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Top 5 Accessories you MUST HAVE for your Blackberry!

Updated on November 10, 2010

While I was stuck at the airport for an extra 3 hours, I decided to impart a little of the hard-won wisdom I have acquired over my years of REALLY heavy Blackberry use.  These are the top 5 items that I use DAILY and that help my Berry be the best fruit it can be!  These are the items that really make the cut and should really improve your life if you are a blackberry user!

#1 - Blackberry Desktop Manager

The first item on the list, and in my opinion the most valuable and important one, if Blackberry Desktop Manager (BBDM.)  Think of it as a management and back-up program all rolled into one and with the new release of BBDM 6, it is finally VERY user friendly!  This is a MUST HAVE for all Blackberry users, whether on a company server or on your own.  Here are the key things that you can do with it.

  • Manage Music, videos and pictures on your device with a single click
  • Back-up your device information (contacts, calendar, settings etc)
  • Switch Blackberrys with the click of a button, moving all applications, data (even game scores)..this is PRICELESS when upgrading to a new device
  • Allows you to use Blackberry as a modem in 1 click (CHECK WITH YOUR PROVIDER FOR CHARGES AND REQUIRED FEATURES FIRST!!)

Download HERE!!!

#2- Otterbox for the BERRY

I am a total OTTERBOX JUNKIE!!!  Otterbox makes a whole line of fantastic cases for all kinds of electronic gear.  They have everything from your sleek protector for a business man who keeps his blackberry in his pocket all the way up to a fully water proof case for your super heavey duty construction, public safety or military users.  These are HIGH quality cases, usually incorporating 2 or more layers for amazing protection while keeping the device easy to use.  I can not tell you how many times I have dropped my phone on pavement, concrete, down stairs, you name it I have done it...and not a scractch, and I have the basic executive "Commuter" version!

#3 - LARGE Memory Card

Most Blackberries in the bast 2 or 3 years support at LEAST a 4GB memory card, this allows you to store thousands of pictures, videos and songs on your device (number depends on how many and which file.)  As the picture resolution continues to grow and grow so does the size of the pictures and videos that you take!  I have a 8 GB memory card which allows for me to use my Blackberry as my digital camera AND my iPod all in one, which is GREAT  especially since the OEM headphones that come with most Blackberrys are great for music!

A cradle or docking cradle, charging pod, whatever you want to call it is one of my favorite accessories I have for my Blackberry.  it makes it easy to charge and keeps it upright to make it easy to see who is calling, read e-mails etc.  Just keeps the desk nice and clean and clear.  Cheap and a great way to charge and sync both at the same time without tons of wires all over the place.

#4 -Charging Cradle / Dock Pod

#5 - Folding / Portable Keyboard

This one is certainly not for everyone, but is something I LOVE!  If you have to do a lot of e-mailing or even writing documents etc and don't want to try and type it all in on the tiny keyboard, this is for you!  I take it with me when I travel as it sets up in a  snap and I can power out e-mails in a short time.  I LOVE THIS for use on planes since it is MUCH smaller than a normal laptop...and I am 6'6" so there is not much room to spare when I am folded into a seat!.


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    • trafford profile image


      8 years ago from San Diego

      i do have blackberry Charging Cradle / Dock Pod but don't have keyboard, so i will must check keyboard in future.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice Accessories, I am impressed with the external keyboard.

    • katrinasui profile image


      8 years ago

      i am using blackberry but don't have these accessories :(. i think i should buy few of them.


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