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Top Android Apps - 10 Best Android Applications

Updated on June 26, 2011

Top Android Applications

We all know how good the iPhone is. We hear it on the media daily; we see it on commercials and advertisements everywhere. What's that slogan again?

"There's an app for that."

But what about the competition. Is there any?

The answer is a definite yes. The Google Android cellphones have decided to brave the big beast which is the iPhone. They too have an app store that has thousands of apps, both of which are continually growing. I could go into a debate to which product has better apps but that is neither here nor there.


Here, however, is a list of the top 10 Android apps:


Layar is one of the top android applications.
Layar is one of the top android applications. | Source


This is, by far, a top android app. If anything it is a testament to the true power android phones have, as well as the creativity many app developers have. You'll quickly notice it is the android app store (it's one of the most popular) and this is for good reasons.

How Layar works is that as you walk around in a town, city, or wherever, it will bring you relevant information of the area. Wikipedia articles about local monuments, twitter trends about local entertainment and even apartments for sales; it is, simple put, the ultimate guide to a new city. This alone makes it one of the top ten android apps - but there's more.  It doesn't just give you the information, but shows you it.  You know those futuristic movies where everybody has some kind of holographic piece that goes over their eyes that gives them a multitude of information?  This is one of the best android applications because simulates just that. 

Layar is an ever evolving android app. As new android phones become released. the app will evolve and became even better; better 3D view, more information, more social networking applications - the list is endless. This is by far one of the top apps for android.


Evernote is one of the best android applications.
Evernote is one of the best android applications.


Evernote is everywhere now - and that's a good thing. No, not just a good thing, a very good thing. Evernote is a virtual note taker that is easy to use and very portable. And when I mean very portable, I mean very, very portable. It's one of the top android apps, hands down.

How Evernote works is that it has you set up an account on it's website. It is on that account that all the notes you take, pictures you save ect, will be saved. With the android app you can access that information, add to it, even change it. Have a sudden moment of clarity on the train home? No worries: just power up Evernote, plug in your thoughts, and then when you get home access them. It's that easy.

It's simplicity and convenience make it an easy choice for the top 10 android apps.


Visit it space with one of the top 10 android apps.
Visit it space with one of the top 10 android apps. | Source

Google Sky Map

Alright. This is just one plain cool app from the android app store. Not necessary helpful like, say, Evernote, but is a top ten android app for value and quality.

Ever looked up at the sky and wondered what that constellation was, why that star was shining brightly, where Venus was in relation to Mars? With Google Sky Map you can easily point your android phone to the sky and find out. It works the same way Layar works; it layers real world imagery with digital information to give you the most insightful experience. One of the top apps for the android? I think so.

Works in both real time, as well as with saved information; on those cloudy days you can still visit the cosmos.


Google Earth on the Nexus.  One of the top android applications.
Google Earth on the Nexus. One of the top android applications. | Source

Google Earth

Right after Google Sky Map has to be Google Earth; they are, in some ways, just different attributes of one great program. Google has developed what they like to call, 'augmented reality'. In layman's terms this just means a real world that is layered with digital information; the android app Layar is a great example of this technology.

Google Earth on the android works just like it does elsewhere and this makes it one of the top android apps. Type in the Grand Canyon and your phone will go there; it has all the layers, road maps, and other landmark features on it to give you the best experience.

It also features voice recognition - something different from it's desktop counterpart. You can, for example, say "Statue of Liberty" and Google Earth will take you there in an instant. It also includes built in GPS to show you where you are in the world.

One of the best android applications and a top ten android app.


Pandora is one of the best android applications on the market.
Pandora is one of the best android applications on the market.


A top 10 android apps list has to feature top android apps from every category - this means it has to includes android app store apps from every category. And music is most definitely one of those categories.

Pandora is the music application across all platforms. Pandora has stretched it's reached to home computers, to the iPhone, and now android phones. Pandora is a simple app in nature: search an artist and it will bring you a internet radio station with that artists, as well as similar artists. You can either like or dislike the songs you hear on the station and Pandora will record the information; it acts like tivo eventually in that it will know what you like and dislike. Eventually you won't have to search any more artists - Pandora will know what to pick for you.

This the best music application for the android and one of the top android apps on the planet.


