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Top Ten Music Apps for iPhones, iPads on iTunes

Updated on March 6, 2013

My Favourite Music Apps for Your Apple Devices

The Apps for iPhones and iPads are costly when you buy them from the iTunes Store. The good news is there are some Apps you can download from the Store that are worth their price while some are free. Irrespective of the fact of whether you love listening to free music or you want to recognize old songs on the radio, these Apps are worth adding to your collection of phone features.

Given below are the top ten Music Apps for your iPhone and iPad.

1. Rhapsody- If you love listening to music both online and offline this is the App you should go in for. You will have to pay a monthly subscription of $9.99 every month. This App gives you the scope to listen to unlimited music whenever you wish to. If you buy at least 10 songs from Rhapsody every month taking this subscription is worth your money. There are about 11 million songs you can listen to.

2. Shazam- There are cases when you find it quite frustrating to listen to a song on the radio and not be able to identify the singer or the title of the song. Shazam is a music App that understands the above and tells you the singer and title of the song. There is a free version of this App where you can get five song identifications every month. If you opt for Shazam Encore at $4.99 you get unlimited song identifications.

3. Pandora Radio- This is one of the most widely resorted to free downloadable Apps available from the iTunes App Store. This App is very simple and it functions well too. When you use this music App you can get song suggestions instantly. The user-interface is simple however there is one disadvantage and that is there is a 40 hour limit to free music. If you are looking for unlimited music you should upgrade to a $0.99 subscription bringing up the number to 6 songs every hour and 12 songs per day.

4. This App is often considered to be the top rival of Pandora as it provides you with the same service of streaming music. The best part of this App is that you are able to get customized suggestions based on your music preferences. There are some extra advantages with this App and they include tour dates and events calendar. You have the ability to skip between songs and there are no limits to monthly limits. This App has just one flaw and that is it takes long to buffer.

5. Songza – This App is a unique one that matches the music you wish to hear as per the time of the day, your mood and the activity you are participating in. This App helps you to customize the songs you want to.

6. Lyrical- if you are the type that loves to sing along with the song this App is the best for you as it gives you lyrics and wordings of the song.

7. SoundHound- This is another fast music recognition App that is popular among iPad and iphone users. This App is so popular that they currently have over 100 million users.

8. Spotify- If you wish to have immediate access to millions of songs from your iPad and iphone device the above App is ideal for you.

9. Free Music Download- With this App you have the option to download music that is free and legal directly to your device. Here you are able to get a large amount of free music available.

10. Baby Scratch- This App provides you the scope to scratch your own voice and surprise or annoy friends. It is a DJ App with a inbuilt sample to help you out!


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