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Top 128GB Solid State Drives (SSD) Under $200

Updated on April 3, 2013

Best SSD drives Under $200

This article is about the top 128 GB SSD drives available under $200.
Every computing device has its own storage system. The main memory storage system of a computer is the hard disk. A hard disk can store huge amounts of data. Traditional hard disks are magnetic. They use magnetic property of its core materials to store data on rotating disks. To read or write on a hard disk the head of it should reach the correct track mechanically.
But the Solid State Drives or SSD's have not any moving mechanical parts. It uses logical memory systems in silicon chips. For the lack of mechanical operations it is much faster than any magnetic drive. For the same reason these drives are more reliable and uses less power.
SSD is more costly than magnetic drives. That is why they are most popular in lower capacity versions like 64 GB or 128 GB. If you are looking for 128 GB SSD models here is a list for you of the best solid state drives which are priced below 200 US dollars

Samsung 830 Series SSD
Samsung 830 Series SSD

SAMSUNG 830 Series 2.5-Inch 128GB Solid State Drive

A Great SSD from Samsung

Price: $143.99
This SSD has a SATA3 interface. It boasts of 500 MB/s read speed and 320 MB/s write speed. It enables you to boot up your computer in 15 seconds and increases laptop battery life by 30 minutes. To manage this SSD efficiently a SSD management software is also provided. This SSD manager will help to increase the efficiency and life of the device.

Crucial 128 GB m4 CT128M4SSD2CCA

The Crucial Drive

Price: $129.99
This SSD is compatible with SATA 6Gb/s. It has a read speed of 500MB/s for any data types. This SSD is constructed with MLC NAND units. It retains consistently high speed without variations. This Crucial built SSD is of good quality.

OCZ Vertex
OCZ Vertex

OCZ 128GB Vertex 4

OCZ Claims to be Fastest SSD Under 200 USD

Price: $124.95
This solid state hard drive claims to have the highest sequential reading speed of 535 MB/s and writing speed 420 MB/s. The maximum write IOPS is 120,000. The access latency of it is only 0.02ms. The inner mechanism is controlled by the Indilinx Infused Everest 2 platform which is dual ARM based. It has a warranty period of 5 years.

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Samsung 830 - Series MZ-7PC128N/AM 128 GB

Not too Fast

Price: $149.00
Samsung 830 series SSD is a medium quality solid state drive. Sequential read and write speeds are 520 MB/s and 320 MB/s respectively. This drive is very thin and thus well designed for ultra thin laptops and ultra books. Samsung supplies SSD magician software for proper management of the SSD. Laptop installation kit is also supplied with the SSD which includes the adapter cable SATA to USB and a mounting spacer.

Transcend 128 GB SSD 720

A Transcend Creation

Price: $129.99
This Transcend made SSD is a very good buy. The sequential read/write speed of this SSD is up to 560MB/540 MB per second. It supports TRIM command. It is intelligent block management and wear leveling for better performance year after year.

Corsair Force one of the best SSD below $200
Corsair Force one of the best SSD below $200

Corsair Force Series GT 120 GB SATA 2.5-Inch

It is 120 GB

Price: 130.99
Corsair Force Series GT 120GB SATA drive supports SATA3 connectivity. It has high performance Sandforce SF-2200 SSD controller. The company claims the highest read speed of the device is 555 MB/s. This SSD supports RAID.

Plextor PX-128M3S 128 GB M3S

The Plextor Challenge

Price: $139.99
Plextor PX has True Speed technology which claims to retain consistent high performance in real life scenarios. It has a DDR3 DRAM cache. Three technologies are used to keep the SSD performance to the top notch for a long time : bad block management, global wear leveling and instant restore. In sequential mode this drive gives read/write speed of 525/445 MB.

Kingston SSDNow V200 128 GB

Kingston's Effort in SSD Market

Kingston is known for manufacturing low priced high quality memory cards. This 128 GB SSD is also decently priced. This SSD is of a bit low in read/write speed which is 300MB/s and!90MB/s.

Samsung 470-Series MZ-5PA128A

Samsung Slower SSD

Price: 141.99
This Samsung 470 series SSD is not very fast than the options with more prices. The sequential read/write speed of this SSD is 250/220 MB/s not too impressive. Norton Ghost 15.0 is the software supplied with this SSD for SSD management.

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So, you have known about some of the best available 128GB SSDs which are priced below $200. Now make your own choice and buy a SSD to make your PC faster.

What is Favorite SSD Brand ?

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