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Used Laptops for Sale

Updated on November 5, 2014

Used laptops for sale

A lot of people have a need for a used laptop. For example, college students often have a real need for a cheap machine that they can use to do school work and connect to the net with, but obviously they do not have a ton of extra cash floating around to just go out and buy whatever laptop strikes their fancy at an electronics superstore. They are a prime candidate for a used laptop purchase because they need something that is cheaper that can still serve their needs. And of course you do not have to be in college to benefit from the lower price of a used computer. Anyone can benefit if they find a good deal if they know how to search for used laptops for sale on a machine that suits their needs.

Used HP are long lasting

Finding Used Laptops for Sale

Finding used laptops for sale is not as easy as one might think. Often people keep laptops even once they are no longer of any value to them or simply throw them away. It is still worthwhile to search though because if all you really want to do is search the internet the buying a used laptop is a great way to do this.

The easiest place to get a used laptop is on the internet. The value of this is that since laptops are small they are not hard to ship so you can get them from anywhere you want in the world. You can also find refurbished laptops which while not a lot more powerful will be more likely to work well.

If you don't want to try to find something online, or prefer to touch the computer before you try there are a few choices. If you visit your local computer stores there is a chance they will have a used laptop for sale but often you have to ask. Ads may also appear in your newspaper but you should be careful because often people do not realize the speed laptops drop in value and expect that because they paid a thousand dollars that five hundred is reasonable.

Find used laptops for sale in different places

The first place that you should look for used laptops is on Craigslist. This is a website where you will find free classified ads online with all sorts of stuff for sale in your area. If you live in or near a large city then the marketplace will be quite large and you can probably find something that is close to what you need in a laptop machine. If you live in a smaller area then you might not fair so well with Craigslist as there just might not be any laptops for sale in your area. It might be worth driving quite a ways for you though to get a great deal on a killer machine. Depending on the cost of gas though this might not be such a great idea; it all depends on your current situation.

Because Craigslist runs free ads, this is usually going to be a bit cheaper than going with other paid options such as eBay or paid classifieds....IF you can find a deal. The reason is because the paid listings and the eBay auctions all carry various fees and overhead that will nudge the price up a bit. Craigslist has no such fees or overhead so the overall price you pay will theoretically be just a bit lower in most cases so this is basically the best place to look for a used laptop for sale.

Used HP Pavilion

Cheap used laptops for sale on eBay

If you cannot find a deal on Craiglist for a used laptop then you might take a look at eBay. This auction site is nice because you can narrow in on what you want and the marketplace is big enough that you can usually bid every single day on a machine that would fit your needs. The key with buying a used laptop on eBay is not to get drawn into a bidding war. In some cases people get sucked in to the emotional side of the auction and end up paying much more for something than they originally intended. Here is how not to do that:

1) Do your homework first. Don't do your research on laptops while you are bidding on them. You need to know exactly what you want AND have a good idea of what the machine is actually worth before you ever start bidding on something. This means figuring out what you want in a laptop and scoping out some prices over a short period of time so that you can get a pretty good idea of the real value. For example, say you are eyeballing a certain IBM Thinkpad laptop. If you do your homework and look at several completed auctions, you might find that they generally go for anywhere from $180 all the way up to about $399 depending on how they are configured (how much memory they have, condition of battery, etc.). So in this case you have to decide what configuration you want and narrow down your price research to that exact specification. Ballpark the true value of the machine you want. Say it is about $325 delivered (remember that you always have to factor in the cost of shipping. Sometimes it is free and sometimes it is quite high. It really does not matter what the shipping cost because you are only going to concern yourself with the total cost. I.E., how much the machine will cost to be delivered to your doorstep in total). Ideally you want to knock about 10 percent off this virtual cost that you have figured out and use that as your target purchasing price. So you might decide that you would really want to buy this laptop that you value at about $325 for no more than $300 even (including the shipping cost).

2) Once you know how much you are willing to pay for a certain laptop, put that in as a maximum bid, and promise to yourself that you absolutely will not bid any more on that machine no matter what, even if you get outbid. Most people will become emotional and try to put in one more bid after they get outbid and this results in a bidding war and is a bad decision. Realize that the market is huge and laptops are sold every single day and hold firm on your decision. It can be hard because you invest a lot of time and research into your purchase decision and then it gets snatched away by a higher bidder. Stick firm to your prices and force yourself to be patient and you will get a terrific deal eventually.

I am a firm believer in saving money and buy a good used computer is a terrific idea but keep in mind that you will want to find one that you can rely on. Why not starting looking for one today..

I have a used HP laptop which I purchased over 2 yrs ago and it is still working great. Here's the thing I did the research to find one and then I started searching. I have learned a few things since I started buying used products of all kinds and one of the best things I can suggest to you is do not buy the first one that you come across take your time and look at a bunch of used computers. It may even take days or weeks to find the one for you but do not give up.

Its summertime again and a lot of folks are starting to have yard sales again and this may be great way to locate one. A lot of times they will list some of the items they are selling in the local newspaper or trade lines it could not hurt to take a look or stop in a few yard sales when you are out and about. I have a friend that does this and he finds one ever now and again.

Update on nice used Laptops

My friend was checking the local newspapers last week for yard sales so he wrote down the address of a bunch of them that he was interested in and decided that he would check them out. Well it happened to pay off for him because he found a laptop that cost $600 a year ago and got the guy down to $75 so he bought it. He said there was absolutely nothing at all wrong with it and worked great. Now to me that's a heck of a bargain and my point here is that you too can find great deals like this if you are willing to put a little effort into it you may also find some other neat stuff while you are searching.


