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Use Covert Chirp to Hide Your Twitter Addiction

Updated on January 16, 2012

Do you always check Twitter on your iPhone? Do you wish that people didn't know you were on Twitter? What if it looked like you were using another app instead of Twitter?

Enter Covert Chirp.

When you use Covert Chirp, it looks like you're using the Notes app on your iPhone. Seriously.

So when you have your iPhone out reading tweets or checking your DMs, it looks like you're taking notes or studying previously recorded notes. People may not even interrupt if they think you're taking notes. Covert Chirp provides a covert screen that looks like "Business notes." Any time you need to cover your tracks, just tap the trash can icon to go back to that screen.

A couple of things to note:

  • Links open in Safari. This may or may not matter to you. You also cannot tell where the link is taking you until Safari opens. This is Twitter's fault, not the app. This means you don't know if it's a picture, video, or article that you're navigating to.
  • They also have a secret app for Facebook. I haven't tried it out yet but you're welcome to.
  • Both apps are currently free so get them while you can.

If you try either of them out, let me know how covert you can be!


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