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Things to Know Before Buying Your Security Camera

Updated on September 23, 2016

Security cameras or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) are getting more and more popular today. If you are living in a city with rising robbery incidents then you might want to have a set for your home too. It is not new to us that having security cameras in places where robbery incidents and other criminal activities happen have more possibilities of a solved case. Before buying your security camera or CCTV, take a good note of these things first.

Choose the best CCTV that suits your needs.
Choose the best CCTV that suits your needs.

Questions to Ask Yourself First

Why are you buying a security camera?

What made you think of buying a security camera? Are you representing an establishment like an office, school, grocery store or just someone who wants to install a CCTV for surveillance purpose inside and outside his own home? Also consider if you will be monitoring that video regularly like grocery stores and other offices do or you just want to install it for purposes when no one is inside the house or the office. This will be helpful when you compare cameras because if your purpose is just to monitor regular activities in your store, you can get lower resolution cameras while if you will use it to monitor unnecessary activities like burglaries and other, you might need a clearer camera to capture a better quality video.

How many cameras do you need?

Will you be installing two or more cameras? You must do because having only one CCTV camera is like having none at all. Although, the latest technology has already offered a pan/zoom/tilt feature it cannot cover all floors of your establishment or house.

Bigger establishments will need more sets of cameras than homes.
Bigger establishments will need more sets of cameras than homes.

Will you be installing the device on your own?

Are you knowledgeable enough to install your security camera on your own or you are hiring someone to do the work? You can buy easy to install wireless security camera on Amazon by just reading only the fine prints that come with it. You might want to try Foscam’s R2 1080 Wireless Camera as a start. It has a trusted quality and is proven to be easy to install. If you prefer to call for a help, find someone you know or an agency that has a reliable record. You might not want to hire someone install a CCTV for you and in the future will be the one to break inside your house or establishment.

5 stars for Foscam Security Camera
Warning signs might be effective to warn burglars that your office is secured with CCTV.
Warning signs might be effective to warn burglars that your office is secured with CCTV.

Recommended Locations for your Security Camera

After deciding your specific needs and purpose, find the right place to install your security cameras. In homes, it is recommended that you put the cameras in places like above the front door, above windows in the first floor, above the back door and above the garage. This also applies to stores and offices and for bigger establishments you might want to put cameras too on the exit doors and other areas that are possible entries of robbers.

Other things to consider will be the position of your cameras so that it will capture helpful videos. When locating for a place to install your camera consider if it is wireless or not. Cameras which need power should be near the socket or prepare extra cables. If it is a wireless security camera, test the WiFi signal first by using an online WiFi speed test to make sure that you will not capture a choppy video.


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