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UFO'S BY man made or government and alien gray or extratrestrial beings,what,where,why,and how

Updated on June 12, 2013


Man made ufo's,from extratrrestrial technology,is information easily found on the internet at

Just look for the two hour video,that was made at the national press club in washington D.C. ,in may of 2001.

There are many individuals on the video ,from civilian,and former military services,that are giving first hand accounts of UFO'S,both man made and,extratrrestrial,mostly of the lattter,and one woman,who was a close friend of verner von braun,the famous rocket scientist,who said ;Quote " HE TOLD ME THAT,THE GOVERNMENT,WOULD FIND,SOME ENEMY,TO BUILD A STARWARS TYPE SPACE WEAPON,TO PROTECT US FROM".


One of the individuals was a engineer for a military ,man made UFO.

Although ,the man made UFO's can't do,what the E.T. UFO can do,never the less it was reverse engineered from E.T. technology.


recent history of ufos , et's and government


George LoBuono says:

In 1953 Nelson Rockefeller was allowed to redesign President Eisenhower’s national security structure. Unknown to Eisenhower, Rockefeller ended direct presidential control of alien-related programs. It was a major coup of an unprecedented sort, and it set the stage for the most bizarre development in all of US history: direct basing of aliens on US soil.

Career Airman Charles Hall writes that he witnessed how Air Force brass condoned the presence of "tall white" aliens who were given a small base and supplies in the southeast corner of Nellis Air Force range starting in 1954, or perhaps earlier. Military careerists Clifford Stone, Steven Wilson, and Michael Wolf all stated that they saw aliens working inside US bases during their careers. In addition, Army Sgt. Robert Dean says he saw a secret NATO document that said senior political and military leaders had mixed with human-looking aliens who could blend into a human crowd, unnoticed. Dean said the NATO command feared such aliens could infiltrate high public positions without being detected, a suspicion that Col. Corso said haunted the Pentagon. More recently, computer hacker Gary McKinnon claimed to have viewed internal US military documents about "non-terrestrial officers" and "fleet-to-fleet transfers." Adding to suspicions, the US government is prosecuting McKinnon for violating its secrecy. Meanwhile, McKinnon’s story is like that of Clark McClelland, who worked on NASA’s space shuttle program until 1992. McClelland says that he saw live video feed of an 8-9 ft. tall, non-human working alongside two human astronauts in the Space Shuttle’s open bay while the alien’s wing-shaped craft hovered nearby. The alien craft was similar in design to the Roswell craft.

How did the US go from suspecting a stealth alien colonization attempt here, to direct joint-basing of such aliens on federal properties? As we’ll see in later pages, the Rockefeller coup appears to have spearheaded the effort. The gray alignment may have feared that Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander during World War II, would continue direct presidential control and veto over alien-related programs. Chapter one shows how the gray alignment went behind US presidents’ backs to deal directly with black budget racketeers like the Rockefellers, who convinced Air Force brass that they would profit by playing along with such aliens. Meanwhile, the US government’s analysis about the origins and intentions of aliens it was dealing with was dangerously flawed. Data amassed in recent years suggests that two genetically engineered sub-groups of aliens working for the gray alignment pretended to be enemies of the grays and then ceded a minor trickle of their technology to a black budget mafia. Apparently, the idea was to supplant independent human initiative and foster dependency.

Navy intelligence officer William Cooper, who briefed the Pacific fleet commander as part of his duties, stated that while in the Navy he saw classified papers saying that in 1954 a taller version of the gray aliens had landed at Holloman Air Force Base to initiate talks with the US military (presumably Air Force generals). The US Air Force appears to have been the easiest route of approach for the aliens. In part due to Du Pont and Rockefeller ownership of key aviation interests, an Air Force faction prioritized profit and technology dependency over national security. The Navy and the Army appear to have been more cautious.

