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Using Skype To Learn English or A Foreign Language

Updated on September 30, 2010

These days, if you want to learn a foreign language, you don't need to go any further than your computer. You can take an online class, play around with translation software and practice your skills by reading the websites of other languages. But if you want a more focused approach to learning a foreign language via your computer connection, then you might want to think about using Skype. With Skype, you can connect with people who know how to properly speak the language, so you can learn the right pronunciations and get the inside scoop on local slang. If you get lucky, you might even be able to Skype your way into a real foreign exchange program instead of just a virtual one.

What is Skype?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's probably because you aren't familiar with Skype. But at this point, you should be. Skype is no longer a new computer technology but rather something that a large percentage of people are using. It's as common to be asked your Skype as it is to be asked your AIM. But if you really don't know, it's basically a method of making phone calls through your computer using a peer-to-peer system that connects you with other Skype users. For additional details, check out the Skype website and Skype Wikipedia explanations listed in the links following this article.

How do you learn a foreign language on Skype?

Skype allows you to connect with other Skype users all around the world. And you don't have to pay international call fees. So by connecting with other Skype users in the forums on the site, you can find someone who speaks the language that you wish to learn. For example, let's say that you want to learn Spanish. You would go into Skype and search the forums for someone who is a native (or at least fluent) Spanish speaker. Ideally, they'll want to learn English and you can work back and forth to help each other use foreign languages.

How do you use Skype on other programs for learning foreign languages?

There are virtual foreign exchange programs which are specifically designed to help people learn other languages and discover things about other cultures. Because Skype is increasingly popular, it is now commonly used on these sites. As long as you have Skype (which you can download easily from the Skype website), you can follow the Skype communication instructions on these sites to enhance your foreign language learning experience.

Why is Skype a good way to learn a foreign language?

Skype offers the major benefit of allowing you to communicate with someone who is a native speaker of the language that you wish to learn which is the best way to learn any foreign language. After all, books and online reading materials are great but they can't teach you the right pronunciation and particular cadence of a particular language. And even the sites that let you hear a foreign language through your computer speakers often sound unnatural. By finding a real live person through a Skype forum or through a virtual foreign exchange program which uses Skype, you can learn the nuances of the foreign language that will make you sound like you really know how to speak it.


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  • Steve Dosan profile image

    Steve Dosan 15 months ago

    Apart from using Skype for online trainings and learning, you can try tools like webex, R-HUB web conferencing servers, gomeetnow, gotomeeting etc. for online education, training and meeting needs. They work well.

  • profile image

    Anil 2 years ago

    Thanks for your informative article. But I want to share different thing you can Learn to speak Ukrainian with Ukrainian speaking Skype lessons available and provided by

    Truly real and great experience to have and learn Ukrainian easily from courses by Skype....

    A number of tutors are available and can be chosen to take the learning classes...

    Here is the platform available for learning Ukrainian...

    Learn to speak Ukrainian with Ukrainian speaking Skype lessons available and provided by

    Truly real and great experience to have and learn Ukrainian easily from courses by Skype.

  • profile image

    Anil 2 years ago

    I m interested to learn English language. Some days ago i wanna to learn Russian language. through Skype on online classes for free. I did around 10 conversations over Skype with a native speaker from And I was pretty satisfied with their Quality.

  • profile image

    Hasanur 3 years ago

    if you are not native English speaker , you can practice English on skype.

    Hare is link for that

    it help me a lot. few years back i could not speak. Now i am living malaysia with fluent English

  • profile image

    Tameem 3 years ago


    It would be a pleasure for me to teach you Persian,Dari , Pushtu and English languages Via Skype.

    My ID ,


  • profile image

    Mohd Idris 3 years ago

    Hey all I want to improve english communication skill-who add me as friend on skype-mai.geo

  • profile image

    najiibah 3 years ago

    hey guys, Im a girl and i readily available to teach any of you spoken english so if any of you are interested then you can join me on skype naj.diba1 but only girls tho. since i dont want to take the risk of teaching guys who would want to flirt around. will be waiting for you friends.

    tc xx

  • profile image

    iceberg51314 4 years ago

    I want learn english !

