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Twitter for advertising Twitter for quick info

Updated on September 18, 2013

Hashtags Help With Internet Marketing

Do you Hashtag? Lately I've been making a point to Hashtag words and phrases and I've seen an increase to my websites traffic, Youtube channel visitors and an increase to my bottom line of earning daily recurring income.

Staying up-to-date with the times when it comes to learning new methods of Internet Marketing does help you stay in the game. Each time I hear about a new form of Internet Marketing I give it a go to test it out. I'll put to practice a technique for a couple of weeks to analyze the statistics. If the statistics show positive results I do my best to keep the momentum up until the work I set into place starts to work on its own. Yes, after following a plan of action most of the time the actions you did start to work on their own. Over time work you did yesterday comes back to you automatically and gradually. Once you get the wheels moving the wheels stay moving and over time that does help you stay in the game.

I Hashtag when I Tweet Tweets, when I post updates to my Facebook Pages, Groups and my personal account, I use Hashtags when I'm active at Linkedin, Google + and Instagram. It all adds up over time and traffic starts to automatically come your way.

I give Hash-tagging a thumbs up.

Examples of Hashtagging. When you Hashtag at the Social Networks you will see the Hashtags come to life.

#hashtags #tweeter #facebookgroups #facebookpages #Linkedin #Google+ #Instagram

Twitter Update

I had a few people who are new to using Twitter ask me how to add/change the profile image, the background image and the Header image. I recorded a video for them to make it easier to learn how to do it. I figured I took the time to record a video and since it speaks about Twitter felt it would be a good idea to share it here too.

2013 Update

A Twitter update is in order! Yup, I'm here to praise Twitter and share what I've learned from using it's platform as a form of free Internet Marketing.

At the start of 2013 I focused on using Twitter to make connections, sell myself, direct traffic my way and figured out how to increase ACTIVE Followers and how not to follow people who do not follow me and I do it all manually. I purposely moderate my Twitter accounts manually because it helps keep me up with what is being advertised and helps keep me up-to-date with new opportunities and bogus programs.

I'm aware that some people have many Twitter accounts but I don't see the necessity of having more than a few accounts. Just because you have thousands of Followers does not mean they are quality Followers. When I started to clean out my Twitter accounts I learned how many people come and go. I stopped following hundreds of nonactive Followers and why? Because there is no point of posting Tweets to advertise if your Followers are not active. I do my best to keep the Following and Follower numbers close in numbers as possible. When I post Tweets to advertise I notice an increase of traffic to whatever URL I am promoting and it's because ACTIVE Followers make Tweeting worth it.

I recorded a video to show how easy it is to manually keep a Twitter account filled with ACTIVE Followers. If you clean out your Twitter accounts occasionally, you will notice increased activity to your advertising Tweets.

I also recorded a video to create a meeting place to help increase Twitter Followers. In the comment section under the video you can post your Twitter username to help attain new Twitter Followers. When new people follow me, I follow them. When people stop following me, I stop following them. It's simple.

My Three Twitter Accounts - Follow Me & I'll Follow You


Increase Twitter Followers

How Many Twitter Accounts Do You Have?

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Do You Use Software Programs To Increase Twitter Followers?

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Post Twitter Username in Comment Field

A Huge Time-Saver

Have you considered joining Twitter?

I'm very cautious about social networks. I feel many social networks are intrusive and feel if I want to inform someone of what I am doing throughout my daily activities I would be in touch with them but from a webmaster point of view, using Twitter as a way to connect with like-minded people, advertising my articles, blogs and websites, keeping up-to-date with what the competition is up to and keeping up-to-date with the newest business opportunities that pop up each day, Twitter is a simple platforms anyone can use to their benefit.

I came across a Hub describing their feelings about Twitter. The way this Hubber described it made me take a second look at what Twitter has to offer. Within the first hour of joining Twitter I realized Twitter was a perfect fit for an online webmaster guru like myself. Joining became a wise and smart move.

A list of reason why I decided to join Twitter:

  • Finding people who share my interests earning income with Google Adsense.
  • Short brief Tweet messages to inform me about the topic at hand.
  • A choice to accept Followers.
  • A free way to advertise online.
  • A huge time saver.

Connecting with people who share my interests and goals help keep me motivated to continue moving forward with my plan. The original reason why I decided to join Twitter was to meet others who earn revenue with the Google Adsense Publisher Program. After joining Twitter and using it for a while, I noticed Twitter helps keep me up-to-date to what the competition is up to and keeps me up-to-date with the newest business opportunities that pop up each day. Using Twitter not only to advertise and Tweet about your articles, blogs and websites, use it to keep up-to-date with the fast changing times. I also like the fact that the Tweets people send to each other are to the point short informative information I am looking for.

In the year 2010, Twitter has taken on many transformations to enhance and expand their platform and feel the enhancements have made Twitter a better a place for Internet Entrepreneurs to connect, advertise and stay well informed. One of my favorite improvements Twitter has made is that when you click on a username found in your Timeline the users information shows to the right of all the posts. When Twitter added this enhancement I started to use Twitter more often. I also like the way all of my information is shown on the top right side of the Timeline. It shows your picture, your latest post, any new follower requests, whose following, those that follow you, Listed, suggestion who to follow, has a direct link to Share Book-Marklet to easily create a button to bookmark your favorite webpage on Twitter and offer an easy to embed code to add your Twitter streams directly on your webpage or blog.

So if your like me who at first did not take a liking to Twitter, I suggest taking a second look so you can see how far Twitter has come in the year 2010.

Click Here to join Twitter


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    • mailxpress profile image

      Michelle Cesare 8 years ago from New York

      Hi Emdi,

      I created a Twitter account for one specific reason to discuss earning revenue with google adsense. I did check out your Twitter but most of your tweets are about different subjects. I hope you understand. I will leave your post listed here on my Hub and hope it brings you targeted traffic.

    • emdi profile image

      emdi 8 years ago

      Thanks for the hub. Me too share the same view. Please join hands with me in Twitter at