Some months later, President Eisenhower reportedly pretended to visit a dentist but was flown to Edwards Air Force base near Palm Springs, CA. Cooper and another whistleblower, Phil Schneider, alleged that Eisenhower met there with aliens of the gray alignment. When the aliens landed at Edwards AFB, Eisenhower distrusted them and wouldn’t let them close to him, but a tentative agreement was reportedly signed that allowed the aliens to continue abducting and implanting humans—as long as they told the US military which humans were targeted (and the targets would have no memory of the events). Michael Wolf also mentioned the treaty. *Cooper suggested that under duress, Eisenhower permitted two bases to be built for the aliens within Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Range. However, unless he was pressured and deceived by men like Rockefeller, it’s hard to imagine a man like Eisenhower conceding bases to an alien occupier.

Cooper said that by 1955--one year later, Eisenhower had evidence the aliens had broken the treaty. Cooper said the infiltration phase noted by Robert Dean and Corso resulted in manipulation of secret societies and cults that worked against effective human government. *Cathy O’Brien’s first book speaks similarly.

Col. Corso wrote, "Those of us in the military who knew what was happening also felt that we could be experiencing an invasion that was more of an infiltration…. These creatures weren’t benevolent alien beings who had come to enlighten human beings." Instead, Corso said his colleagues thought the aliens were coldly calculating, "cloned biological entities who were harvesting biological specimens on Earth for their own experimentation…. We had negotiated a kind of surrender with them as long as we couldn’t fight them. They dictated the terms because they knew what we most feared was disclosure." In other words, US officials feared what might happen if the gray alignment made itself known before the public was adequately informed about aliens. Readers should remember that aliens outside of the grays’ alignment have largely refrained from open intervention here. Corso’s statement doesn’t mean that US officials think all aliens have designs on this planet.

In short, in early US policy and in future human-alien relations, a distinction must be made between issues involving the gray alignment and policy regarding other aliens. The crash at Roswell alerted humans to a direct intervention, here, by (self-described) alien colonizers. Although we have a lot to learn from aliens, when it comes to infiltration and manipulation of human affairs we need to be careful. Human reports about grays indicate that the grays’ home planet was killed during an intervention, there, by the aliens grays now work for. So the question must be raised: do such colonizers prioritize their resource needs over the ecology of target planets?

If, as science suggests, the universe contains many intelligent populations, wouldn’t competing aliens respond to the intervention, here, of a materially motivated gray alignment? Other aliens appear to have monitored the situation, thinking that the challenges posed by gray alignment excess will provoke humankind to be more competent and more refined in our critique of various alien populations.

In his farewell speech, President Eisenhower may have alluded to the threat that the Rockefeller coup posed to humankind. His successor John Kennedy reportedly tried to reassert presidential authority over secret programs but Kennedy was murdered, which deepened the coup and caused later presidents to fear the secret programs, also. A good friend of Jimmy Carter told CSETI Director Dr. Steven Greer that when Carter asked outgoing CIA director George Bush Sr. about alien-related programs, Bush wouldn’t give Carter any information. Carter was later buttonholed by "a suit," who said, "Sir, if you would like to complete your first term as President, you will keep your God-damned mouth shut about this UFO matter." Bush Sr.’s Pennzoil corporation was bought from the Rockefellers.

In 1994 one of President Clinton’s friends told Steven Greer "there’s a consensus that if the President does what you’ve suggested to him and to the CIA director—that they exert executive power to get inside this (alien-related programs) operation and disclose it—the President will end up like Jack Kennedy." In other words, Clinton might be murdered. Later, in April of 1996 Greer’s CSETI was scheduled to meet with former CIA director William Colby, who wanted to give CSETI materials to make sure CSETI had hard evidence and documents for its disclosure effort. That week, Colby, an adept swimmer, was found drowned, fully clothed, in the Potomac River.

Not only did the coup of 1953 place potentially dangerous alien technology in the hands of the Rockefeller faction, which had done heavy business with Nazis and was later implicated in crimes against humanity, it allowed an effectively uncontrollable alien presence on US soil. Thereafter, US presidents were removed from their constitutional role and were threatened with death if they tried to reverse the Rockefeller coup.

The US government had reverted to a pre-revolutionary form that was, in some ways, worse than the old British monarchy. Navy intelligence officer William Cooper reported that in 1954, acting on Victor Rothschild’s advice, Dutch Prince Bernhard (a former Nazi) formed the Bilderberg council so that an international elite of Rockefeller cronies could share control of alien-related programs.

