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Top 5 T-Mobile Phones for Teens- Holidays 2010 - COOL phones without Breaking the Bank!

Updated on October 14, 2010

Funny how things in your life turn out...I have been working in wireless since the days of pagers and now I find myself being the IN Uncle with the low down on the sweetest toys coming I am here to give you the inside on how to get your teen or tween or tweenie tween tween or even a cool mom a slick phone from the BIG T without breaking the bank.

This article is designed to give you the options for the BEST phones out for T-Mobile that DO NOT require a PDA data package but that the kiddies with LOVE (i.e., these are phones that you can get and add unlimited internet onto for $10 instead of $30 per month)!  Look at my links for a top 5 including Android and other higher cost data package phones in case that is what you are looking for.

Watch for HUGE promotions and discounts coming for T-Mobile during the holidays ESPECIALLY the BYE one GET one deals and KIDS ARE FREE!!! Killer combo!

#1 - LG Sentio

Hands down the #1 device on this list is the new offering from LG, the Sentio.  Two great color choices and PACKED with Social networking apps and a 3" touch screen this device looks and feels like the more expensive Adroid operating systems but without requiring the more expensive data packages.  3 Megapixel camera, enhanced multimedia and music support and 3G data speed support.  Pricing should be in the FREE range with a new line or qualified upgrade for most users.

#2 - Samsung :) t359

I am a HUGE fan of the styling on this device, which is VERY similar to the Blackberry Torch.  VERY nice phone that incorporates a touch screen and a FULL slide out keyboard for a KILLER double play of navigation and texting abilities.  Social network apps, 3G speeds and enhanced music and video support round out this VERY strong device!

#3 - Samsung Gravity T

The Samsung Gravity T has more in common with some of Samsungs Android devices than with with their standard phone.  Great processing power, Built in GPS ability and maps and enhanced Social Networking and Multimedia abilities.  This device also has enhanced e-mail ability with support for both Exchange e-mail and MULTIPLE POP and IMAP e-mail accounts!  Really a crossover from a Adroid type device but still with the lower data speed cost and 3G abilities!

#4 - Nokia 5230 Nuron

#4 on the list has actually been out for a few months but is one of my FAVORITE phones!  Slick little candy bar Nokia phone with ENHANCED GPS and Maps (FREE WORLDWIDE) and BLAZING fast 3G speeds.  This device also has some of the best reception and reliability specs of all phones out right now!  Not as social network oriented as some of the other devices on this list but probably the best e-mail experience out there for a non-PDA phone.

#5 - Samsung Gravity 3

The last phone on the list is the only one without a touch screen AND if you have a younger child or someone that is REALLY hard on the devices, this might be a good choice as it does have the coolness factor of the full QWERTY keyboard but without the fragility of a touch screen. Great reliable phone with pretty good Internet abilities and a rock solid testing phone!


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