  • profile image

    Sean 4 years ago

    Hi I want to pronounce Korean phrases well. Is there anybody Korean who will assist me learning Korean via Skype ? (skype id happytrader09)

  • profile image

    usman 4 years ago

    friends mare nam se net pe bht fake Acconut bna kar log post kar rahe hain wo sub jhoot ha mara name usman Awan hi ha mara srf aik hi id ha facebook ka jo ye ha uxmanoo7 or aik hi skype ka

    mare name se bht galt post ki ja rahe hain kesy k girlz sex or bht si post jo mane kud b dekhi hain jo b kar rha ha choro ga nhi ma usy per ap log plz apna time waste na kare

    ap apna time waste na kare wo sub jhoot ha


    prince usman

    byeeeeee friends

    take care

  • profile image

    jemessiick 4 years ago

    Hello I want to make new friends My name is Abdul survivor and I am 17 years old from Morocco

  • profile image

    Apoena 4 years ago

    Hi! I´m brazilian (portuguese native speaker). I want to teach you portuguese while I pratice english :)

    Vamos conversar?

    Skype: apoena.afonso (please send me a mensage to let me know who you are)

  • sensualspirit profile image

    sensualspirit 4 years ago from Overseas, but back to the US soon

    I'm looking for someone to help me improve my Hebrew & I will help you with your English.

    Skype - RapidFinancialSolutions

    Please be clear about who you are when you contact me.



  • profile image

    Mahabub 4 years ago

    Hi! this Mahabub from Bangladesh,

    I am well speak in bangla.But i im bit weak in spoken english.Can u helm me any body to well speak in english.My Skype ID:mahabubul.hoque5.pls add me with your id.

  • profile image

    mian 4 years ago


    skype id: mian.usman.awan

    gmail id :

    yahoo id :

    facebook Id: uxman007

  • profile image

    alan 4 years ago

    Hi, I'm from Brazil so I have Portuguese as my mother tongue but I speak English and French both fluently. I'd be very pleased on talking to people in one of these 3 languages even if you are not a native speaker of the language! My Skype is: smithrr2

  • profile image

    Gary Liu 4 years ago

    Hi everyone! i'd like to improve my english native language is Chinese ...if someone is interested in learn Chinses or ENglish, so add me ,skype id: by the way,we are supply kinds of gifts and silicone bags.

  • profile image

    ahamed zimran 4 years ago

    assalam.......... guys any body want to know tamil language i'll help u and i want to learn English.

  • profile image

    Dhl 4 years ago

    Hi everyone! i'd like to improve my english native language is spanish ...if someone is interested in learn spanish ok! so add me ,skype id: daniel.liotta

  • profile image

    Liwal 5 years ago

    Hi everyone! I think it is a nice opportunity for all of us to improve our speaking skills (English). My English level is advance (1st step) and looking for someone on the same level. So feel free adding me.

    Skype ID: mushtaq.liwal2

  • profile image

    From TURKEY 5 years ago

    I want to imrove my English level... We have to help each other for learn.

    Who want to talk with me :

    skype İd : skeir_boyy7

    Thanks for read. I'm waiting all you

  • profile image

    waqar 5 years ago

    i am beginner to speak English. if we will talk and conversation in English we will learn then add me ta talk Skype id . roghani19

  • profile image

    Faizan from Pakistan 5 years ago

    i want try to speak english with you because my English is very low plz help..... ID (faizan.w)

