested. It isn't all art house films and the art of cinematography, but if the thought of those words make you uneasy, this is one to avoid. But if you wonder if this is a boring show for boring Professors, a listener wrote in from somewhere in Asia to say that it was so funny, that she laughed so hard, it saved her from a potentially fatal car crash! Weekly guests have included Johnny Depp, Quentin Tarentino and Robert Patinson. Filled with many in-jokes, including, Hello to Jason Issacs.

I've been a subscriber for : 2 months

5) Howstuffworks - Teachers have a thing to learn from these guys

Light hearted but informative entertainment, explaining parts of the big wide world. The banter between the two presenters is pleasant and the whole podcast is appropriate for all ages. Pick out a few podcasts from their extensive library, such as "Can we build an elevator to space?" or "How do Pickpockets work?", before a long car journey and the time will fly by with this entertaining podcast where transporting knowledge takes no effort at all. Teachers could take a leaf out of these guys book. If the 300 or so podcasts don't tickle your fancy, sister podcasts like "Stuff Mom Never Told You" and "Stuff You Never Learned In History Class" will. Around for a few years, and recently back form live shows at Comic-Con, I how they get bigger in the future.

I've been a subscriber for : 1 year

6) Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio - Like having a conversation

This is unashamedly, a long running podcast of a (with the songs cut out) in which famous comedian Frank Skinner and his two sidekicks talk about whatever they fancy. Recent topics have been the Olympics, Frank's new born baby and how to bring cloaks back into modern fashion. There are long running jokes and Frank's natural Brummy sense of humour and intelligence is usually complimented by his two colleagues (usually fashion editor and socialite Emily Dean, and fellow comedian Allan "the cockerel" Cockrayne). These hour long podcasts are a perfect distraction for a days travel to work or when bored and the whole thing feels as if you are part of a conversation with 3 people. Very enjoyable and perfect to relax to and a variety of guests such as Al Murray.

I've been a subscriber for : 2 years

7) Escape to the Movies - Intelligent movie reviews in an entertaining manner

These video's are the crossroads between Kermode's intellectual movie reviews and Jeremy Jahns more amateur and "of the people" reviews. Weekly 5 minute reviews which thoroughly assess current films. Reviews are funny in places, but more structured and essay-esque than JJ's relaxed ones and Kermode's intelligent but off the cuff reviews. Again, one for film fans, but as with all film critics, you can't tell if you like their style, until you've given them a chance.

I've been a follower for : 2 months

8) Cutewinfail - The funny home video's show of YouTube

Toby Turner is the fast talking host of the 3 minute show which looks at 3 videos from around the world of YouTube in which a Cute video, winning video and a fail video "compete to become the most epic" aka the viewers vote for their favourite. This is worth checking out, if not for Toby's unique sense of humour that the Youtube generation will love, then for the sort of videos which usually end up on TV shows like Rude Tube and You've Been Framed. Yet again, it is Toby Turners unusual style which sets this apart from the crowd. Worth a look.

I've been a subscriber for : 2 months

9) Zero Punctuation - The Escapist's rude video game reviewer

Video game reviews.....told by a very rude and cynical Australian. I hardly play video games and haven't for many years and yet I still take a look every Wednesday for what is new. Yatzee has a very particular way of speaking and critises and tears apart every game he reviews, even if he likes it. These are not proper reviews which look at gameplay or graphics, these are funny. They are entertaining, and make me laugh. If you want to a taster, listen to his review of Mercenaries 2, or as he likes to call it "Airstrikes 2, Hooray for Airstrikes". Not for the easily offended.

I've been a follower for : 5 years

10) How It Should Have Ended - The show which rectifies the awful...and amazing endings of your favourite films

Short animated sketches, showing how various films should have ended, with hilarious results. Considering what they do, they are very successful, with stalls at comic-con. In their library, you'll certainly find a film whose ending you'll enjoy watching being mocked. Appropriate for everyone. Watch the Harry Potter HISHE episode with children and parents, they'll thank you later.

I've been a subscriber for : 8 months

Honourable mentions

  • In Our Time - Long running weekly podcast about History. Like having a lecture in your ears.
  • More Or Less - A fun podcast which takes a look at stats....yes, it is actually fun.
  • Newsjack - the Now Show's Younger brother and just as good


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