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Using to Promote Articles, Build Backlinks, and Gain Twitter Followers

Updated on July 7, 2011 is a powerful tool for Twitter marketing that can help you to promote your blog or website, build backlinks to your online content, and gain new Twitter followers with common interests.  This article will show you how. is a powerful tool for Twitter marketing that can help you to promote your blog or website, build backlinks to your online content, and gain new Twitter followers with common interests. This article will show you how.

What is is a Twitter application that compiles Twitter "newspapers" based on user-specified settings.  Papers can be build based on Twitter lists, the tweets of specific Twitter users, or the most popular type of papers, those built based on keywords or hashtags.  Creators of papers can choose to have the issues complied on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

For example, if a paper is created for the hashtag #corvette, will search for all tweets  that include the hashtag.  Specifically, the service looks for tweets that include links to webpages, photos, and videos. then publishes a page including all of these links, plus a short description as well as noting the Twitter user who published each tweet.  Each entry contains a short description of the item with a link to the original page.

Since archives all previous issues of each paper, the service is a good way to build backlinks to your articles,  blog posts, and other online content.  Here is how you can use and automated tweets to drive traffic, build backlinks, and gain targeted Twitter followers along the way.

Accounts You Will Need

In order to use this method of automated promotion, you will need accounts at the following websites:

Setting Up Your Newspapers

Once you have opened an account at, you can create up to 10 newspapers. By creating papers based on keywords and hashtags that you use frequently, you will build more backlinks with very minimal effort.

Before you make your newspapers, make a list of the ten things you tweet about most frequently. Also include hashtags that you use on a regular basis. The items can be related; for instance, if you write about parenting topics, your list might include things like family activities, kids crafts, and #parenting.

Use your list as a guide for creating your newspapers. You may find that other users have already created papers based on common keywords and hashtags. In this case, you can still use those keywords or hashtags in your tweets to be included in the papers and build links. If someone has already made the paper for your keywords or hashtags, think of additional topics for your papers. Continue until you have made all 10 papers allowed.

Writing Your Tweets to Maximize

When you tweet your links, incorporate your keywords and hashtags into the wording as appropriate.  You can include a single hashtag or set of keywords, or you can work in several.

For instance, I started three related papers: one based on the keywords "Michigan travel," one for "Northern Michigan," and another with the hashtag #puremichigan.  For an article I wrote about lighthouses in my local area, I wrote a tweet that looks like this:

Northern Michigan Travel: Lake Michigan lighthouses #puremichigan

Since I have all three keywords/hashtags included in the tweet, a link to the article will automatically be included in each of the three papers.

Scheduling Tweets with Twaitter

Now it's time to set up an automated schedule for each tweet.  Twaitter is a free service that lets you schedule tweets on a recurring basis.  The options for scheduling tweets are very detailed, allowing you an incredible amount of flexibility in scheduling.  You can choose an end date for your recurring tweets, or you can let them repeat infinitely.

You can choose to schedule recurring posts on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.  The frequency at which you should schedule each tweet depends on the content of the tweet.  For example, a tweet directing visitors to the front page of your blog might be appropriate to tweet every day.  If you write an article about last-minute Christmas shopping, you might want to schedule it to be posted annually on December 24th.

Once you schedule each tweet with Twaitter, you're done!  The service will automatically post your tweets for you, and each time you tweet your links will be included at  Over time, this will result in a large amount of backlinks to your content. Auto Promote Option has an auto-promote option that I highly recommend using. (You can find it on the settings page for each of your newspapers.) If you turn the auto-promote option on, a tweet will be sent to your account automatically each time the paper updates. The tweets look something like this:

The Northern Michigan Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today by @hikenorthernmi @trailreport @springarborjill

The tweets will include mentions of the Twitter users whose tweets are included in your papers as the day's top stories. This is a great way to spread the word about your papers. It is also a good way to gain more followers, as the users mentioned in your auto-promote tweets are likely to follow you.


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    • Ddraigcoch profile image

      Emma 5 years ago from UK

      I hadn't heard about until Sunshine mentioned it on Facebook. I am going to set one up but am still a little unclear on it.

      I am just one of those people who will feel better after maneuvering around for a while.

      Great helpful article for someone like myself, shared and voted up.

    • dixonge profile image

      dixonge 6 years ago from Denton, TX

      FYI, Twaitter appears to be transitioning to a new service. The new one is in closed beta, so you'll need another source for Tweet scheduling...

    • Susan52 profile image

      Susan Deppner 6 years ago

      Very informative and detailed. I love my papers!

    • TreasuresByBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 6 years ago from Canada

      I was wondering if these links counted as backlinks...the papers are easy to build and once set up you can more or less ignore them (or at least tend to them as you wish.) Any idea how Google like these links and the papers?

    • Entourage_007 profile image

      Stuart 6 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      I'm really glad you told me about this. Its a great site and its definitely worth it when it comes to back links.

    • Garrett Mickley profile image

      Garrett Mickley 7 years ago from Jupiter, Florida

      That is awesome. Bookmarking this and coming back later to follow your directions! This is not only useful for Hubs but for any website with a Twitter account!

    • jcrusin profile image

      jcrusin 7 years ago from 35° 58' 58" N / 86° 31' 7" W

      Wow RhondaRowley

      What a lesson for a new user. This is an excellent article with great resources.

      I had to bookmark this page as not to lose any details.

      Thanks for a great article.