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Twitter Bullying Must End

Updated on April 28, 2013

Final Update in Text

I could probably write a book about this subject. Who knows, maybe I will. I've decided to keep this public so people realize the dangers of putting your private information on the internet. Don't do it or you could become of victim of stalkers/bullies.

Twitter Bullying Must End

Twitter bullying has really gotten out of hand. It's useless to try to reason with people who live for drama and get their kicks from tormenting people, they don't EVEN know in real life. I recommend that you don't engage them. It only fuels their hate and keeps it going.

My advice is to block the stalkers and bullies. You can also lock your twitter page. I have my locked and people create new accounts to follow and RT my page, just to cause drama.

I have included links on this blog, that show examples of Twitter Bullying, as well as what people are doing to stop it. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Ellen Degeneres are all taking stands against Bullying. Google website is protecting it's members and I've heard Facebook is taking action against Bullies when it is reported. Sad thing is most bully attacks are not reported so nothing gets done. The victim suffers in silence which has led to suicides.

When will Twitter change their policy to protect it's users, instead of hiding behind their Terms of Services? When will these cowards, hiding behind their screen names, be forced to stop bullying people?

Word of advice, if you happen to find out the identity of your bully/stalker do NOT let them know you know their name. Just keep detailed logs of all the stalking and sooner or later you'll have enough evidence to bring it to local law enforcement. My friend did that. The stalker was sent a letter and a warning phone call was made. Laws need to changed to protect people from internet predators.

When my friend reached the point where she could take no more, she tweeted one of her haters, apologizing and begging to be left alone. After being mocked for it, she deleted her twitter account. (She reinstated her twitter page when I told her that if she didn't reinstate it, those haters would take over her account and say things to damage her character, more than they have already.) While she was gone a poser account was created which started tweeting people she knew, claiming to be her.

Bullies attack people and if their victims defend themselves, they are accused of being the bullies. That's called Reverse Harassment. I've found in most cases, that the very things that the bullies accuse the victim of doing, they have done themselves and even far worse things. They will twist the truth to serve their needs, and out right lie.

The key thing to watch is how they get into groups and include their victims twitter name in their tweets to their bully friends. Sometimes they just keep tweeting victims They know they are blocked.They want to put on a show for their fellow bullies and to make the victims lose friends. They will also attack their victims followers if they don't jump on the Bully band wagon or at least unfollow the victims. I have had sick people try to do this to me. When I wouldn't join their side, they attacked one of my Canadian friends, who knew nothing about them, calling him an an abuser. He was tweeting for help to protect his children who were in a dangerous situation. He was targeted because he was my friend. They didn't know about him, until they stalked my timeline and saw me retweet his posts. (I never tweeted his posts to them.)

If you have been a victim of twitter bullying, please share your experiences and how you stopped it. Maybe by working together we can put an end to cyber bullying. .I'm sorry I had to close the comments. The haters turned this blog into a 3 ring circus.

You are welcome to tweet me at with your suggestions on how cyber bullying can be stopped. If you go to my twitpic account http:/ you will see many examples of harassment by haters/stalkers.


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  • angelfrmcanada profile image

    angelfrmcanada 5 years ago from Canada

    Last comment before I close comments down.

    You know I can prove you are lying about your story that you asked Sal "is that your son" A screen picture was posted where Mackiedean tweeted you Sal's son's facebook page and you asked Mackiedean if that was her son. (The facebook link was shown on that screen print. Out of respect for Sal I have not posted that picture here. Sal apologized to you and admitted she "mentioned" your kids and your husbands name in a dm to Ada. They didn't discuss Stalking your kids. They didn't tweet their real names in public like you have done to people on twitter. The only reason you found that dm was because you Stalked Ada's yfrog account. It was never tweeted from there, just stored there. What's your excuse for storing over 50 pictures on your yfrog account that belonged to Ada? One picture was a screen print of how many followers she had. Do you know how obsessed you are?

    Yes Grace, you HAVE posted a picture of Ada and her grandson on your twitter page in the past. You also retweeted that link to that vile cheaters website. Look in my twit pics and see the proof. Maybe I need to post it, on my twitter timeline, to show it to you, since you can't stay off my timeline.

    There's no harm in looking at people's twitters time lines. Everyone does that, myself included. But you and your friends don't just attack me and my friends for what we say to each other, when you are not even included in the conversation. Many of my friends have blocked the stalkers that have done that but then it's an award to you all when you get blocked. That's really sad.

    I can't wait until cyber laws are changed and they put people like you and your friends away where they have no use of a computer or phone with twitter.

    Feel free to tweet this to your stalker/hater friends and tell them if they continue to tweet to people that talk to me, they'll get blocked like Mackiedean did last night.

    You know I really do pity you and your friends. You're so full of hate because Ada posted your pictures. If you didn't torment her, she wouldn't have done it. I'm not condoning it but anyone in their right mind will understand what drove her to doing that and telling all of you off at some point.

    Ada is not participating in your "hate" fest, which makes it crystal clear to all who and what you all are. Maybe one day someone you know in real life, will see what you are doing and tell your husband so he can get you the help you need to get over your despicable behaviour.

