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Trade in that Big Desktop PC for a Laptop!

Updated on October 24, 2018

How I switched from a desktop to a laptop and why I'll never go back!

Awhile back, around October of 2011, my desktop computer started to have problems, so I had to send the CPU tower back to the factory fro replacement. I found myself without a computer, and realized that, seeing how dependent I've become on a computer, I should really have a "backup" computer that I could use while my desktop PC was under the weather.

I'd never really thought about this situation before, as I'd never had a major problem with my computer, and the one I'd had before this desktop had only once had to be repaired, and that took only about 2 days. Here, I was looking at a full month without a computer.

So, I decided to look at laptops, as I have no room for a second desktop PC. I'd always been reluctant to buy a laptop, perhaps influenced by how they were when they first came out. When the first laptops came out, they had a lot of flaws. Oh, sure, they were a very innovative idea, being portable and certainly lighter than a desktop PC. But, they were still heavy by today's standards, they had limited capacity, got very hot when running, had short battery lives, few add-ons were available to make owning and using one easier, and a few even caught fire.

Then, they were quite expensive, sometimes 3 times what a decent desktop PC would cost at the time! Needless to say, I wasn't enamored of laptops.

But, in recent years, I'd seen that laptops had improved, though I didn't know how much until I started looking for one now, as my backup computer.

I found one that had everything my desktop had for less than I had paid for my desktop just 10 months earlier. It had Windows 7, a dvd/cd burner, and SD card slot, an Intel core processor, speakers, everything a desktop would have. And decent battery life, too.

I brought the computer home and was instantly impressed. Setup was easier, as the Operating system was already pre-installed. And it was fast, actually faster than my desktop had been.

And I found some great advantages, too. As in, no monitor plug. The screen is built into the laptop, so the software for the screen is integrated in the laptop, which means no installation or cord to plug in. Same with the web cam! On my desktop PC, I had a separate web cam and, when I made video calls, sometimes the video wouldn't load properly. With the laptop's web cam built in, again, it's software is already installed and integrated with the laptop's other systems, so when making video calls, video comes up right away with no problems! And also without another cord for the web cam. So far, that's two less cords to get tangled up with!

Another advantage, is that the plug in's and ports are more readily accessible on a laptop, than they are on the back of a desktop's CPU tower, which is often heavy and, in many cases in a position under a desk or in a corner making the ports even harder to reach.

The fact that the keyboard is also built in means another wire I didn't have to put up with from a detached keyboard. And with no detached monitor, I had much more room on my computer desk. I almost hated the idea of getting my CPU tower back. And if I ever needed to ship the laptop back to the factory for repair, that, too, would be much easier and cheaper as well.

I realized that I could do everything with this laptop that i could do with my desktop, and in some cases, even more.

So, when my desktop came back, I used it for awhile, but within a couple of weeks, it went out again and, luckily, because I had gone for the repairs through the store where I'd bought it originally, they accepted the desktop PC back and gave me a refund! So now, my laptop is my main computer, and I love it!

Do I still want a backup computer? Yes, and I did solve that problem by buying a net book with part of the money I get back from the desktop. The net book is smaller and lighter than the laptop, but, in a pinch, and with a few add-ons that I purchased, it will certainly do, and it has also proven itself to be easy to travel with. Also, the add-ons that are available for both net books and laptops are many and varied and can really help make these computers easier to use and as capable as any desktop PC ever was and more!

Do I miss a desktop PC? Not a chance! Do I have a different view of laptop computers now? I sure do! Am I satisfied with my choice? I sure am!

Please feel free to leave your comments, and thank you for reading!

Please feel free to comment!

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    • myway720 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Gresham, Oregon

      Hi Ghost! I have to admit that the last desktop I had was improved in some ways over the one I had before. The tower was the same size, but it was much lighter and easier to deal with.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I did the same thing in 2007--consigned my bunged up Dell desktop and bought a Compaq laptop. Later added an IBM laptop to the stable and, like you, figured that was that. LOVED the laptops.

      But when they glitched (thanks in part to my wife, whose psychic/electromagnetic bursts when she's upset can fry a nearby computer faster than you can say, "NO-O-O-O!!"...

      Where was I? Oh, yeah. When they glitched, I ended up going back to a desktop. BUT it's more compact than the old version. The tower is less than half the size and clunkiness of the long-discarded Dell. (The new one is an e-machine.)

      Now, if I could only extract the mini-disk that did NOT fit that CD drive so it would no longer be jammed...:)

      Voted Up and More.


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