An app in everyones top 10 android apps list.
An app in everyones top 10 android apps list. | Source

Opera Mini

Do you know how many hours are spent by the average person surfing the web? You probably have a guess and that guess is probably way under what it actually is. The fact is we spend countless hours on the internet, finding information, or just wandering around aimlessly. That's why Opera Mini is a top android app: it makes what we spend so much time doing that much easier and that much more portable.

Known to be the fastest mobile internet browser, this android app allows you to sync all your bookmarks and other features from your desktop onto your phone; this is nice if you find a interesting site in the morning but don't have time to explore it. By being so much fast it is also very cost effective; you won't be wasting time on loading pages which consequently cost you money.

It's free from the android app store so it's an easy buy. Go get this top android app today.


The Barcode Scanner is one of the top android apps because of its simplicity.
The Barcode Scanner is one of the top android apps because of its simplicity. | Source

Barcode Scanner

When looking at a list of the top apps for android you usually come across the generic apps - web browser, media player, some cool map app, maybe a good game - but you rarely come across an app that is totally unique and completely useful. Barcode scanner is that break from the trend and is one of the best android applications on the market today.

It does exactly what it's name says - it acts as a barcode scanner. Whenever you are at a grocery store, future shop, or wherever and you want to know the price of something, all you need to do is scan the barcode with your camera. Instantly it will tell you the price, and - the best part of all - compare the price with other similar products.

The Barcode Scanner is a simple app in nature and is purely informational - but it saves a lot of time. You'll be loving the fact that bargain hunting became that much easier.


de blog is an excellent android app.
de blog is an excellent android app. | Source

de Blob

If you are looking at this article then its safe to assume you want to know what android apps to buy from the android app store; it's also safe to assume you want an eclectic mix of apps - you want the top 10 android apps. de Blob, the only app that's a game in the list, is one of the best android applications. Although it doesn't look like - never judge a book by its cover - it uses the most out android technology to bring you the most invigorating experience.

The game is simple: you control a blob in a city that seems to be in some kind of turmoil (classic right?). By using tilt controls you roll around the city picking up different blob pieces that will either make you bigger or change your color; the latter will give you different abilities. There are an abundance of combinations you can mix together giving you an endless supply of creativity.

Fixed with two games modes, revolution and free splash, this android app is a very addicting game. It should be one everyones top android applications list.


With PDANet, one of the top android apps, you can create a wireless hot-spot anywhere.
With PDANet, one of the top android apps, you can create a wireless hot-spot anywhere. | Source


Back to the useful android apps. PDANet is, without a doubt, one of the most useful android apps on the market.

The idea is simple in nature, but much more complex in its details. Simply it will provide you a internet hot spot when there are no wireless hot-spots nearby. The connection isn't by means fast but it is good enough to allow you to surf the web, check emails, and many other basic functions (can't you do all that on your android phone anyways?). A great app for when you are sticky situations that require some quick access.

The price isn't cheap, however. It comes in at a steep price of around $30 so, for some, it might not be worth it to buy one the top ten android apps.


Dropbox is one of the top apps for android.
Dropbox is one of the top apps for android.


One of the best android applications, Dropbox is being used by everyone. It's now on the iPhone, the android phone, and one many desktop computers. This, in fact, makes it a contender has the top android app.

Why is it so good?

Dropbox is a cloud app that lets you share and sync data between computers and mobile devices. Upload files to Dropbox and instantly have access them to them on your android phone and your computer simultaneously; in other words take work on the go.


Well that's it.  There's the list of the top 10 android apps.  It's all opinion of course, and many will disagree, but I think everyone agree that every android app on that list is a top android app.  They are made of high quality, have some innovative features, or are just plain helpful. 


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    • contentpundit profile image


      6 years ago from Chennai, India

      Thanks for your research and details.

    • gushchin profile image


      7 years ago from Novosibirsk

      Great article!

      You might want to consider the list of Top 5 Android Backup Apps I created recently

    • kalzone profile image


      7 years ago from Palatine, IL (USA)

      I'm getting my first Android tomorrow or Friday. I can not wait to get some of these apps.


    • backword_65 profile image


      7 years ago

      Great info here! You did some good research! Thanks!

    • danatheteacher profile image

      Dana Rock 

      7 years ago from Pacific Northwest



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