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Triband Watch Phone – A Technological Evolution

Updated on November 1, 2014

Evolution is constantly going on in cell phones, in terms of their screens, operating systems, software, hardware, ringtones, access to internet, size, looks, and many more. Now watch phones also have made entry in the market and they are becoming increasingly popular. I got fascinated particularly on hearing about triband watch phone. Like all other watch phones, a triband watch phone too is a cell phone to be tied on wrist like a wrist watch, but the difference is it operates on three mobile phone frequency bands. This makes it extremely convenient to work in several locations throughout the world and a perfect alternative for cell phone users who don’t want an extra task to retrieve their cell phone manually.

Triband Cell Phone Watch

What is a Triband Watch Phone?

Out of the four cell phone frequencies, a triband watch phone uses three. The four frequencies are 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz. Out of these, the 850 and 1900 Megahertz frequencies allow the cell phone operation in the North and South Americas, while 900 and 1800 megahertz bands make a cell phone operable in Asia, Africa and Europe. As a triband watch phone uses only three of these frequencies, the user has to confirm whether two of those bands (frequencies) make the gadget capable of working in his or her own country.


Features offered in triband watch phones are quite similar to other watch phones, though they may vary from brand to brand. Some ubiquitous features are camera, music, data transfer facility and also LCD (liquid crystal display) screen.


Among all these features, music is the most popular one, because many operations are provided by watch phones for that purpose, like MP3, MP4 as well as MIDI files, and also Bluetooth stereo technology and FM Radio. What’s more, background player and individual speakers are also available with watch phones to make the user enjoy the music more.

Data Transfer

Some triband watch phones even support data transfer. You can also find a watch phone supporting data transfer through USB, flash drive and Bluetooth. This is extremely useful when the user wants to upload and/or download information from the watch phone to another gadget.


Touch screen is also available with the LCD screen of the watch phones. The screen may have a width of about 1.4 inches and compact so that user can wear the watch easily.

Other Features

Triband watch phones can support many other features too like a camera capable of video shooting. Videos are most probably offered in 3GP or MP4 format with an option of full-screen playback and it can also be forwarded or paused. Likewise, text messaging, calendar and alarm clocks can also be found on watch phones. Thus the watch phone can boast of having most of the features offered by a regular cell phone.

I am now keeping in regular touch with cell phone news portals for further developments in cell phones; who knows, they may come in any form like wallet, card-holder, pen, or some such tiny object!

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