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Top new Facebook changes which are very useful

Updated on November 18, 2011

Facebook is the most popular social Network site in the world without any doubt. Currently Facebook has over 800+ million users and still growing rapidly. It has become one of the top most visited site in the world.

Mark zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004 in his Harvard dorm room. During the time he had to face many problem to establish it globally. At the beginning the site was limited to few people only. From the year 2006, Facebook started to grow rapidly. The growth rate of Facebook was so fast that, it achieved over 800 million active members within 5 years. Check the graph below to get an idea of the Facebook Popularity.

Facebook Growth rate
Facebook Growth rate | Source

What is the secret behind this immense popularity of Facebook

The main reason behind it's popularity is the usefulness of the site. Facebook can be useful in many different ways. In this Hub I am going to explain some new changes of Facebook which can be very useful.

Top 5 useful Facebook changes are:

1. Facebook Video Chat:

Now you can video chat with you Facebook friends very easily. Facebook now provides video chat via Skype. You will need to set up "Facebook Video chat" plugin first. The set up process is very easy and does not take long time.

How to set up:

step i) Find a friend who is online in Facebook. Then click on the "video chat icon". As you can see in the picture below:

Facebook video chat
Facebook video chat | Source

Step i) When you click the Icon, a new window will appear to set up Facebook Video chat. Click set up and install the plug in. Check the picture below.

Facebook video chat setup
Facebook video chat setup | Source

After completing the setup process, you can video chat with your Facebook friends just by clicking the "video chat Icon".

2. Send and receive file via Facebook Message

Now you can send or receive files via Facebook Message. I really love this new feature. It is much easier to send or receive file in Facebook than any other random Email service.

How to attach file: The process is very simple. To attach a file click the "attach icon" just below the message box. Then select the files and send them. Check the picture below.

Facebook email attach
Facebook email attach | Source
Facebook subscribe option
Facebook subscribe option

3. Subscribe/unsubscribe button

Now you can subscribe/unsubscribe to your friends. This gives you the ability to control the amount of update you will receive from specific friends. You have got 4 options:

i) All updates: To get all kind of updates

ii) Most updates: The default option to get most of the updates.

iii) Important updates: You will get only important updates if you choose this option.

iv) Unsubscribe: You won't receive any update from that friend if you choose this option.

Beside, you can also follow or un-follow posts. You can get notification from a post just by following it. On the other hand you can un-follow a post to stop getting notifications.

4. Live feed area

Now you can get live update of your friends activity in Facebook without visiting their profile. You will find this feature at the right upper corner of Facebook. You can also like or comment to those feeds without leaving the existing page. I really love this feature.

5. Close Friends

Now you can mark a specific friend as "close friend" to get full update of their activities. You will get notifications whenever your close friend post anything on Facebook. To mark a friend as "close friend" , just go to his/her profile. Then click on the "friends" option and select "Close Friends". A star icon will appear whenever you mark a friend as your close friend. Beside that you can mark your friends as Acquaintances, restricted, family etc.

Fb close friend option
Fb close friend option

I hope all these information will help you to learn more about Facebook. Thanks for reading my Hub.


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      SHIVam Laidwar 5 years ago

      Very nice.