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Use technology wisely!

Updated on August 28, 2015

Technology quote!

Use of computer technology!

Computers execute our commands perfectly. Only thing is we must be conversant with the methods of giving commands either through a key board or mouse. The solution is flashed at once when you press the enter key. Howsoever it is perfect, it can not equal to human brain. In fact, human brain has invented the computer and not the other way around. Still the computer excels human capacities many times more. Speed with perfection is the correct indication for how the computer works.

The one area where the computer is lacking is “intelligence and decision making process. The computer can perform as per the programs fed on it. It can not go beyond the parameters of the program. It is artificial intelligence and not intellectual one. We have seen ‘excel’ programs could solve the most complicated calculations using the ‘what if” situations. Hence business people and companies rely on the statistics given by the computer rather than human accountants. Now the entire gamut of accounting and commerce is taken over by the complex computer applications. Hence ‘soft ware developers’ are in great demand in every field and in every industries. There are tailor made programs to suit banking, insurance, telecommunication networks, space programs, rocket technology and astronomical innovations. Computer programs have helped solving many complex DNA theories!

Today, there is no field where a computer can not perform tasks. Initially people thought the computers as advanced calculators. That is only a part of the task performed by a CPU. Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher are some of the tasks handled by the computer which minimize the involvement of manpower. Industries have gained largely due to the introduction of multitasks by the computer programs. Previously, thousands of technical people handled power generation, space stations, and large manufacturing industries like ‘Automobile”, health industries, aviation, shipping and other big companies. Nowadays, with the aid of computers, few people handle the entire supervision! If properly harnessed, computer is literally a boon to human society, but things are quite different actually.

In order to earn more revenues, entertainment has been given the first priority by Internet Service Providers. By enabling media streaming in mobiles and tablets, those service providers mint money from the youth and collage students. Unmindful of the data cost, youngsters make video calls, listen to music, even view the latest pictures as time pass. Within minutes, the data gobble up your top ups and recharges.. I don’t say that you should not watch video clips or listen music. But it should be a random affair. There is a fine thread line between ‘necessities and non essentials. People have varied interests in browsing. Some go for the instant news clips. Others are interested in video chats. Some one may read e books in mobile or tablets. Likewise, the taste varies and people forget to prioritize the use of these gadgets.

No doubt, the computer is really a boon to retired people who are past 65 years; I can pay bills at the comfort of my home. Previously I used to move out to pay my bills. Now I can order any thing on earth through e commerce sites. Of course, the elders are careful to order only for essentials. But look at the youngsters who have spare pocket money or wage earners. Whenever they look at an advertisement, immediately they pick up the smart phone and order the thing at once. Thanks to technology. It is a double edged knife. Hence use it prudently and wisely!

Babies with mobiles!


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