The Rockefeller coup led to crimes within a privatized sub-regime that fabricated "scalar" electromagnetic technology that could be used to threaten destruction of this planet if it doesn’t follow the plan of an occupation-phase sub-regime. As direct witnesses Ben Fulford and Cathy O'Brien note, both David Rockefeller and George Bush Sr. made direct, explicit threats to that effect. The severity of crimes committed in alien-related programs were best summarized by a senior Science Applications International Corporation executive who told Dr. Steven Greer that in order to support alien-related projects and black budget programs, "there was an army of 8000 men who did nothing but import drugs under the cover of classified, need-to-know programs. He stated that of the 8000 men involved (as of 1997 when we spoke of this) that 2000 of them had been killed for sometimes minor infractions of security." That 2000 killed is roughly half the number of revolutionaries killed in battle during the American Revolution.

Even if we allow for inaccuracy in some of the sources noted above, we see a general pattern. The Roswell crash precipitated a military research program that was intended to help defend against potentially dangerous alien designs on this planet. However, the superior maneuverability and capacities of alien craft and genetic sciences allowed the gray alignment to use subordinate groups to both approach and infiltrate human society, probably beginning years before the Roswell crash. Early defense against gray alignment intervention was thwarted and then turned against the US government via the Rockefeller coup of 1953. Subsequent secrecy forestalled a public response to the situation, and part of the US military was compromised by a trickle of alien technology into its hands, which strengthened the hand of the coup faction. That posed a major problem for humankind.

A supposedly equalitarian alien colonizer was effectively using elite human actors to frustrate independent human sovereignty. In order to deepen their leverage within human society, they worked against a more decent, equal human order. Apparently, the policy was rationalized as though the ends justify the means, a kind of winner-takes-all approach. The manipulation of human conflicts set the stage for the colonizer to intercede, then lay claim to planets in several nearby star systems. Evidence indicates that the plan was to wear down human resistance in order to maximize conformity and industrial productivity among a human worker population, which would be tasked by the colonizer. That, in turn, suggests that the early historical origins of the gray alignment may have been cruder than human officials suspected from 1954 through the mid-1960’s (and later) when Clifford Stone saw a gray alien working in a US base somewhere not far from the nation’s capital. *Early agreements with the grays may have been voided by a firefight between the grays and US soldiers in the S-4 section of the Papoose Dry Lake base in 1975, according to Michael Wolf, Clifford Stone and other whistleblowers. Dozens of US guards were reportedly killed in the incident.

Further complicating the situation are fairly innocent humans who assume that the relative backwardness of human regimes means that all alien contact is good for humankind. Awed by aliens who use mind-activated, mind-reading technology, some contactees want to think that aliens who travel between stars using advanced technology can do no wrong. It’s easy to see how they might think that. First contact can overwhelm a person, especially if leads to new and unexpected insights. As a result, some contactees see altruistic, if not angelic motives in gray alignment actions here. More problematic is a US Air Force faction that thinks joint work with an alien colonizer is okay, for now, as long as we can learn more about alien technology.

In sum, early direct contact led to conflict that was easily manipulated to a colonizer’s advantage. Bipolar relations of the Cold War stalled public disclosure about aliens, yet when the Cold War ended and humankind still wasn’t ready to submit to the gray alignment, the Rockefeller-Bush faction tried to plow the West into perpetual war against an enemy that was financed by the Saud family, close Bush family cronies. By then, disclosure about aliens was long overdue.

Now, with David Rockefeller and Bush Sr. both aged and non-competent, the Rockefeller-Bush faction lacks strong leadership. A closely allied Goldman-neocon group that wants to continue in their place was discredited by Bush Jr.’s failed presidency. The coup plotters’ remaining stronghold among DuPonts has long used men like Bush Sr. to do its dirty work. However, with DuPont-owned GM failing along with other DuPont holdings, that part of the regime is also in crisis. Public impatience with the collapse of the old financial order makes the situation ripe for a much-needed reordering of human-alien relations.

A second issue will be how to deal with corporations that have been given classified technologies from government and military X-files that have been subsequently reclassified as government secrets Government and military entities regularly use private contractors for classified projects and hand over information and technology for research and development purposes. These then become trade secrets that are very difficult for any government agency or military department to be given access..



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