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Top iPhone Applications for Men

Updated on January 10, 2011

iPhone Apps

These are some of the top applications for men. These are very affordable and some are even free. I also use a lot of these applications on a daily basis. This are great to have in your phone and you can always access them wherever you are.

TWC (The Weather Channel):

Gives you all of the latest updates for your weather, in your exact location. Day by day, hour by hour, or week by week. This app is great for keeping ahead on the weather.

WF (Wells Fargo Bank) or any other bank:

Keep track of your banking transactions in the palm of your hand. Look at your account at anytime of the day. It's all in your iPhone and it is so convenient.


This application is your own animated GPS system, top rated. Gives you voice commands and exact locations. It is well worth the money.


This application is so so convenient for any user. Weather you just need a little light to find something in the dark or you need to read something quick. I even use this. It's cheap and needed.


If you ever, for any reason need to translate anything, this app is the thing for you. It's right in your phone and you can access it at anytime.


If you sell anything on ebay or are a buyer, this app is so great to have. Just open it up and find anything you want right in your hand.


I think everyone should get Netflix. You can order anything online and watch it through your computer on your TV. It's amazing what you can do.


This is great if you are an independent business man. This tracks your workers hours and tracks how much you need to pay them. My husband loves this. You can lock in and out all your employees in your phone.


Finally, an app were you can use as a remote. Turn on your itunes, in your computer, using your iPhone.


Get all the reviews of movies that are playing in theaters right in your phone. Also, you can check our times and movies at your nearest movie theater.


I love Pandora. It gives you music that you can listen to online, without any commercials.


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