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"Thumbs Up and Subscribe"

Updated on August 3, 2013
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HL Keeley has received a Bachelors Degree in Middle Grades Education. She has just completed her first year teaching.


“If you enjoyed this video, please like the video and subscribe below [insert trademark farewell]”

If you are like me and watch YouTube, this quote is in many of the videos that you watch, especially by professional YouTubers. YouTube is carving its mark into the entertainment business with unique and creative videos, shall I say “daring.” YouTube allows control to the user to create the content that they wish which many stations on television do not do. It gives stage to those struggling to be noticed in the entertainment business, but while the stage is very large, the spotlight is not.

Many people want to know how they can get into that light. YouTubers answer with be creative, unique, and honest. These traits can be beneficial, but not helpful. There are two types of famous that I have seen: accidental and intentional. Accidental videos are those recorded in the moment like America’s Funniest Videos and posted online. Somehow many people view this and through sharing the video becomes viral. Intentional videos are created in the “creative, unique, and honest” way to become viral. Many users have a large fan base because of years of creating video content on the side while others got it through heavy promotion and sharing.

YouTube is not the next big thing. It is the big thing. Singers are getting noticed and signed by big corporations. The most famous example of this is Usher signing Justin Beiber who has recently been sighted spitting on fans. Actors and comedians are creating content to show off their acting abilities with skits and collaborations. Then there are those who share their lives with YouTube called vlogging. Some vloggers poke fun at the idea or use the set up to create the videos they do, not out of cruelty but because of the uniqueness.

What really irks me about YouTube, as much as I love the community and the users I watch, is that the word “community” is so lightly thrown around as if we are all equal on there which is not true. If I wanted to become YouTube famous and for a month I made videos never making over 100 views and then I asked a more famous YouTuber to do a collaboration, would I get it? Collaborations are done to promote both YouTubers and because I am not famous that YouTuber will not do the collaboration. What will they gain? Professional YouTubers only collaborate with each other or maybe someone they are a fan of.

I am not trying to bash it, but I really wish people would enter YouTube with the idea that maybe it won’t work. It has become competitive and has merged with the over competitive entertainment world. Everyone wants to be a singer, actor, or writer whether because they have talent, they want to be famous, or both. I do not see the appeal of being famous and people poking their noses into my life. I would love a career where I can write my books, have them published, and be able to live on just that. Yet I am being realistic and going into a career that can support that dream. Why do I want to be published? Being published means I will make money doing what I love. To prove that it I do enjoy writing, look at HubPages. I only make a few cents a day, yet I write when I can.

My last point about YouTube is that all these professional YouTubers have become friends or cliques. This is how many Youtubers are able to do collaborations. The annual ViDCon created by the VlogBrothers (John and Hank Green) has also connected the YouTubers, as well as creating the bridge between the commenters and the video makers. John Green is best known for his books The Fault in Our Stars.

If you would like a review of any YouTube Channel, leave a comment below, like this, share this and subscribe! Oh wait, wrong website, but if you do comment I will do a review.

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