  • profile image

    Liaquat Ali 5 years ago

    Any body who teach me english

    i will teach him Urdu or Sindhi Language

    feel free to add

    ID: indus_online737

  • profile image

    Liaquar Ali 5 years ago

    Hello I am Liaquat Ali

    i want to improve my communication skills and make new friend

    fell free to add me my skype id is

    Skype ID: indus_online737

  • profile image

    Natalia 5 years ago

    Hi, my name is Natalia. I am from Ukraine, but I live in the USA. I am looking for a person who would like to learn Ukrainian or Russian and would help me to improve and correct my English . Please, add . My skype : nataliayunker

  • profile image

    Viknesh@Vicky 5 years ago

    corrected SKYPE ID


  • profile image

    Viknesh@Vicky 5 years ago

    Hi im Vicky from Malaysia(an asian country). Im well speaking in english with my friends all over the world. Im also can teach one of the pioneer and pure TAMIL language. And i want improve my speaking skills and vocals at skype. Please add me and we can improve together our speaking skills.

    SKYPE: tommy.predator24

  • profile image

    Bimal 5 years ago

    Hi friends, I am Bimal from India, I am in search of some friends who are excellent in English or belong to an English speaking country, my skype id - Bimalbonskype

    Please contact only if you are really serious about it

  • profile image

    abod.x2 5 years ago

    Hello Who wants to learn Arabic

    I want to be better in English

    add me in skype : abod.x2

  • profile image

    farhadullah_khewawal 5 years ago

    hello my dear friends i wanna to improve my english language any body can help. Farhadullah_khewawal this is my skype id

  • profile image

    Dmitry 5 years ago

    Hello! I'm looking for a native japanese speaker. I can help you in russian language.

    I'm 23 old male. My Scype is: dagon231

  • profile image

    gustavo 5 years ago

    Want to learn Spanish? Brazilian Portuguese? Explanations in English (exchanging with your mother language) ovatsugaryerep

  • profile image

    Ali 5 years ago

    Skype id : Aliqureshi49

    Want friend for speaking who comes online frequently.

    It would be great If we practise it on regular bases , then I think we can Excel in speaking English.

  • profile image

    azimuddin choudhury 5 years ago

    hi i'm azim from bangladesh. i want to learn english properly and also fluent in spoken plz help me id azim.uddin301

  • profile image

    azimuddin choudhury 5 years ago

    hi i'm azim from bangladesh. i want to learn english properly and also fluent in spoken plz help me id azim.uddin301

  • profile image

    kheiro 5 years ago

    My skype is airkheiro feel free to add me

  • profile image

    dx2k11 5 years ago

    hi id like to improve my english. im a native german speaker (24y). so add me on skype (dx2k11) if ur interessted :)

  • profile image

    Thiago 5 years ago

    Hello my name is Thiago I need pratice my english my skype is:

    thiago.costa2805 add me

  • profile image

    phamvantrinh 5 years ago

    Hi everyone,

    If you want to learn Vietnamese by using English

    please ,contact to me

    I will teach you Vietnamese and you can help me improve my English

    My skype : phamvantrinh2912

  • profile image

    usmanwasim16 5 years ago


    Everyone Add me on Skype usmanwasim16 is my Skype Id

    I want to learn english with you

  • profile image

    abod.x2 5 years ago

    Hello all

    I want to become better in English

    I speak Arabic. who want to learn Arabic ^_^ add me skype: abod.x2

  • profile image

    ac7950 5 years ago

    hello my name is andrew, you want to learn Spanish? I can teach you need to practice English. my skype is ac7950

  • profile image

    lsydmfqt 5 years ago

    hello I'm sisi from china .I want to improve my English and Japanese too.I like game and animation.My dream is a 3d animator.If you want to learn chinese,and I can help you.


    my id :lsydmfqt

  • profile image

    akbar 5 years ago


    I want to speak english.

    I am Chinese.

    My ID:akbar_net1

  • profile image

    janeja.sengphachan 5 years ago

    Hello, everybody. i am jane. i live in Laos. I find friend aroud the word on skype who can help me pratice English and another country who is learning English now . if we speak english everyday it can help u better.

