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The only 3 twitter apps that I need to use!

Updated on September 16, 2013

We all spend time on twitter - while working, studying, commuting, both for professional or entertainment reasons, and it can be a really (un)productive way of getting in touch with the world, our friends or our costumers.

In order to achieve that, we need the surround us with the tools that will get us to that goal in the fastest, better and easiest way. And I, to do that, only need three tools: , Conweets and TweetDeck and not a single one more, because they provide me the awareness, the tracking abilities and the features necessary to make my twitter experience much more enjoyable.

If you are like me, a casual twitter, that make use of this platform to keep in touch with the gossips, and day-to-day activities, and personal news, I am sure that this three tools will fit your needs.


I use this tool the fill a huge gap that Twitter web client, or other clients can't fill: conversation historic. Sometimes you want to browse between the tweets that you and another twitter user have exchanged in the past, but you can't because the only features that those applications provide you is a simple link to the current conversation under the tweet, and manually browsing to find each conversation between two users would require a huge about of time evolving scribbling through months, or even years of tweets.

So Conweets is at your service! You just log in the site with your twitter account and then you choose the two persons, and the app will fetch all tweet exchanged between them throughout the time (Direct Messages of course are not shown).

This is a very useful tool, with a very simple interface that I use to see the twitter history between me and my friend or the "beefs" between two celebrities!



This is a well-know website that, in my opinion is the best complement to the average twitter user, like me, to track some important twitter metric, like followers,the usual schedule of our tweets (frequent hours and days), also allowing us to see some real time twitter features (time line), and most important for me: the persons who I engage the most in conversations (tweestats synergises very well with conweets because of this.

Thanks to this tool, you can successfully engage your audience or your friends because you know who their are, and you are also more aware of how and when do you engage your audience thanks to the features that this website provides.

Please consider that this is more simple and so focused on casual user of twitter. For power users there are more extensive applications with a lot of powerful features.



Lets face it: no one likes the web interface of twitter. It is just so unnatural and counter productive that just makes us throw the keyboard against the wall. I used to use Metrotwit, but it has been so buggy lately that I needed to change, so I changed to tweetdeck, after trying some other applications.

So this is the control center of our whole "twitter operation", this is the front line. Here is where we launch our content, where we communicate with the world and with our audience, and is Tweetdeck tough enough for the challenge? Yes it is.

For the casual user of the twitter like me, all I need is some freedom of choice in the columns so I can arrange my work space as I want, a desktop based application (fundamental requirement) and a simple interface. Metrotwit was the best in those points, but Tweetdeck is also good.

Tweetdeck used to be a independent third-party application but in 2011 it was bought by twitter, and has been worked under the company since then.


The end

Please say what you think about this article and about this applications. Please keep in mind that I am a casual user, and in fact, this applications will allow you to squeeze all the juice that twitter has to offer.

If you want to know more about me, you can follow me here:

What do you think of these applications and which ones do you use?

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