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Top iPhone Applications for Women

Updated on November 16, 2010

What apps women need

I have had an iPod since the beginning of 2010 and I searched and found some very useful applications for women. I use these applications from day to day and they truely have helped my life. They are just so convenient and are ready to use where ever I mey be.

Here are some apps that all women should have on their iPhone:

1. AllRecipes:

This app is great for finding any recipe under the sun. There are ratings for each recipe and comments from users all over the place. I am always looking for new things to cook up and this app is a great tool to have.

2. P Tracker:

This is a period tracker. It tracks your period cycle and gives you an estimate to when your next period will be. It also gives you the option to comment on your flow rate and amount, cycle length, headache pains, cramp rate, and many other options. I love this app. I can chart period monthly and if I have a doctors appointment I have everything ready.

3. Additives:

This app is a great tool to have when you are grocery shopping. It gives you information on any additive that is in food so you know what you are buying and you know what's in your food. It's great to have when you are out and about shopping and you don't know what a certain compound is in the food you're buying.

4. BabyBump or iBearBaby:

These are apps for those who are either expecting or have one or more children already. They have a day to day chart on how your baby is doing in your belly and how it's growing. It also has nutritional facts and information on your children. These are great for mommies to be or mommies that already have children.

5. EasyDiary:

This app is a diary of your day to day life. You can write anything in here and keep it code locked so that noone can get in. It helps put in important information that is secure.

6. Martha Stewart cooking:

This app has some of the greatest recipes to make. It tell you how to make it with all of the ingredients and plus it tastes so great!!

These are some of the many apps that the iPhone or iPod can give and make your life a whole lot easier. i have found these apps very convenient in my life.

I hope this helps many of you!!!!


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