    Here my ID skype: janeja.sengphachan

  • profile image

    sunny 5 years ago

    hi ,everybody, i am sunny from china ,i like making friend and learning english ,so , ladies&gentlemen,if you want to chat, please send message to me, i belive we'll be good speaking partner

    my skype is : sunny_li7

  • profile image

    sunny 5 years ago

    hi ,everybody, i am sunny from china ,i like making friend and learning english ,so , ladies&gentlemen,if you want to chat, please send message to me, i belive we'll be good speaking partner

    my skype is skype_li7

  • profile image

    white 5 years ago


    I want to speak english.

    I am Chinese.

    My ID:a_tolerant

  • profile image

    Farrukh Kamal 5 years ago


    I m here to practice my English and make some new foreigner friends..

    I like to communicate with people and I want to meet here new friends

    I like having Good conversation..I just need a speaking partner

    My skp :farrukh_kamal


  • profile image

    zahrame 5 years ago

    Hi I am an English tutor from UK teaching conversational English skills via Skype. I can give you friendly tuition and help you to be a confident speaker. Zahra My Skype ID is zahra.zahra850

  • profile image

    Usman 5 years ago

    Hello Hi Every one.

    I Want To Improve My English By talking with Someone.

    If any one want their too Add me on Skype My ID is

    ( usmanwasim16 )

    Hope See You their



  • profile image

    mansoor 5 years ago

    hi every body i wana improve my english those girls wana help me so please add me as friend my skype account is ; sayed.mansoor.sadat


  • profile image

    ZeeHickman 5 years ago

    Wsup gr8 ppl. I'm ZeeHickman, I would love to practice English with whoever is interested in learning it. so add me plz and let's discuss gr8 topics here with me essential for improving our English pronunciation and I know how to enunciate certain words with American accent so better to add me and don't miss such gr8 chance.

    my skype id is: hasibullah2014

  • profile image

    IBRAHIM 5 years ago

    i want to learn english and want makes friends around the world.i m good at in english but i want learn more as soon as possible

    i love speak i m waiting all friends

    here is my skype id


  • profile image

    Alexander 5 years ago

    Hello everybody! I'm from Russia and I would like to practise my English. I can help you with your Russian! My skype is antishurik.

  • profile image

    Jion 5 years ago

    Hello, I'm Jion and I want to have a free talk in English with any nationality. Feel free to add my ID: "jionjee"

  • profile image

    ZeeScott 5 years ago

    Hi Everybody, I'm ZeeScott, I would love to exchange English with French. I really love to learn French language but don't know a word of it so far. If anybody wants to learn English and teach me French plz add me and let's go 4 it

    my Skype id is: hasibullah2014


  • profile image

    Bantee 5 years ago

    Hi I want to learn english speaking. My skype id -- mm.bantee

    Please add me so that i can learn english. I can help you learn Hindi

  • profile image

    w.praneeth kumara 5 years ago

    Hi dear Friend

    I'm praneeth from sri lanka . i have knowledge about English laguage , i would like share my knowledge with people & get their ideas, so if any one like contact me in skype here my skype ID : w.praneeth

    i'm waiting for frieneds

  • profile image

    ahmed 5 years ago

    Hello everyone. My name is ahmed. I'm just ordinary boy from algeria. I want to find a lot of friends from other countries. So, if you want to chat feel free to message to me,skype : nimpogiga

    thank you.

  • profile image

    catoute 5 years ago

    I’m Spanish and I live in Spain. My last name is Fernández. I’m male and seventy years old, pensioner and pupil of Languages Official School. I’m in an intermediate level, but Listening and Speaking is very hard for me.

    I want to speak with British or Irish people by Skype, in English and Spanish language, for example, twice week.

    If you want it, can write me to

    That’s all.

