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Top 3 Email Providers

Updated on December 31, 2009

Which Email Do You Use?

Which Email Do You Use?

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Yahoo mail is one of the largest free email boxes on the internet.

Its easy to subscibe to and allows you unlimited storege capabilities, and one of the best spam filters to save you from the dreaded junk mail.

There is only a rectangle advert box on the right side to help with revenue, which really is not very obtrusive.

You have access to about 15 rules for your mailbox

 You can create unlimited folders to organise your email in, how ever no subcategories.

Emails can be easily flagged for followup.

Another great feature is the 2 weeks sign out requirement. You won't be signed out for 2 weeks if you use this. If you like to have constant access to your email then this is a great feature for you.



What Type of Email user are you?

What Type of Email user are you?

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Google Mail (GMAIL)

Google is the giant of search, and to help you have a great google experiance there is also google mail. You can access the mail box through a transparent link from the google page at the top.

The main email window can become very busy when you have a lot of emails.

However there are easy to use filters to allow you organise better.

With google there are quite a few advert placements around the window that can easily be accidently clicked. 

HotMail MSN

MSN hotmail, is a rather basic email setup, but it is fast, and does everything you need.

It allows you to easily add contacts when you send & recieve emails, and allows you to create folders for storage too.

There is a limit on storage, but it is huge.

Hotmail, is really the middle of yahoo, and Gmail. 


If your a power user, with requirements to store, and organise all your emails and you are a power email user, then yahoo wins hands down.

Hotmail is good if you are an MSN junkie, and have alot of friends online in messaenger you want to communiacate with, while still having decent email options.

Gmail, is really the most basic, and is perfect if you use email to really just send & recieve emails, and then just delete them once you've finished. 


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