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5 Popular Search Engines to know

Updated on June 19, 2013


This is the undisputed king of search engines online and also the world’s number 1 website by web traffic. Google is the most accurate search engine on the internet offering very user friendly search services along with other support services such as targeted search, advanced search and more. The main website is but it has other subsidiary domains such as among others. Google has become the standard search engine for internet users.


Bing is the second most popular search engine and also the second most user friendly search engine on this list. This search engine is owned by Microsoft and is really fast and accurate but not as accurate as google. While bing also offers specialized searches like maps, images and so on it lags far behind google in terms of web traffic coming a distant second with just


This Chinese search engine is the leading non-English search engine on the internet. Although designed for Chinese Baidu has proved to be a reliable and influential search engine meeting the needs of hundreds of millions of Chinese internet users.


Until the late 1990s Yahoo was the most popular website in the world. That was until google came and revolutionized online search for internet users. Today Yahoo is gradually losing its place among leading search engines.


This search engine seems to be saying ask away any question you have. Although this search engine is not as effective as google can provide answers to internet search queries. With over 60 million monthly unique visitors is the world’s 5th largest search engine by web traffic.


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    • progameroms profile image

      progameroms 4 years ago from World Wide Web

      I've never heard of Baidu. Thanks for the info!