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Turning Off Automatic Windows 7 Docking and Resizing of Windows

Updated on February 13, 2017
Mouse settings for controlling automatic winddow docking and resizing.
Mouse settings for controlling automatic winddow docking and resizing.

© 2010 by Aurelio Locsin.

One of the new features of Windows 7 is automatic resizing and docking of windows:

  • You grab the title bar of a window with your mouse and drag it to the left or right edge of the screen. It docks to that side and fills up that half of the screen
  • You can also drag the window to the top of the screen. It docks to the top and expands to fill the entire screen.

This can be an excellent way to organize your screen if you’re dealing with only one or two windows. However, this can pose problems when working with several windows. You may carefully adjust a windows size and shape, only to have Windows 7 override your efforts because you moved the window to close to the screen edge. If you find this happening too often, you can turn off this feature as follows:

  1. Click the Start button and type Ease into the Search box at the bottom. A list of matching programs appears in the display box.
  2. Click Ease of Access Center to display the Ease of Access window.
  3. Click Make the Mouse Easier to Use to display mouse settings as shown in the picture above.
  4. Click a checkmark into the box called Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen. This is underlined in red in the picture above.
  5. Click the OK button to save your settings. (You can also click the Cancel button if you change your mind and do not want to save your changes.) You can close the Ease of Access window as well.

You can now drag your window anywhere on the screen without Windows 7 docking and resizing them.


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