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Toshiba Satellite My Writing Companion

Updated on January 3, 2011

My Toshiba Laptops
Toshiba Satellite L505-S6946 is my writing companion right now. I really like this laptop or notebook very much. I bought it two months ago after my Tecra 8100, an old laptop of mine was broken. I had been using my notebook Tecra 8100, also a powerful and reliable laptop during her era for around four years before I bought this new computer. Because I was a satisfied user of Toshiba laptop, I decided to buy a new Toshiba Satellite L505 to replace my broken one. It is not really expensive and it has wide screen which is an ideal writing equipment for internet writer like me. Today, the terminology of writing cannot be interpreted anymore as someone who uses a pen while composing an article or a letter. Writer may use pen, pencil, typewriter and now a laptop. Nowadays, writers use computer as their writing tool with word processor such as Microsoft Word as writing platform.

My Notebook PC

Toshiba Satellite L505-S6946 has wide LCD
Toshiba Satellite L505-S6946 has wide LCD

Writing Where ever I am

For me as a writer, having a laptop is a must. I usually write between two to three articles a day. Besides using laptop, I also use a desktop computer to support my online writing business. But I prefer to use laptop because I can easily bring it every where. I can work at my bookstore, on the bed or in the kitchen. Sometimes I bring my laptop to the second floor of my parents house where I surf the internet using the wireless connection while enjoying the beautiful panorama of Dorey bay of Manokwari town.My Toshiba Satellite notebook PC has a wide LCD (Liquid Cyrstal Display) that is suitable for me as a writer. I can type articles with wider page view that is very comfortable for my eyes.

I only use Simple Software Application
Although Toshiba Satellite L505 has various features such as Web Camera Application, CD and DVD applications, the application that I use the most is Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and notepad. Well, I don't use the Microsoft Expressionweb, the latest website design editor because I feel that my website has to be a simple webpages with small number of navigational hyperlinks. Toshiba Satellite L505-S6946 has been installed with Microsoft Windows Vista as its operating system. When I bought it, I find that the computer vendor has also installed the Microsoft Office 2007.

Soft Keys My Favorite Feature
The main reason I buy Toshiba laptop is not because it is more sophisticated than others but its keyboard is soft. When I use it for typing articles, I can feel how soft the keys are. This is one of the most important feature of Toshiba laptops that I like the most.
Before buying the laptop, I ask the computer vendor to put around six newly launched notebooks from various computer manufacturers on the table. I tried them one by one just by typing and feeling how soft the keys on my fingers. In the end, I chose Toshiba Satellite. Well, if you are now looking for a writing tool, you might think of a laptop. When you buy a laptop, as a writer, I recommend you to buy one whose keys are soft so you will not feel pain in your fingers especially when you usually write up to four or five articles a day.

I Make Money by Writing on the Internet

I write nearly every day. Most of my articles are related to the promotion of ecotourism and the preservation of tropical rainforest. I also give particular attention to renewable energy because it is relevant to my personal view and lifestyle which is living in harmony with nature. My writing tool is the Toshiba Laptop. I earn money every month from writing articles on my websites and blogs. Please, check my profile if you want to know more about them. by Charles Roring



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