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    • profile image

      gospel Nwauwa 3 years ago

      pls i need laptop with less price but must a web camp and wireless with blue tooth pls mail me on with the details of the laptop pictures. and configuration.

    • profile image

      lanre oladimeji 5 years ago


      May I be availed the details on how I can access some laptops both mini and notebook size in good condition which have access on WIFI and any other related modern facilities. The cost should be between $75 to 200. Iam based in Nigeria Lagos state


    • profile image

      David Chola Ngosa 5 years ago


      May I be availed the details on how I can access some laptops both mini and notebook size in good condition which have access on WIFI and any other related modern facilities. The cost should be between $75 to 200. Iam based in Zambia Central Africa.

    • profile image

      wili 5 years ago

      A refurbished laptop is ‘as good as new’ because if their were any deficiencies with the laptop, repairs will have been made to fix the laptop.I found a great quality of laptops and its others part at cheap prices you can get more information about it .

    • profile image

      Grace 5 years ago

      Hello, i'm Grace

      I know your thinking what crazy prices peoples are offering.... well i under stand you completely but this time i really need a laptop. i'm only 12 years old with a feature waiting for me, right now our economy isn't doing well with taxes but i try to understand while i going threw hard times... it;s not just the economy it's what's been happening in my life also... hum mm about 7 years ago my life was great, my mom and dad loving each other and my grand parents alive... i year after that my grandmother died while her selfish husband left her on a cruse... she died while making me something my grandma was an artist! the most best artist ever! she was making me a horse before she died after that i thought it was my fault she died, so i swore to myself that i would become a good as an artist as she was... couple years after that my mom and dad broke up... leaving me in the middle between them... during that process someone broke into my house... and tried to kill me so we moved... when we moved my sister got put into jail. well she got out the next night and the next day i meet the best friend i ever had! everything seemed okay to me until it happened! my moms money began to run out! we had to move house to house with my friends and i never got to talk to my best friend i even had to live in the Gentoo where there was a hours of staying up in the house. then after that my sister changed and my moms best friend got me a laptop! i was thrilled! i took care of that laptop like it was my baby and i started to do art too! but then my dad came into my life and he wanted me to live with him and my mom and my dad got into a war. you think at least i have pets to comfort me right? well i did my cat Luie! he was an Egyptian Mau that i found on the road almost ding, me and him where best friend until one day my fried had to take care of him because someone was coming into town to see the house i was living in and didn't like cats... so i had to let one of my moms friends hold him for awhile... and guess what happens next? my best friend of a cat ran away! i cried for hours! no days! because of it and you think at least nothing else goes wrong huh? well... WRONG! a lot of things go wrong when my dad it trying to get me to live with him i get into a fright with my mom and my dad leaves to Texas! my sisters HATE me and my mom never trust me and my computer breaks and my best friend's mom thinks i'm to much drama to become her friend ect....! well when all this stuff goes wrong i'm still broke... you wanna know what i feel during this time? i feel like a pile of rocks... but then something magical happens during this nightmare of a life... my mom gets me a kitten.. and my mom and sister starts to forgive me... i start to lose my pain i have but my new kitten gets lose today and comes back home... i was frighten because i don't want the Luie thing to happen again.. but she comes home.. and right now i need a laptop... because one small thing can make a HUGE difference...


      (PS. If you find a laptop that's under 100 dollars please Email me at: that's where you will find me... Grace)

    • profile image

      seebrenda 5 years ago

      would like to buy a mini laptop or net book cheep as poss

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      I need a laptop ASAP for my schooling.! Only wanting to spend about 100.00 but I was it to be kind of skinny and about 15" or more. 100.00 is a lot for me because my family lives off of disability. I need help ASAP.! Please message me at as soon as possible.! Thanks

    • profile image

      adam 6 years ago

      pls.thank you 4 your advice.i have told all me friends about hp,is long lasting laptop.thank you.

    • profile image

      lantis 6 years ago

      i need a laptop for 10 to 20$ pleas and thank you

    • profile image

      tleon 6 years ago

      excellent info on how not get caught in bidding war

    • profile image

      angel 6 years ago

      hey is this item still up for sale if yes pls kindly reply

    • profile image

      Mwanda ivan 6 years ago

      I want a laptop at a cheap price. Post on (

    • profile image

      Darla 6 years ago

      do you have a use lap top comther

    • profile image

      Shay 6 years ago

      I Need a laptop between100..or 150..If U Happen To Have One Please. Call 8166992691..

    • profile image

      Henri B. 6 years ago

      Looking to buy 100 used laptops .

      contact me at

    • profile image

      Arsalan Siddiqui 6 years ago


      Nice Article! Thanks for sharing it. If you want to save some money refurbished Laptop might just be your best option. Because its cheap and work well as like a new one. There are many ways to shop online, search engine's are the best weapon to finding good cheap refurbished

      laptops or great deals too. I also bought a refurbished laptop from online store Electro Computer Warehouse. It was "HP/Compaq 6715B" Product ID is "hp_6715B_laptop" its so cheap and working well. I really like it and satisfied with it. Best Customer Care and Fast Shipping.They also have attractive Christmas Deals too.

    • profile image

      tammy 6 years ago

      I need a cheap laptop for my daughter for christmas... wanting to spend a 100.00

    • profile image

      carlos virgen 6 years ago

      i need a laptop asap if you have one call me (619)477-7388 thanks

    • profile image

      connie williams 6 years ago

      i am looking to buy a laptop for around 150. to 200.


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