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Useful apps for smart phones

Updated on July 3, 2013

There is variety of free applications available in the online markets like Google play, apple store etc. These stores filter the applications available according to our Smartphone. All the latest smart phones are installed with the latest android operating system. Some of the free useful and entertaining applications available in the stores are given below.

1. Flipboard

Flipboard is the most popular application in the ios, android devices. The facebook, twitter and several news magazines can be replaced by this application. The users get the news and status updates in several categories and exciting user interface. Website - Similar applications are pulse, Google currents.

2. Aldiko Book Reader

This application can change our Smartphone into a e-book reader. E-books can be directly downloaded from the internet. The Aldiko book reader has shelf and list views which makes reading interesting. It also has auto bookmarking. The size and colour of the fonts can also be changed .Website - Similar applications are kindle, nook reader.

3. Pocket

This application is useful for those people who take the internet connection through wifi. If the users have no sufficient time for reading the whole website or watching full videos, add to pocket option can be used to sink into the phone and can read or watch whenever they got the time. it does not require internet connection. Website - Similar applications are instapaper.

4. Any.Do

Any.Do is one of the top ten applications in the Google play store. Any.Do has many features such as notepad, reminder, and task manager. With the help of Any.Do, voice commands can be sinked with several devices. 50 lakh users have downloaded this application. Website - www.Any.Do. Similar applications are evernote, simple notepad, color notepad notes, flick notes.

5. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular free applications used for chatting and file sharing. The users can take the photos and can send them at a time. Video files can also be attached and sent. The users can only chat with other users if they have also this same application. Group chatting is also another feature of this application. Website - Similar applications are viber, e buddy, and line.

6. Pudding Camera

This application tries to equal the phone camera to a professional camera. Facebook, twitter sharing, self portrait, grid, mirror image are some of the important options of this application. Variety of effects and filters are available for making the image wonderful. Website - Similar applications are paper camera, cartoon camera, line camera, and retro camera.


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