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Is Jailbreaking or Not Jailbreaking an Ipod Touch The Best Idea Tips On Installous and More

Updated on April 3, 2015

When buying an Ipod touch of any generation, new or used, the question everyone asks is should they jailbreak their ipod touch?How long does it take to Jailbreak an Ipod touch and why?

I have seen both sides of the spectrum and this is the list of pro and cons that I have conjured up, of course this is just opinion but I hope that this will be helpful when you make you decision.

Okay for Starters we will start with Cons just because I have found that they outweigh the Pros


1. It is illegal (although I know that it is kind of accepted in the world of ipods Apole working on A way to Shut this down.Like the Xbox Live free hack, Once they figured it out Microsoft has fried a lot of systems and made them not work.

2.Problems with Malfunctioning Hacks/jailbreaks and your iPod might freeze up and be unusable.

3.To download these "free games" takes a million times longer than if you were to download from the apple store

4.When you download from the App store you can play games while you wait, when you download from Installous App Type are on the Jail-broken Ipod you cannot shut that program down to multi-task

5.Having the extra programs on the Ipod touch with the Jailbreak Slows down the speed of your Ipod in General.

6. Also Voids all Warranty that you have if you happen to buy it new, If something happens to your Ipod than you won't be able to fix it with apple.

7.The ads That are on the jail-broken install program are very annoying and maybe not everyone but I find very offensive, you can buy a ad-blocker for this but it costs money monthly.

Okay I think I have covered all of the Cons Now I will Cover the Pros this shouldn't take too long....


1.You can get free games that you normally would have to pay a small fee for most of the time 99 cents.

2.It might be easier to sell if it is Jail-broken,Because a lot of people would like to jailbreak their Ipod when they buy one

Well that is all of the pros that I can think of hope this doesn't sound to one-sided but like I said from my experience I strongly believe that Not Jail-broken is the way to go.

Here are some links to some sites that you can find out more information about this topic


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    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 5 years ago from The Country-Side

      Very good point tills

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      It seems whenever something seems too good to be true it is!

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 6 years ago from The Country-Side

      I am glad that this was useful. Thank you for your compliment prav

    • Pravf profile image

      Pravf 6 years ago from Malaysia

      I'm a starter to ipod touch so this hub is a very useful guide for me.

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 6 years ago from The Country-Side

      It is a a way to get the apps for free that you would find on the app store. I thought it was really cool when I first heard about it. But like Above it does have downsides.

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 6 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Interesting...I've been an iPod Touch user for over 2 years and never heard of jailbreaking it! I don't play many games with it which might be why. Useful Hub!