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Understanding the Concept of Playlist in iPhone 5S

Updated on October 23, 2013

I am sure most of you will be aware of the playlist concept in an iPhone. This hub is targeted towards those who don’t have any idea about it. So let’s start.

How to work with Playlists?

If you want to organize the music then you can create playlists. In order to make a new playlist “tap” New Playlist on the top of the list, now you can enter a title. For adding videos or songs “tap” +.

How to edit a playlist?

  • For editing a playlist you need to first select a playlist then you should “tap” Edit. Now you can perform the following task:
  • In order to add songs to the playlist you should “tap” +.
  • For removing a song from the iPhone “tap” Songs and then “swipe” the song, next “tap” Delete. By doing this the song gets deleted from the iPhone but it remains in the iTunes library on the computer and also in the iCloud.
  • For deleting a song from the playlist you should “tap” the symbol shown in the “figure A,” next “tap” Remove. Removing a song from the playlist won’t delete the song from your iPhone.
  • Whenever you sync your iPhone with the computer the changed and the new playlists are automatically copied to the iTunes library. This process also takes place through iCloud only if you have subscribed to iTunes Match.
  • For changing the order of the song you should drag the symbol shown in the “figure B”
  • For deleting or clearing a playlist you should select a playlist then “tap” Delete or Clear.


What is Genius?

Genius is a free service in which the songs from the music library are added into a playlist such a playlist is known as a Genius playlist. To use this service you need to have an Apple ID.

When same kind of music is recreated from the music library then such selection of songs is termed as a Genius Mix.

How to use Genius?

On the PC turn-on Genius and then with iTunes sync the iPhone. The music can be manually managed but automatically the “Genius Mixes’ are synced.

How to browse and play Genius Mixes?

To browse and play Genius Mixes when Genius is not visible you should first “tap” More and then you should “tap” Genius. If Genius is visible then just “tap” Genius. Now you can “swipe” right or left for accessing the mixes. For playing a mix just tap the symbol shown in the “figure C.”

How to make a Genius playlist?

  • To make a Genius playlist, you need to first view playlists, next “tap” Genius Playlist and then select a song.
  • You can also make a Genius playlist from the “Now Playing” screen by “tapping” Create and then “tap” Genius Playlist.
  • “Tap” New and then pick a song in order to replace the playlist with a different song.
  • To delete a saved Genius playlist you need to “tap” the Genius playlist and then “tap” Delete.
  • “Tap” Refresh in order to refresh the playlist.
  • When you sync with iTunes you can copy the Genius playlists from the iPhone to the computer. Now this playlist can’t be deleted directly from the iPhone. You will have to use iTunes in order to delete the playlist, edit the name of the playlist, or to stop syncing.
  • “Tap” Save in order to save the playlist. The playlist gets saved along with the song title that you have picked and it is marked by the symbol shown in the “Figure D.”

Functions of iPhone are:

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This hub provides general information about an iPhone and it is applicable to iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4.

Give me your views about this hub. You can share this hub on any social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Will be back with another article, so keep visiting my hub page.

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      rk 3 years ago

      moving the song using the 3 gray lines: for some reason, after doing it, the song goes back to its original position. any way to fix this?