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The best iPad Cases and Screen Protectors

Updated on March 27, 2011

iPad Covers

How to take care of your new iPad

Ipads are delicate machines and if you want to prevent your iPad from getting scratched, its important that you protect it with a case or some type of cover that protects the screen from getting scratched.

Buying a cover your iPad is a very worthy investment, don't make the mistake of buying an iPad and dropping it. If you buy insurance for your iPad through Apple, it won't cover any damage done from dropping it or getting it wet.

I have had 2 different iPad covers for my iPad protected incase I drop it or spill something next to it. The reason why I ended up buying two is because I made the mistake of buying a cheap case at the apple store that didn't provide enough protection. This article will help those that are looking to protect their iPad with a cover, or a film that protects the screen from getting scratched.

I recommend that you take a close look at iPad covers on Amazon - They have a wide array of covers that are more affordable and they still do the job. I bought my second cover on Amazon and its exactly what I was looking for at a very affordable price.  If you don't want to pay full retail prices for iPad cases, Amazon is definitely the place.

The Best Cases for the iPad

These are my favorite cases for the iPad

Incase - I really like the Incase brand because it does a good job of protecting your iPad, it may even do a good job of saving it from breaking if you drop it.  The inside is very soft, and you can zip it up when your on the go.  It  doesn't seem to be waterproof however it does seem to be helpful if you do ever spill a drink on your iPad cover when your iPad is in it.  Furthermore, it makes the iPad much easier to carry because its easier to grip it and hold it- I think that is a very important feature because the iPad is a relatively easy device to drop.

Belkin: Grip Sleeve for iPad - Belkin makes a very stylish iPad case that does a good job of protecting the iPad.  I do not personally own this one, but my friend does and he really likes it.  It does a good job of protecting the iPad from scratches and it also makes the iPad much easier to carry.


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    • Entourage_007 profile image

      Stuart 7 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      Thank you for the input, I have updated the newest ipad and iphone cases that protect the screen and the cover of the ipad and iphone.

    • Eddy2106 profile image

      Eddy2106 7 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      You should try to work on the eBay and amazon results, but other than that great and useful hub. I should think about a screen protector, nut there expensive.