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Ubuntu 11.04- threat for Windows??

Updated on May 13, 2012

Latest version of Ubuntu is going to become a threat for Windows. It is named as Natty Narwhal or Ubuntu version 11.04. Now only beta and alpha versions are available for download. Official version will be released in April. Currently Ubuntu has only 12 million users, but with this 14th release of Ubuntu, it will become a serious threat to Windows. But it will take a lot of time to overcome the successful Windows 7 from Microsoft.

You can download this latest version from Ubuntu site All old versions of Ubuntu was available free through postal service, But this version is not available as CD, you have to download it. With this version also modified versions for different purposes is available like for educational purpose Edubuntu, for graphical purposes Kubuntu, for theater purposes Mythbuntu, for professional video and audio editing Ubuntu studio and for low specification hardware Xbundu. The specialties of this latest version of Ubuntu are

1. It is working on the new kernel version 2.6.38. It offers more speed, support of 3D graphics, more clarity of video and picture

2. Unity desktop is another one advantage of latest ubundu. It offers easy access to all menu. It is a style similar to the display method in smart phones. The graphical interface used in Ubundu is the latest version of Gnome which is 3.0. If you want the old classical desktop, there is provision for that also.

3. Libre Office 3 is the office editing tool in Ubundu 11.04. In older versions it was open office. In these office applications you can do all operations that you can do in MS office 2010

4. Default web browser for this ubundu is Mozilla firefox 4 which supports HTML5. You can also use other web browsers


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