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Top 5 page elements every law firm web design should have

Updated on October 28, 2014
High quality legal website templates with responsive law firm web design
High quality legal website templates with responsive law firm web design | Source

Creating a law firm website is easy. You can choose a design from regular legal website templates. However, ranking it higher on search engines is not easy. After the release of Google’s Panda and Penguin SEO algorithms, businesses had to realign their seo campaigns. Though off-page optimization is the key to rank your keywords, on-page optimization is equally important. Using various advertising options, you can drive huge traffic to your site. However, poor design or user experience can increase your website bounce rate. Here are 5 important elements every law firm web design needs to possess.

Legal Website Templates

When a user visits your website, you have less than 6 seconds to make him stay on your site. The design of the website is what influences the visitor the most. To visually attract the visitor, you need to have an attractive design. The design needs to be attractive and meaningful as well. For instance, a digital photography website needs stunning graphical images as the backdrop. However, a law firm web design should not be dominated by graphics. There should be a balance between the design and the content. While short-listing legal website templates, consider this fact.

Responsive designs

The increased use of smartphones has revolutionized the web design trends in recent times. With several devices and models available in the market, you never know what device a visitor uses to browse your website. Whether it is a desktop, laptop or a smartphone, your website needs to be adapt to the screen of the device. This is exactly what responsive design does. Whether you use a mobile device or a tablet, legal website templates that incorporate responsive designs provide ease of use, minimize re-sizing and scrolling options across various types of devices to provide a rich user experience.

URL Optimization

URL optimization is an important element that cannot be ignored. While choosing the URL format, make sure that it clearly talks about the content of the page. Incorporate keywords into the URL. If you don’t use keywords, use appropriate words that convey the message of the content. Make sure to keep the URL clear and concise. At the same time, place important keywords at the beginning of the URL. Avoid repeating words in your web page URL. Hyphens are preferred over underscores. The reason is Google considers hyphens as word-separators. While choosing your legal website templates, consider this aspect.

Page Layout

When a visitor lands on your website, he will check if he has landed at the right place. Your business name or logo will confirm this. So, choose a law firm web design that allows you to place your logo and name at the right spot. The top left corner of the home page is considered as the optimal place for a logo. Arrange page elements in such a way that the visitor can easily navigate to any section. Place the email subscription list at a visible area. The call to action section should be at the right place so that you can get more conversions.

Obviously unique content

While change is constant in the design industry, content is still the king. After the Panda and Penguin update, the importance of unique and useful content has doubled. To rank higher in search engines or attract organic traffic, you should post unique and useful content on your site. First of all, understand the needs of your customers and provide the required content. Adding a blog to your law firm web design is a good idea. It allows you to get more traffic and conversions later on.

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