  • profile image

    Vine 5 years ago

    Am 18 and very principled.I added most of you to improve your not demanding anything in return but i see no one is skype facebook name is the same with my email.add me and know were am from .am waiting for you.dont miss this golden opportunity.u'l learn so many culture too.remember opportunity they say comes but waitin.holla at me.

  • profile image

    Dima 5 years ago

    Hello, my name is Dima . I want to improve my speaking english . My SKYPE is diman77886! Instead of learning and practising english. I can teach Russian )

  • profile image

    hendiekekos 5 years ago

    Hello all, my name is Hendiek. I'm from Indonesia and live in Surabaya. I love speaking English to enhance my proficiency. If you don't mind, we might learn together. My ID: hendiekekos. Invite me to your Skype please..

  • profile image

    ADAN 5 years ago

    hey all lovely pals let's come on skype and prepare the IELTS exam.because exam is really near to drwing.lets come and share your precious communicate with me about it.waiting here


  • profile image

    andrew 5 years ago

    hello! if someone wants to learn Spanish I need to learn English I can teach that in my work because I demand it. my skype is ac7950

  • TheMusiconomy profile image

    TheMusiconomy 5 years ago from New York City

    This is a great idea. My second language is Italian. I learned by studying on own and going to Italy every summer. A learning exchange via Skype is the next best thing for those of you who can't travel every year for extended periods of time.

    I'm always looking to improve my Italian and would be willing to exchange Italian/English.

    This is a great hub and I've included it as a link in one of my hubs called "Learning to Read."

  • profile image

    karimjan 5 years ago

    Hi my dear friends how are you hope have a nice time.

    do you want to know who is afghan and what is afghan culture .

    If you want to know iam ready to tell you.

    and i will teach you pashto and dari .

    just speak with me by english.

  • profile image

    karimjan 5 years ago

    iam from Kandahar province of Afghanistan if someone want to know about Afghan custooms and want to learn Pashto and Dari iam ready for that to teach you in easy way.

    Skype (karimjan12) Email (

    Hurrh up do not miss this Golden chance

  • profile image

    karimjan 5 years ago

    Iam from Afghanistan i want to improve my English speaking power"so please add me in your skype and teach me .

    My skype is (karimjan12) and my Email (

    Iam waiting you please please please please please please ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  • profile image

    Joseph 5 years ago

    i am joseph from india and plz add me in your friends list and teach me more fluent english id is joeph jose

  • profile image

    andrew 5 years ago

    Hi I need someone to learn English to help me please! my skype is ac7950

  • profile image

    The English Mavens ELOI 5 years ago

    Learn English in a fun way!

    The English Mavens ELOI is an online English center that specializes in teaching English to speakers of other languages.

    You may visit our website at

    You can also add us on Skype: tem.admin1


  • profile image

    Nikolay 5 years ago

    Hi all! I am from Russia. I'm 27, live in Moscow. I want to improve English language skills. I am looking for friends to communicate through Skype. I can help you learn the Russian language. My skype barista_team. Good luck!

  • profile image

    rodolpho 5 years ago




  • profile image

    sam 5 years ago

    i want sex plz contact me skype id :sex

  • profile image

    etst 5 years ago


  • profile image

    sameh 5 years ago

    Peace be upon you all, I need to practice my english language with a native language friend, and also I can help him praticing Arabic if he/she needs.

    Skype id:sameh_boa

  • profile image

    kiron 5 years ago

    hi, i m a student, live in Bangladesh. i need English mother tongue friend for voice chat. interested person can add me.

    skype id : kironkhan

  • profile image

    Alex 5 years ago

    Hey, i'm looking for a speaking partner for my english test. I can help you with your english and you can help me.

    my skype is sasha_shamray

  • profile image

    ilyas bilir 5 years ago

    everyone hii ?ö ?lyas from turkey

    ? want to improve my english ?f you do want pratice

    add me

    my skyp ilyas_bilir

  • profile image

    Becky 5 years ago

    Hi,I'm Becky from China,I'd like to chat with you on skype,would you like to be my friend? add my skype:englishbecky,thanks

