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Touchpad Keyboards - A Keyboard with a Mouse Pad

Updated on December 3, 2012

If you've been looking at touchpad keyboards, you wish may to read on. A touchpad keyboard is basically just a keyboard with a mouse padon board, and the convenience of this comes into its own if you are into gaming. You hook your PC up to your TV and want to sit on the couch to play, but of course you then have to hook up an external joystick of some sort because even a wireless keyboard and mouse is awkward to use form a seated position on the couch.

The new generation of keyboards come with a touchpad especially for just this scenario. You might not be gaming, you might be watching movies that you have downloaded to your PC, and the touchpad keyboard gives you the functionality of a keyboard and separate mouse to pause, fast forward etc, without having to either position your PC next to the TV, or get up from a relaxed position to go change things.

The Adesso 2.4 GHZ WIRELESS SLIMTOUCH TOUCHPAD MINI KEYBOARD SILVER W/BLACK KEYS is the current market leader in touchpad keyboards.

  • Just 11.8" x 8.2" x 1.8" it is light and compact, perfect for carrying around. Features a USB port which can be connected to any laptop or tower computer giving up to 20' range of use.
  • Keyboard is a full QWERTY and it uses 2.4GHz RF connectivity giving you a better range.
  • Features a 2-button touchpad to replace your mouse, and function keys and numeric keypad are integrated.

Adesso Touchpad keyboard
Adesso Touchpad keyboard
2.4GHz RF Wireless Keyboard with Smart Touchpad Mouse for MCE Media Center Edition
2.4GHz RF Wireless Keyboard with Smart Touchpad Mouse for MCE Media Center Edition

The 2.4GHz RF Wireless Keyboard with Smart Touchpad Mouse for MCE Media Center Edition is smart and stylish.


  • 2.4 GHz RF with USB receiver
  • working range of 10 metres
  • 2-button mouse keys and programmable smart touchpad
  • Include 2AA batteries with approx, 3 months battery life (uses only alkali batteries)
  • wireless, no ease of use and storage when not in use
  • Has The Dual Wireless Receiver For Both The Mouse And Keyboard
  • Play Music Right From Your Keyboard: 8 Multimedia Hot Keys
  • Friendly Media Center Menus: 6 Mce Hot Keys: My Music, My Videos, My Pictures.
  • 2 Application Hot Keys: Close, Win Select, Zoom
  • Big Size Of Touchpad, Convenient To Use And Control

Smart Touch Mini USB TouchPad Keyboard
Smart Touch Mini USB TouchPad Keyboard

The Smart Touch Mini USB TouchPad Keyboard is small and lightweight.

Could be just perfect for those mobile moments, or when you want to game or use your PC remotely from the comfort of your couch.


  • Smart Touch Technology,
  • 4 Multimedia Hot Keys,
  • 82-Key Mini USB Keyboard and Optimized for Windows 7.
  • Package Contents:
  • Windows Mini Smart Touch Keyboard,
  • User's Manual and Warranty Information.

System Requirements:

  • PC and Mac Compatibles,
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 , Mac OS 10.3 and above.
  • An Available USB Port

The Adesso Mini Black PS/2 Keyboard with Glidepoint Touchpad measures 9.8" x 14.8" x 1.2".

  • Integrated Touchpad means you have no need of a mouse.
  • Reliable 2-Button Touchpad with Glidepoint Technology by Cirque
  • Small and Lightweight, Fits Almost Anywhere
  • Saves Valuable Deskspace
  • Includes Embedded Numeric Keypad and 12 Function Keys

The 88KEY USB Wrls Touchpad Keyboard Black with LCD is 17" x 10" x 1.1" and features:

  • Adesso 2.4 GHz RF SlimTouch Pro Touchpad Keyboard.
  • Built-in LCD screen.
  • Can be used in living room, conference room or anywhere you want to be able to work wirelessly.
  • The Wireless iMedia Compact keyboard also features 2.4GHz RF connectivity


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