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Increase Phone's battery performance.

Updated on June 16, 2013

So you are a smartphone user? Hope you like your phone.. What did you just said?? Battery problem?? owh seems like you like playing games on your phone a lot, or may be you keep on exploring internet every chance you get.Well then it is obviously gonna cause you some problem with battery. Since smartphone(especially android) operating system is designed in such a way that it never hesitates to consume your battery. So if you want to backfire your battery in your android phone you have to your phone in a little different way. If you follow these instruction and i gurantee you that it is gonna make you happy with little or little more improvement in your battery's life.

Control the brightness/screen timeout.

Yes one of the most important step you need to be careful about.If you look at the battery uses of your android phone, Most of the battery is consumed by the phone's display. Especially those smartphones with bigger display with high resolutions and graphics sucks your phone's battery like hell. So it it recommended you set your brightness to minimum.

Set your phone's screen timeout to as low as possible, it will help you increase the life of your battery.

Remove unnecessary widgets/ applications and background processes:

Since android operating system is a heavy and normally needs many processes to be carried on to function properly, while processing many processes ultimately the battery is consumed, not all the processes can be terminated but you still can check and terminate the unnecessary processes running on your background, for this you may use a good task manager to
see the list of processing being processed and also you can terminate it from the list.

Also make sure all the widgets you use on your phone are necessary, Because using of unnecessary widgets consumes your battery and can be the reason for the fast drain of your battery, so think about it.

Some of the applications like viber, whatsapp, facebook , wechat etc are always running its processes in the background and you don't know it unless you check it, and mostly those process are necessary for those applications to run and function properly and can rarely be terminated , even if you terminate it gets auto started , so its wise to choose only those applications that you use more often, and those you don't need you can simply kick off your list.

Choose suitable wallpaper/avoid live wallpaper:

I know most of you people love to keep the animated and colorful wallpaper in your phone. But choosing suitable wallpaper helps a lot to increase the duration of your battery backup. I personally have realized that Keeping black wallpaper consumes less then half of the battery that the colorful wallpaper consumes, and if you are using live wallpaper(very attractive to see) then it consumes hell lot of battery. So think of the wallpaper you have on
your phone, come on just do it now.

Turn off bluetooth/wifi/Gprs:

Most of us are careless while using bluetooth but after reading this you should be careful in this matter. Turning the bluetooth/wifi/Gprs on consumes your battery rapidly so it is wise enough to off the bluetooth/wifi/gprs while not in use.

Use GSM(3g when necessary)

Using 3g service in phones consumes battery 50% faster then the GSM. So you switch your service to GSM. But if you need 3g service more often , you can find the applications that can help you switch between GSM and 3g with its widget on desktop in easy way.

Avoid continuous restarting of your phone.

Some people think that switching off your smartphone can help you save your battery, But it is a wrong idea. While starting up the phone the operating system of smartphones(mostly android) does lots of processing that will consume your battery a lot. So if you don't have to use your phone for a while, better you switch it to airplane mode. switching to airplane mode turns off all the radio signals of the phones and helps you save your battery.

Calibrate Your battery.

After you install custom Rom in your android device, it is highly recommended for you to calibrate your phone's battery to get the best performances. But calibrating battery is not one click easy task. Calibrating battery may be difficult but if you just put on little effort on what you are doing , it can help you a lot to increase your phone's battery's life.

Be careful while charging:

Yes you should be very careful while charging your phone, Normally what we people do is we plug in the charger and we continue using the phone, and this is really going harm your phone's battery. That can also harm your phones. Most of us also have realized that using the phone during charging makes you phone get heated up And that is good in no way.

Once you plug in the charger you should let it get charged completely, plugging and unplugging of the charger continuously decreases the lifespan of your phone's battery.
Hope you will take this seriously.

Have you ever calibrated your phone's battery?

Have you ever calibrated your phone's battery?

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