  • profile image

    Meme 6 years ago

    A saudi lovely girl who has a strong american english , i'd love to practice my english with ya ! Here is my skype : cute.moodi

  • profile image

    elias 6 years ago

    voila je mappelle elias je voudrait avoir des amies sérieux parle anglais et francais et je peut donne des cours en arabe c est adire échangé la langue .

    mon skyp-amine

    pays algerie


  • profile image

    Alijon 6 years ago

    Hi. I'm Alijon from Uzbekistan. I also search a partner to learn and repeat speaking English. And also I need a partner for preparing Job interview, like assessment centre.

    My skype ID is: Alijon.uzb

  • profile image

    eljunz 6 years ago

    Hello guys,

    I'm a Filipino and I would like to have an English Partner to help improve my communication & interpersonal skills. I am open to anyone, pls. drop by! skype name: eljunz

  • profile image

    Donovan 6 years ago

    Hi everybody,

    I'm Canadian and would like to learn Ukrainian in exchange for conversations in English on Skype. Skype name is: donovane02

    ?????? ????,

    ? ?????????? ? ?????? ? ??????? ?????????? ? ????? ?? ??????? ??????????? ????? ?? Skype. Skype ??'?: donovane02

  • profile image

    rajeevchauhan111 6 years ago

    Hi,i m rajeev I want to improve my english, so if someone wants it to just add me on skype

    & facebook:

    Skype: rajeevchauhan111

    I wait you!


  • profile image

    dimitar 6 years ago

    hi i would like to improve my spoken english. that is why I am here.

    I will be glad to have a conversation in english.

    my skype is dimitar17771

  • profile image

    Ruzana(27) 6 years ago

    I'm from Uzbekistan and I'm and I'm an English teacher. I want to practise my English speaking people. who wants to help???? add me ruzana.hasanova

  • profile image

    kaka 6 years ago

    i also want to learn english

  • profile image

    Salman.geminian 6 years ago

    Want to Learn Spainish So If Someone Can Help Me Kindly Add Me Then Thanks

    I Can Speak




    Skype ID:salman.geminian

  • profile image

    Salman.geminian 6 years ago

    Want to Learn Spainish So If Someone Can Help Me Kindly Add Me Then Thanks

    I Can Speak




  • profile image

    somebody 6 years ago

    Hi EveryOne , I'm from Turkey. My english level is intermediate . if You want to improve your english with me my skype : mr.ibrahimyigit

  • profile image

    Josemar 6 years ago

    Hi, I want to improve my english, so if someone wants it to, just add me on msn, skype or facebook...

    Msn & facebook:

    Skype: josemarj16

    PS: Tell me you're from here... Bye

  • profile image

    Carol Evans 6 years ago

    Hello Everyone

    I am an English mother tongue woman and I live in Italy. I give Conversational English Lessons via Skype. Please contact me for more details at if interested.

    Kind Regards


  • profile image

    shayiiie 6 years ago

    hey . im shayiiee from philippines im not that good in english but i can help you practice ;) !! just add me here's my email you can search my skype id : iloveyoupilky27 there you go . another thing GUYS WHO SPEAK KOREAN ! ADD ME ADD ME ADD ME ILL TRY TO REPAY YOU BY HELPING YOU IN MY LANGUAGE WHICH IS TAGALOG :DD or even english just contact me K ? :) have a great day

  • profile image

    alhassan 6 years ago

    hi everyone! am alhassan from sudan .actually im very interested in english and worked hard and exert my self to learn it but unfortunately i dont find someone to chat with him .im looking forward to answer me.please ad me to chat . my skype is


  • profile image

    wang xingchun 6 years ago

    My name is wang xingchun

    I am so afraid to speak english and would like to improve it. I am eager to know you and make us to be new friends

    skype id:wang.xing-chun


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