    Thanks to all that have read and/or commented on this blog. Comments are closed because I don't have the time to moderate my blog. Real life takes a priority.


  • acewebdesign profile image

    acewebdesign 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

    I feel twitter is over-rated in terms of everything. Good hub anyways. Hope things do improve soon.

  • profile image

    NiceBlog 6 years ago

    I've witnessed this up close and personal. These peeps believe they're an authority on right and wrong and it's their twitter duty to FORCE their way, their truth and their light on to other tweeters. Twitter zealots? I just had a look-see at Adaseheart twitter account and I saw someone tweet-listing Adasheart "flaws" in alphabetical order. This person insist she wasn't bullying Adasheart, she was speaking the "truth." But i didn't see anyone asking her for a list of Adashearts past and present behaviors. Why do people like that feel it's acceptable to force their negative opinions on people that don't care to read it? They need to practice self-control.

  • profile image

    Anonymous 6 years ago

    I disagree with Lizzy's comment. I have never read your blog before now. The link was posted to a private website i belong to and not one person on that site felt you were being a bully. Everyone, including myself, was shocked that people were behaving like what's seen in the screenshots and getting away with it. Twitter needs to update their TOS.

    I searched these people on twitter. They really are cruel.

  • profile image

    Anonymous 6 years ago

    You did a wonderful job gathering information and shining a light on the lowest of the low for this article. You should be very proud of your work. I personally want to thank you for exposing their names. I'm going to block them all.

  • profile image

    Lizzy 6 years ago

    If an outsider (a completely unbiased person) were to read this blog, it truly comes across as you being a bully. For instance, "if they can't work it out, I will expose them" is a bully tactic.  Then, at the very beginning of this blog you say, quite emphatically, that there will be NO accusations. Yet fast forward and there you are accusing Grace. However, what you claim to be the truth is not the truth (honestly).  Grace is not the only person who retalliated against Ada - therefore are you 100% certain she said and did ALL those things?  Please don't lie, because it will only fuel this fire. Additionally, you tell me you know 100% that Ada didn't make those awful comments about my quadriplegic husband.... to a fairly intelligent person, this says that you know who did make those comments.  Why not exonerate Ada and tell me who did?  See how this should be a two-way street? I have seen many former twitter enemies make up and are now friends. This happened for one reason and one reason only.... Honesty. 

  • profile image

    Secrets 6 years ago

    From what I hear the bullies have two and three names each. They r tough in a crowd. One on one they are pussy cats.

  • angelfrmcanada profile image

    angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada

    Grace: I approved your post because you were respectful. Your version of the truth is not correct. Oh it is in some ways but you have "distorted" and "left out" facts.

    1. You were suspended from twitter for posting private information. So was Ada and others right?

    2. You have stalked Sal's children on facebook. I can post the screen print here to prove that.

    3. I saw the dm you speak of. No where in those dm's did they say they were following them. The only facebook they stalked was yours. At one time you all were friends and had each others facebooks.

    4.You yourself have been tweeting everyone's real names in twitter.

    5.You have Ada's mothers maiden name on your avi. In one of the pics I took down you tweeted Google's name and even her kids names have been posted on a blog.

    6.You made the first phone call to Sal's husband at his work. You called to tell him Sal was a drunk and other things. At least when Ada called you she talked to you and didn't go to your husband to tell him lies.

    7. You had someone make a video to demean Ada.

    8. You helped pass along a link in twitter that had Ada's picture on Cheaters Website where the author made it appear as her husband saying she likes to get pissed on. HOW SICK IS THAT GRACE? Note I am not blaming you for posting it, but I've seen you make your snide comments about it. You also post her husband's name in twitter every chance you get. What has HE done to you?

    9. We all know how you got that dm that mentioned your children's 1st name, and your husbands name. You went to Ada's yfrog acct. It's not the only time you have done this either. At one time you've had over 50 pictures (TweeterLaura had over 100) from Ada's various photo pages. She had to take down her pictures when a picture of her and her grandson were stolen.

    10.You went after a friend of mine named losthope1976 as a means to try to stop me and badtothebone1976 to not RT the hate you were spewing. I have the screen pic of the whole thing where you keep saying "Game On, You're Turn". You played games with an innocent person who NEVER tweeted, followed, talked to or even heard of you.

    Should I go on Grace? There's lots more that I can post here. I am stating facts that I have seen with my own eyes. You have been trying to destroy Ada's self esteem. You have given her phone number out to people and it is now sitting on several websites along with slanderous comments about you.

    I am finding it hard not to be respectful because lies bring out anger in me. I am not enabling Ada because Ada does not want to participate in your vendetta against her. She wants to move on and get to a place where she can forget all about the horrible experience she's had for the last year and a half.

    I didn't create this blog for attention. I created it to make people aware of what is happening and I hoped to stop it.

    I'm telling you right now, right here Grace. I don't look at your timeline. When I search Ada's name it is full of your attacks and other people see it and dm me or email me so YOU don't go after them like you do everyone else who supports Ada.

    Ada does NOT want to have any interaction with you. She wants to be done with you and the rest. If you don't want to do that, there's no way I can force you but I am NOT going to be silent anymore.

  • profile image

    Grace 6 years ago

    Ok Angel, let me state in the beginning of this comment, I am going to lay out the facts, in a very factual & reasonable manner, so you have no reason to delete my comment.

    I will begin by agreeing with you on one point. I do not like Ada, and I will continue to make her twitter life miserable every chance I get (that's called honesty Angel). Now let me tell you why I will taunt her & stomp on her at every opportunity. I am a mother, Ada made the unforgivable mistake of going after my children. Yes, I have told this story many times, and I will keep telling it because I can and because these are facts.

    This twitter "war" began with everyone doing the "one ups". Ada was deeply involved and some may say she was a leader of "that side". The name calling, etc. was ugly, but mostly on & off.

    Then one day, I was sent screen prints from Ada's twitpic account. On those screen prints Ada & Sal were passing my children's names and personal info back & forth. They were talking about going to my kids face book pages. They also had my husbands name and my maiden name. I flipped out! I tweeted furiously to Sal & Ada. They both denied it!!! Sal even called my home screaming at me that I was a liar! So, I showed them Ada's screen shots. Then they had the nerve to accuse me of hacking their computers to get those screen shots. Ada sanctomiously claimed to be my victim! See, Ada forgot that she took screen shots of Sals dms. (probably to use against Sal at a later time).

    Then Ada started taunting me with tweets, using my children's names. (ie, Is ****** there?) Ada also went to one of my family members face book & used my relatives pic as her avi.

    There are many things that Ada has done, but when I saw my kids names Being passed between 2 psychos, I lost all manner of reasoning and my maternal anger at Ada will remain forever. I won't even try to get past my anger because Ada is a vicious, vile woman with absolutely no redeeming qualities.

    So Angel, you can write blogs, post hundreds of screen shots, and make millions of excuses for your "chosen sister", but I will not stop. (again this is honesty Angel). And let me tell you that I am not the only person on twitter who despises Ada, so your attempts at "peace" are useless. In fact, you are only making it worse for your chosen sister by reminding everyone how manipulative and conning Ada has been. Ada is sitting back soaking it all up as you paint her to be this poor victim. But you know that Angel, because I believe you yourself are reveling in this attention. It's very clear why Ada is your "chosen sister".

    So there it is Angel, honesty. Anger is a very true and honest emotion. It does not make one crazy or mean that someone has an "unhappy life" or is a "shut in". On the contrary, only a person with stability & awareness can own their anger. In my case I own it & I direct it at the most deserving person. Being in touch with your honest emotions is healthy. That is why I am a very happy, secure woman with a wonderful life. I really don't expect you to understand because your psychological maturity is stagnant. That's why you crave this kind of attention and that's why you are a classic enabler.

    Understand Angel, I am not attacking you, just stating the facts. I really don't think you are going to let this comment to remain, but that's fine because, just like our time lines, I know you read it.

  • profile image

    Jennifer 6 years ago

    Angel these people are not interested in peace. Whatever will they tweet about if there is peace? They are only interested in justifying their actions. Angel you never said Ada was innocent but only indicated that there had to be some way to achieve peace on here. Yet not one person has come up with one suggestion for peace. All I read about is how crazy Ada is, yet by actions shown, it is like the goal is to fuel the crazy for amusement. I commend your efforts Angel but it looks like this is an exercise in futility. It appears that you are the only one playing with a full deck in this game.

  • angelfrmcanada profile image

    angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada

    Oh4fok: I asked people not to use this comment section to attack. I denied you previous post plus another one from izo and mackie because they want to use this blog to attack ada and me. Now mackie is trying to attack another person I know on twitter. Who I associate with is MY business not any of yours.

    If you want to set ground rules for a truce. I am open to that. If you want to make accusations and continue your fight here then it won't stay on my blog.

    BTW this rule applies to Ada too. She won't be allowed to do it either.

    Instead of continuing the hate, lets bring peace. I'm not asking you all to be friends. That's not possible.

  • angelfrmcanada profile image

    angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada

    Thank you Jennifer and Thanks for the advice. I do feel sorry for them. I feel sorry that they are filled with so much hate for a person they don't even know in real life. I honestly hope they will just move on and decide to not pick another victim.

  • profile image

    Jennifer 6 years ago

    Nice post Angel. It is clear you are trying very hard to get rid of the hate and control the wild band of bullies. Good luck with that. You do need to feel sorry for the bullies too. My research has shown these people are often physically and emotionally sick themselves and most are shut ins. Imagine how awful your life has to be when you have nothing to tweet about except other tweeters? These people often have miserable lives and it makes them feel good to bully and "pile on" Think "Lord of the Flies" They feel accepted by a group and noone in their group is strong enough to say "this has gone too far". It is a sad situation all around. The victims need to ignore and hopefully the bullies will pick a new victim. This particular group is as nasty as I have seen on here. Trust me if Ada ignores them they will move on to a new victim. They have absolutely nothing to talk about except a new victim to hate.

  • angelfrmcanada profile image

    angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada

    Thank you ConcernedTweeter

  • profile image

    ConcernedTweeter 6 years ago

    Nicely written.